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Toto Ghali: Quads, Vert Session (2013)

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Toto Ghali: Quad, Vert Session (2013)

Filmed at the Denbosch skatepark (Netherlands).
Music by Stephane De Freitas.

Gitan Klan Tour (2011): Re-Union, 26 min Documentary

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Gitan Klan Tour (2011)

Gitan Klan Tour (2011) featuring 40 riders (17 to 35 years old), 7000 kilometers (4349 miles), starting from Marseille (France) to Spain, Moroco, Africa & Switzerland.

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Gitan Klan, 2012 Tour: 21Lifestyles Updates

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Gitan Klan, 2012 Tour: 21Lifestyles Updates

Gitan Klan, 2012 Tour in Europe (June 25 – July 7, Flyer).


Marseille Pro Bowl 2012 (France): 21Lifestyles Edit

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Marseille Pro Bowl 2012 (France): 21Lifestyles Edit

Highlights and impressions of this amazing rollerblading event in Marseille, France.

Song: The Freak Fandango Orchestra – requiem for a fish.

Salim Sikha: Shanghai 2011 (China), Edit by Mihai Bivol

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Salim Sikha: Shanghai 2011 (China), Edit by Mihai Bivol


A ride at SMP Skatepark Shangai (China)

Friday, November 18th, 2011

A ride at SMP Skatepark Shangai (China)

Anthony Avella, Toto Ghali (rocking quads!), Salim Sikha and Mihai Bivol at the SMP Skatepark Shangai (China), biggest skatepark in the world.

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Tourniquet Video Report by 21Lifestyles

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Tourniquet Video Report by 21Lifestyles

There are friends you see every day. There are friends you’ve known for your entire existence. And there are friends that live in places far away, whom you only get to see once in a while.

Needless to say, it makes the time you spend with them that much more valuable. Here is how the group of friends known as the 5ème B. got to spend their summer together. Full article on Frenchy Fries ; edit by 21lifestyles.

Mathias Silhan & Jon Matter: GTK Testimony in Zurich

Friday, May 6th, 2011

mathias silhan jon matter

Mathias Silhan (Razors, BHC) & Jon Matter (Clac Magazine, Bowl Dhag) were in Zurich for a day, an occasion for 21Lifestyles to learn a little more about these two friends hailing from Strasbourg (France).

Check the video on Vimeo.
Music : Aetoms (youtube). Saucisson Power!

More Media: Mathias Silhan | Gitan Klan (GTK).

Anthony Avella (Gitan Klan): 21Lifestyles Intro

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Anthony Avella

Anthony Avella is a french rollerblader based in Toulon. He has been riding since the 90`s and is involved on many levels in the sport.

Anthony is part of the Gitan Klan and will be on the GTK Tour 2011. This is a small introduction to his background.

Check the video on Vimeo.

Gitan Klan (GTK) Tour 2011: Kevin Quintin Introduction

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Kevin Quintin

Kevin Quintin one of the founders of the Gitan Klan talks on the idea and spirit of the Gitan Klan. 21lifestyles Edit.

Check the video on Vimeo.

Riders: Bruno Lowe (Germany), Daniel Prell (Germany), Jacob Juul (Denmark), Maxime Genoud (Switzerland), Jon Matter (France), Anthony Avella (France), Jean-Jean Chanet (Belgium), Jeremy Suarez (Belgium), Gauthier Piret (Belgium), Lamine Fathi (France), Mathias Silhan (France), Anis Iboulalen (France), Christophe Melahrinidis Louis (France), Julien Lafarge (France), Toto Ghali (France), Eito Yasutoko (Japan), Brian Wainright (USA), Kevin Quintin (France), Vincent Isaak (France), Dallas Carlin (France).

Tour Schedule: 26th of June 2011 – Marseille (France), 27th of June 2011 – Fuengirola (Spain), 27th of June 2011 – Tangers (Marocco), 28th of June 2011 – Marakesh (Marocco), 29th of June 2011 – Sidi Kaouke (Marocco), 30th of June 2011 – Casablanca (Marocco), 02nd of July 2011 – Barcelona (Spain), 03rd of July 2011 – Montpellier (France), 04th of July 2011 – Marseille (France), 05th of July 2011 – Lyon (France), 06th of July 2011 – Lausanne (Switzerland).

Music by Kya Bamba – Mix Tape 6, Busy signal – Tie & dye face remix. Camera: Canon 7D, Zeiss 50mm, 1.4.