Sean Kelso: KCMO Progress featuring Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer

KCMO, A rollerblade film by Sean Kelso starring Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Kc Roche, Pat Doherty & Sean Kelso. Featuring Adam Exline, Matt Ladewski & Michael Collins.

Sean Kelso: KCMO Progress featuring Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer

Pat gets a new knife & destroy some plants.

Check the Video on Vimeo.

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  • You mad?

    Please give us all your tricks for free, you haven’t paid any dues you pussies. We deserve everything for free. Besides, we no buy video anyways so just upload now. I can backslide anything proper in mah deshis.

    Why you have fun, you make me ashamed my dick is small. You represent rollerblading poorly to the 15 people who still rollerblade. What if Tiger Woods top negro american watch this video, he be disappoint in you.

    You never touch boobs with knife in pocket silly boy, don’t glorify fun. Please back to training for flip stunt, yes?

  • Anonymous

    I assumed it was Broskow preparing for next BCSD but the rail was much too big. maybe find a smaller rail next time.

  • Mr. Sharp.

    I got the point of this edit, but it was boring. Not hating just saying.

    However in saying that. Did this really need to be shared on “Rollernews” Not really news. Just a small group of popular kids goofing off for the sake of having a camera and being bored / enjoying each others company. That’s not a crime last I checked.

    Perhaps you sycophants are upset because you came to see what’s new and exciting I.E [News] And even still that’s no reason to hate them. Maybe you haters are Let down by your own lame standards yeah. sure.. .

    If you got pissed off by this edit. Well it’s your own fucking fault. But at the end of the day. They are them and you are you. They will keep doing the shit they like to do. Even if it does make you feel embarrassed as a skater on some odd personal level.

    Just do try an remember that if tomorrow they were to drop a sick edit. You’d all forget about this one and act like the obedient little dick suckers some of you all have and will continue to prove you are.

    Half of you are still going to buy their skates and own a pair of them currently.

  • rock

    sooooooooooooooo embarassing

  • pete w

    theyre just fooling around by kink rail. whats the big deal? i dont see why everyone here is worked up

  • Anonymous


    my comment is probably too short

  • M. Jordan

    that was fucking funny! just some bladers fucking around have a good time just like i do with my homies. thats sick

  • Anonymous

    end of the day kids skating all about HAVING FUN! but KNIFE are not FUN!!

  • REAL Ben Shelbourne

    Chris Farmer will be bald within months!

  • mr sharps

    Im mr sharp a pansy smart ass that is never wrong and knows all. Its bitches like u that make these edits normal mr shit

  • Anonymous

    BOOBIES! ( o )( o )

  • Anonymous

    certainly wont help their sponsors sales

  • lololololo

    “Pat gets a new knife & destroy some plants.” I think you mean “Pat gets a new knife & destroys some plants.” Stupid noob op doesnt even know English how do you expect people to take this website serious lol.

  • Check My Peen

    At the end of the day, skating is about having a KNIFE, not having FUN!

    Slice and dice, blading mother fuckers!!

  • read my lips


    come on you guys…

    once in a wile these bladers making a lil bull edit.. who cares.

    And for you know it, one of these days there pops up a huge fucking sick ninja edit of these bladers, and everybody is like… “BC best skater ever, and hes back in the game” No! “he is the game” bla bla

    same song over and over!

  • peter parker

    WAIT WTF IS THIS? someone having fun not making a serious edit WTF is up with that. its not like rollerblading is for fun. half you people have never even met one person in this edit. these guys dont “ruin the image” you people do.