Sven Boekhorst: Blackout by Freelens Visuals

Axel van Dijk & Remy Cadier (Freelens Visuals) present Sven Boekhorst ‘Blackout’.

During two cold nights in November the Cityhopper crew got together to film this project.

Sven Boekhorst: Blackout

‘Blackout’ took place in an old building, in which the new Den Bosch skatepark was being built.

They used the unfinished skate obstacles in the park and incorporated the Mind the Gap setup and Cityhopper ramp to add possibilities.

Other attributes used to create this video were glow in the dark paint, LED-lights, a smoke-machine, a motorcycle, industrial lighting and a bungee cord.

Visit (Via). Photo: WRS.

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  • whoooo

    how come he doesnt get old? i mean he looks like a little kid since he was in the xgames. if there wouldnt be any daytime clips of him i’d think he is a vampire. that would explain why he is so good as well.

  • Anonymous

    really sick! Original :)

  • Anonymous

    Sven Boekhorst is een BAAS!!

  • Ross

    This guy was the MAN when I was 13 years old…


  • deubeul

    the blind big quarter launch to soul was unbelievable.

    so many big tricks in a single session at that age is unreel.

    +1 for the vampire!

  • dmnhit

    this looks like a video game ! amazing

  • Marnix Haak

    haha supervet gedaan mannen!!!
    Sven is de beste en lekker geknipt Axel

  • 3615 ULLA

    Nice concept … filming stuff in the dark !
    Result = You can t see shit …..

  • hans Hey

    a true beast! the blackout edit was awesome

  • jimmy

    this was a really well designed edit! great skating!

  • Anonymous

    this was pretty cool and something fresh. i would like to see more creative shit like this, if only once in a while.

  • Soufcak

    respect for the OG

  • aint_got_time_4_that

    this reminds me of a really old rollerblade lightening commercial from the early 90’s. had chris edwards black lit, with wheels that reflected. Doing spins on the ground. cool edit. not hating.

  • a


    I usually just troll around on here but THIS is a serious video +9308418324808

    Win for all bladers !!!

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day he was good ( 10 years ago) … now nothing special

  • FU

    Thanks for that middle finger there Sven. Fuck you too. I never bought your pro skate.

  • fuk im

    poor filming made it looks like “making of”

  • Anonymous

    u make buzz lightyeear look like woody

  • Remy Cadier Amsterdam

    Poor filming? Didn’t like the crane shots? Or the dolly shots? Or do you hate glidecams?

  • Anony

    bad filming and editting
    but i still love you sven!

  • .Fx

    Quality edit. Goed bezig mannen!

  • Dakota

    how old is he now?

  • Dizzy

    Yeah wasn’t filmed well and made rollerblading look like Tron.