Southern Scum @ Panhandle Pow-wow VII

We piled deep in the van, volvo, and civic to power blast down to Florida to the 7th annual Panhandle Pow-Wow. We arrived to piss pouring rain and a flooded skatepark.

We were able to enjoy quite the fellowship with all of the buds, both new and old. A few of us even managed to squeeze is the first official pow wow bond fire on Saturday night where we joined The Shred crew, Blake Taylor, other southern neighbors and local Florida heads building a large flame in the rain.

Topping the night off with the splitting of the winners beer. Sunday sunshine prevailed and the contest still managed to happen. Here is the some of the skating that was not missed.

Sorry for missing some of those hammers doods. Blame it on the rain. To everyone who bought SS merch, wear that shit with pride! We are SS, We Are Rising.

Bark at the moon. – Southern Scum.

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  • Ben Shelborne – REAL

    BAD music choices

    Some of those angles were so off point aswell, couldn’t even make out the tricks most of the time

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Music was perfect. So pissed I had to go back to work on Sunday and missed the whole F-ing thing:(

  • mr 0

    1- we are in 2013 don t they got fucking full hd camera

    2- ben shelbourne plz cut your finger and stop writting bullshit everywhere

  • Rollerblader

    Music was on point! HD camera’s are overrated, those filters were perfect. The framing of the tricks was cool. I like how it showed more than just the skater. It framed the obstacles they had to drop in on and really made you realize how big everything was. Pounding in that huge wall is a trick in itself, much less to pop out of a mini mega ramp and throw a 540 TRUE-SPIN soul. This edit all around great, it has so many cool things going on. Stop criticizing appreciate the content. Good job to whom ever created this awesome edit! With that being said Great Job to the people featured in it, I am sure there were also a lot of other people that threw down… its hard to film everyone. Looked like an awesome event




  • Joshua P.

    I have never been one to jump on band wagons. I didn’t get the argument about baggy and tight pants, i never understood abstract skating, I think the dumb ass kids now in days with the upside down crosses and satanic horrible music is a waste of time. But I’ll be damned if Southern Scum is not the coolest fucking thing to happen to skating. It seems like every week I hear of these guys doing tours, and shop visits. Just like it used to be. Fuck an industry point of view. Carson, Chris, Chad, Bah, Tat, and all the rest of you scumfucks, you are all prime examples of what our industry needs. Keep on keeping on scum dudes.

  • AnthonyMedina

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That.

  • Brad Anthony

    Joshua P. smack the nail dead on the head! Southern Scum is top shelf: Great people & talented bladers. Very happy to call myself family of these dudes. Keep it fellas.

  • rollerboy

    sick edit! really dope skating all round!
    id love to know wat camera was used for the filmy looking stuff or was it effects,
    a little breakdown from the editor would be great,

  • walter sanchez

    bad ass music!!!!! that was awesome