Stimorol Commercial Feat. Oli Benet: Making of

Stimorol Shift gum changes flavour from raspberry to mint while you chew. After castings worldwide, Oli was chosen to be the skater for the ad.

The concept is simple. The skater’s colours change to match with the flavour of the gum as he skates around the city, in and out of traffic, down rails and gaps.

the tricks featured here are warm up tricks, as everything was repeated 30 or so times for different cameras and angles. Also day 3 and the Copenhagen period of the ad. are not included in this “Making Of” film.

The ad. is due for release on the 9th of May in approx. 15 countries including Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Italy, etc.

stimorol blading ad

stimorol blading ad

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  • http://Rollernews

    haha That was pretty cool. Would have been really fun to skate for that commercial. Back in 98′ I got paid $700 to jump off my own ramp for an Oshmans AKA Sports Authority commercial. Easiest money I have ever made in my life. haha
    Congrats Oli, well done!

  • andreas542

    That was pretty cool, is the advert around anywhere or is it not finished yet?

  • lfm

    The ad. is due for release on the 9th of May in approx…

  • Smashing Dumplings

    Looks quit fun, also how mint were them birds in the Audi.

  • Jens

    haha well done bro

  • Hob

    This is rad! cool that xsjado have blue and red skates too, must have made life a bit easier.

  • Notorious Tom

    Nice, I like to see a good advert with rollerblading in where the rollerblader is allowed to wear decent skates and grind lol

    I just hope there isn’t a freeze-frame of him jumping over the car at the end haha

  • carlitos

    pues no estan buenassss ni nada las del coche,soy yo i me quedo corto i me tiro dentro encima de eyas jajaja abras mojado picha no oli?¿?¿?muy wapo felicidades!!!

  • josh

    i would have at least gone fakie over the car

  • A.Styles

    How Much Oli Get $ Doing This Ads? That Girl So Hot..(Audi Driver)

  • John Kelso

    That’s what’s up.

  • james p.

    thats wassup.!!!

  • Ricardo

    Jump in the car Oli, not over it ha ha ha!

  • asslord

    sexiest thing to improve girls:chewing gums and doin topsouls

  • Salt

    this just proves that rollerbladings making a comeback

  • Juan Mosqueda

    so amazing!! what a great like that are soo insane!! make me wanna shoot something real bad!! great exposure for rollerblading!!

  • Johann

    really cool hope this helps the rollerblade scene :)

  • Pol

    what a bullshit

    dirty capitalism

  • Baas

    Really sick!!
    (tricks could be better, but why,, it’s just for the idea in this commercial!)

  • David Toro

    This was dope man. Congrats.

  • Cole Collins

    And people say that rollerblading is not growing…that has got to be coming from the mouths of dumbass kids and fatasses who sit on the computer all day long and borrow iPods from people. Obviously it is because they are too gay and stupid to go out and buy their own shit and they don’t have any talent at all and they think skateboarding is the best that you can do which is obviously just more bullshit flying out of their mouth. Anybody with enough common sense would have to admit that rollerblading is as good as it gets, which is a really good thing. In my opinion and millions of other peoples opinion rollerblading is one of the best things that has happened to this world…ever.

  • aaronactive

    no low budget productions here…

  • richie eisler

    haha that was sick. cool opportunity oli… well done

  • jamey

    big upps id buy the gum now

  • hunter

    this just proves that rollerbladings making a comeback

    in europe where everything makes a comeback

  • chris M

    cole collins, shut up ur dumb

  • firth

    anybody else think of the kfc intro when he jumped the car at the end haha. can’t wait to see the final ad

  • felix

    so good to see that, bring rollerblading back into the limelight ;-). Oli, Oli, Oli!

  • Daniel nesterowicz

    I actually talked to the casting agency about this one and i dont think he gets alot of money for doing this ad , besides the trip & food & stay.

    But as ColinK just said in an interview , its not about money!

    -Im so happy that an agency calls us and not some boarders.-

    It truly is starting to go the right way with roller skating

  • onelovetwoblades404

    yeah rollerblading is bout to smash back on to the scene with such an epic vengeance. i love that the boys that like to play with there wood are going to have to move out the way cuz were about to blow back up!!!! good shit oli good shit…Also who cares about the money arent we in this shit for the fun and not to sell out. the only reason i would ever want to get sponsored is so i could skate with my fav skaters so if ur just think about the money get out the sport lame asses.

    anybody know the name of that song and the band cuz it was so mellow ?

  • Anonymous

    anybody knows the song?

  • Anonymous

    I found it: The hours – Ali in the jungle