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AIL World Championships (2011): More Media

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

amateur inline league woodward

Ulysse Prom, Edit

Take your time @ Woodward west

Weekend trip to woodward west for the AIL finals, messing around at the park during practice and the comp.

Featuring Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Gregory Preston, Tony Rivituso, Chuck Cauton, Aarin Gates, Danny Malm, Chris Calkins, and Matt Mickey.

AIL World Championships: 2011 Results, More Media.

We are One @ AIL World Championships (2011)

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

We are One

November 4-5, 2011. We Are One Skate Park made the trip from chilly Salt Lake City, UT to frigid Woodward West for the 2011 AIL World Championships last weekend.

A few of our team riders came along for the journey and repped our new park and shop hard. The weekend was filled with old friends, new friends, hard skating, and TONS of Good Times.

The trip reminded us all why we love rollerblading so much, its great to see everyone come together for these events and have so much support for everyone.

Skating by: Brian Shima, Julian Bah, Anthony Williams, Rachard Johnson, Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey, Dave Lang, Davey Jones, Brett Urbas, Carson Starnes, Rob G, Mat Farnworth Jon Easy, Chris Napoleon, Tony Rivituso, Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle and Zach Nelson.

AIL World Championships (2011): More Media.

AIL World Championships: Complete Results

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011


1st – Danielle Montgomery
2nd – Jamie Whelan
3rd – Mason Sieber

10- 15 Intermediate

1st – Julian Budge
2nd – Ethan Quinn
3rd – Austin Montgomery

10 – 15 Advanced

1st – Jo Jo Velasquez
2nd – Parker Richardson
3rd – Troy Porretta

16 & up Intermediate

1st – Nathan Genda
2nd – Robert Rohlf
3rd – Phil England

16 & up Advanced, turning AIL Elite

1st – Brett Urbas
2nd – Kazuho Kumazawa
3rd – Daniel Gorman
4th – Rick Rodriguez
5th – Tony Rivituso
6th – Damon Franklin
7th – Chris Calkins
8th – Carson Starnes
9th – Chad Tannerhill
10th – Chris Napoleon


1st – Hiroshi Minami
2nd – David Jones
3rd – Bradon Davis


1st – Aarin Gates – $100
2nd – Fallon Heffernan
3rd – Rosie O’Donaghue

AIL / Intuition Elite

1st – Chris Haffey $1,000
2nd – Dave Lang – $100
3rd – John Vossoughi – $100

AIL Finals (2011): Edit by Daniel Scarano

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Amateur Inline League Finals. November 5th, 2011.

amateur inline league

AIL World Finals 2011: Official Edit, Results, Photos

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

amateur inline league
Photos: Armando Colunga.

Here is the official 2011 AIL World Finals highlight edit uploaded by

It features amateur bladers all the way up to the Elite Division, where the field of competitors included Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey, Dave Lang and more ; battling for $1,200 in prize money presented by Intuitionskate & Inlineleague.

Filmed & edited by Preston Richardson.

You can also check out an amazing 70 image gallery of the 2011 AIL Finals by Armando Colunga ; pics include Julian Bah, Dave Lang, Brian Aragon, Rob G, Jeff Stockwell, Chris Haffey, and more.

amateur inline league

Intuition ; AIL Elite Division, Results

  1. Chris Haffey – $1,000
  2. Dave Lang – $100
  3. John Vossoughi – $100

Thanks Matt Mickey.

amateur inline league

Mad City Throw Down: AIL 2008 first event

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Mad City Throw Down

The AIL’S first event … The Mad City Throwdown was a huge success! Over 300 people filled the 4 seasons skate park in Madison, WI.

Close to 100 competitors skated and competed for medals, product, giveaways and cold hard cash! It was a great way to start off the year.

Edit by Dylan Davis:

Here are the results:


1. John Bolino
2. Michael Froemling
3. Montre Livingston
4. Jimmy Ridella
5. Cody Hasslinger


Amateur Inline League: AIL Newsletter

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

amateur inline league

The AIL will now be doing a quarterly newsletter!

We are looking forward to recapping events, providing company & product reviews, Athlete interviews, and all the latest inside information.

Volume 1, Issue 1 includes:

* 2008 AIL Schedule
* Jeff Dalnas Interview
* Road to turn Pro
* Scholarship Fund
* AM Highlight
* Chris Haffey Q&A
* The Next & upcoming Stops
* Roller Warehouse
* 2008 RB Team
* Woodward West Spring Camp

Direct Link: new-letter-volume1-issue1.pdf

If you have material you would like to submit, please contact Pam Velasquez by emailing her at

AIL RECAP from Skate Barn West

Friday, March 30th, 2007

AIL RECAP from Skate Barn West

The 2nd AIL stop of the year was another huge success for the Amateur Inline League!

There are am’s coming from everywhere these days. It is so great to see so many people come together to do what they love! Thank you all for your support!

Before I get to the rankings of the event, I want to give some well deserved thank you’s to some very important people to us! Taking our event series on the road can be quite difficult but with so many wonderful people supporting us… It is EASY!

So a Huge thank you goes to:

*Rollerblade for making our event series HAPPEN!

* Woodward’s support & backing

* To Jill & the gang at Skate Barn West. Skate barn West is an amazing facility to ride.

* To all the Pro’s who showed up to support & Judge (Kato w/ Remz, Geoff w/ Razors, Randy Jaurez & Jeff Dalnas from Rollerblade, & Trevor from K2). There were a lot of guys there supporting such as Frankie, Haffey, Aaragon, Stockwell, & Murda.

* To the Westphal family for their continuos support. Emily you rock!

*To the companies that sent product for our competitors (Inline warehouse, One Magazine, Roller warehouse, Be-mag, Con Artist, Razors, & Remz)

and now for the Top 3….

1. Dalton
2. Johanny Velasquez

10-15 yr old Intermediate
1. Sam Asken
2. Jesse Nemec
3. Robby Jeahheret

Best trick: Jasper Kelly

10-15 yr old Advanced
1. Chris Sullivan
2. Mat Huff
3. Johnny Christophersen

16 & up Intermediate
1. Marcus Suber
2. Ben Spires
3. Dustin Jamieson

16 & up Advanced
1. Brandon Weller
2. Jake Dotson
3. James Truit
3. Tommy Chung

1. Travis Stewart
2. Sean Hunter
3. Kevin Nguyen
4. Jake Shrevin

AIL RECAP from Skate Barn West

Congratulations…All competitors are qualified for the AIL WORLD Championships event! You MUST compete at one of the AIL events to QUALIFY!

Our World Championships event is an event you do not want to miss! The date is SET for September 28-30 at Woodward West Camp in Tehachapi, CA.

The weekend will be filled with riding, hanging out with your favorite Pro’s, contests, games & the annual AIL award banquet. Oh.. AND the top 10 Amateurs in the 16 & up ADVANCED division will get to compete against 10 (invited) TOP PRO’s in the WORLD for a Prize of $10,000!

YES…. I said $10,000 and even more is that.. a course is being designed specially for this contest!

The weekend will be a weekend filled of memories forever!

Thank you,

Pam, Richie, & Cory!

AIL RECAP from Skate Barn West

AIL, Amateur Inline League, West Coast Championships

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

AIL Amateur Inline League

West Coast Championships, Contest open to everyone!

This year-end event is going to be an event that you do not want to miss! After 4 very successful events, we will conclude this year with a championships contest and award banquet.

WHEN: Saturday November 4th

COST: $25.00 for one division (for example, Park) and $40.00 for two divisons (Park & Vert).

WHERE: Woodward West
28400 Stallion Springs Rd. Tehachapi, CA 93561

PAD REQUIREMENTS: All pads must be worn! This means that you should BRING your helmet, elbow pads, & Knee Pads. Last event, we had a hard time keeping elbow pads on people. This rule is for your safety! You MUST abide by these rules especially if you want to continue having events at Woodward facilities!

CONTEST INFO: This event is open to everyone. You do not need to be qualified to participate. All ages & skill WANTED! If you qualified for the ASA championships and turn Pro at the Oct 27th event in Dallas, TX, you may still compete in the championships. Your pro status will be honored in 2007! We hope you will participate so we can recognize your success at our awards banquet!