Southern Scum: My Old Kentucky Home (2016)

Various Kentucky Battle fund raisers have been scheduled through out the state all summer long. We spent this last weekend in the city of Lexington.

Southern Scum: My Old Kentucky Home (2016)

The first bit of footage is from the day of the event. It started of with rain, so it turned into a giant game of SKATE on pvc. When the sun came out, we made our way behind the school to the wall rail and solo brick structure.

The next half of the footage is from the Sunday following the event. The entire edit was made of donated iPhone footage & filmed as a group effort. Because that is what Kentucky seems to do so well. Team up & do things as a group. It is quite the state to be part of & it will always be home.

The 15th annual Kentucky Battle is in Louisville, Ky this year in September 2016.


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