Summer With Dolphins by Billy Doyle

Billy Doyle, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Ben Woodcock, Jack Swindles

The boys skating some concrete parks in London UK. Billy Doyle, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Ben Woodcock, Jack Swindles and more. Dolphin Milk Cult.

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19 Responses to “Summer With Dolphins by Billy Doyle”

  1. blah blah Says:

    Great vibe! brilliant watch.

  2. AWALLACE Says:

    That was sweet. nice edit billy made me wanna skate!

  3. denzildeano Says:

    sick edit, whats the song?

  4. yo Says:

    sick, what park is that?

  5. billy doyle Says:

    clapham common and a couple of clips from victoria park, both in London.

  6. zakbuys Says:

    Loved it lads, nice one!

  7. Wow Says:

    Haha Billy Doyles style is the most disgusting thing, dangley baboon arms and does a weird thing with his wrists.

  8. AdamB Says:

    always one fucking chest to hate on something because they’re jealous, keep swaggin bros

  9. Cat Says:

    Juiced to skate!!!!

  10. JE Says:

    I actually thought Billy’s style was the best thing in there. Dude’s got sick style.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Ben Woodcock <3

  12. strangebaker Says:

    atleast someones making shit look cool from the UK… make a video guys!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    sick woodencock

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. Anonymous Says:

    woodcock you are a swag machine

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Benjamin swagcock

  17. Ben Shelbourne Says:

    Editing was a bit sketchy to be honest.

    Other than that skating was alright!

  18. billy doyle Says:

    Let it end ben…

  19. eggpipes Says:

    it will never end….