Strangelove Plus Seven by David Sizemore

Strangelove Plus Seven by David Sizemore

Alex Broskow, David Sizemore, Jon Julio & Boris Gaisner.

Valo in Russia: Photos + Article on
Russian language – Google translation.

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23 Responses to “Strangelove Plus Seven by David Sizemore”

  1. iicents Says:

    Broskow is on his game. All those tricks were some combination of flawless, high caliber, and inventive. And pala?inky are pretty sweet too (what the girl was cooking).

  2. Boris Says:

    The girl was cooking an omelette

  3. VALO4LIFE Says:


    Another minute of skating followed by 3 additional minutes of throwaway that no one gives a fuck about.

    Gosh darn, I sure want to hang out with the Valo crew.

    They look like they’re having so much fun eating omelets.

    I bet you they all fucked that chick too!

    Moscow looked super productive.

    So much personality in this edit!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    ^^ if you dont give a shit about dope ass rollerblading, go fuck off, scooter faggot

  5. Ranter 9000 Says:

    Broskow + Sizemore = dreamteam !

    Russian boobies

  6. cruzer Says:

    first song ?? ?

  7. Boris Says:


    why u mad bro?

  8. Boris Says:

    @cruzer ???? ????? ?? ?????

  9. Anonymous Says:

    looks like they’re bring back the dark green color M12’s..

  10. Anonymous Says:

    they are so fucking good it makes my shit staaaank..

    how the hell did they figure out rollerblading

  11. Topor Says:

    Viktor Coy – Watch Yourself
    or the russian transl: Viktor Zoi – Sledi za soboy

  12. picture me smashin' Says:

    which one was sizemore?

  13. jeah Says:

    very very nice to watch, cute girl for sure….skating was awesome

  14. beavis Says:

    name of the songs?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    ONE OF THE SONGS! This is a cover though, the song is by Viktor Coy

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Victor Coy – watch yourself.


    Kino – watch yourself

  17. Anonymous Says:

    i mean the skating was cool but i fucking hate the way sizemore films sorry really fucking anoying…. just my opinion

  18. Anonymous Says:

    the filming is actually pretty hectic, but thats okay for me. Its not going to be in the movies

  19. Anonymous Says:

    AB on another level. like mars

  20. Some Dood Says:


    Seen those lads skating in Moskow. Filming is super, every clip was worked on for like half an hour, multiple successful tries on every trick for 100% satisfaction with the clip and all that pro HIGH-level stuff. definitely big talents and overall good dudes, period

    p.s. talking shit on a girl? Yeah, she prolly got fucked that night and it’s normal between young people to have sexual intercourse. If it makes you so mad, then tell me why are you so gay, kidd…

  21. Marsel Says:

    Shortly thereafter crossing onto KGB property, alex broskow, and david sizemore got initiated into the cult. LOL

  22. Anonymous Says:

    for the record: broskow’s back fastslide to try porn is all switch hahahaha

  23. Broskow Says:

    Where’s Matty Luda when you need him? I am nuff horny, looks like I’d better call Dean for my hand shandy tonight. Mmmmmmmmm