Sean Kelso: KCMO Progress featuring Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer

KCMO, A rollerblade film by Sean Kelso starring Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Kc Roche, Pat Doherty & Sean Kelso. Featuring Adam Exline, Matt Ladewski & Michael Collins.

Sean Kelso: KCMO Progress featuring Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer

Pat gets a new knife & destroy some plants.

Check the Video on Vimeo.

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66 Responses to “Sean Kelso: KCMO Progress featuring Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer”

  1. Matt Says:

    One of their best edits

  2. oh no Says:


    And Chris Farmer is skating his YOUTH CO. frames with a flat setup…seems to work

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure this was meant to be featured anywhere haha!

  4. For Real?? Says:

    These are some of the worst updates ever! and this is the best one. Put some effort into these updates, not just random crap. Seriously. Stop sand-bagging because you guys have big names.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is just a funny little edit/update of the video. Fucking chill out you douche nozzle!

  6. ugh Says:

    God these guys make rollerblading lame…

  7. Shima Blows Says:

    How old is Pat, 5? When did acting like a douchebag become cool? Use that knife and slut your wrists please

  8. Shima Blows Says:

    slut, slit, it’s all the same

  9. Vova Says:

    What the song name?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    each edit is worse than the last

  11. andrew conners Says:

    you guys can always not watch them

  12. Dyed Red Deshis Says:

    These guys make me ashamed to be a rollerblader, when i have my company set up you can bet they wont be on the team.
    they should be kicked out of blading

  13. 4 Says:

    Only a dickhead carrys a knife…………WHAT A FAG!!!

  14. Rod Drift Says:

    LOL when your “company is set up” you won’t be able to get riders of that caliber anyways so no worries.

  15. Dyed Red Deshis Says:

    No Rod, My company has already signed riders of that caliber, just wait, everythings still secret. our product will change everything

  16. Rod Drift Says:

    hahaha let me guess, “Reverse” is that what we should all be waiting for? Also no one is going to buy you just claiming to have signed “caliber” riders. Put up or shut up!

  17. AnthonyMedina Says:

    How dare these guys have fun while blading. I expected something super epic. Fags.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Are you SERIOUS? This edit sucks. Next time I want to see sewer covers, milk weed harvesting and sign language, I will google them and skip this video. Alex must have fallen on his head too many times now as his first instinct at every turn seems to be to throw up a middle finger. Totally lame.

  19. Warrior Says:

    Damn why everybody so surious ? Take the wheels out your ass and have fun. To me I thought it was a cool and fun edit, you fags with the gay comment need to losing up .

  20. scooter dave Says:

    Guys this is cereal… why is he hurting that plant? :(

  21. youfatcrackedoutmother Says:

    I NEED CLEAN NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I want September to be here!!! I fecking want this damn 2.0’s!!

  23. Captain Obvious Says:

    Hello Everyone! It is I, Captain Obvious! I have come to tell you how fucking naive you are for not catching on to the satire of this piece. Some of the top pros in skating, plus one of their friends, decided to poke fun at people who act too serious when cameras are pointed at them. The knife is used to exaggerate an attitude that is common place in skate culture in which people act like complete assholes for no apparent reason. A sense of humor is a wise thing to invest in if you choose to remain a rollerblader. Good luck with pulling those sticks out of your asses!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a JOKE!

  25. Pixel Counter Says:

    This edit hurts rollerblading’s image. Top pros are role models for the sport. These are grown men acting like middle schoolers. Ridiculous. Grow up.

  26. rollerblading is meh Says:

    everything was fine, except wtf is up with cutting up those plants, you realize that someone planted them right. Destroying property (without creating anything of value on the way) makes you look like a fucking retard.

  27. tiger blood Says:

    i hate haters….but how can anyone say this was a good edit? there were literally two tricks. broskows back royal to faike 540 and farmers soul to topsoul….not impressive. wtf was this?

  28. for real Says:

    that little queer needs to put away his knife and blade something

  29. Anonymous Says:

    these are some badass dudes…blades…little tricks…dressed like fags…adults acting like assholes….makes me proud to be a rollerblader…keep up the good work guys…you’re helping our sport shrink

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Pros,

    Leave the satire to Will Farrell and local bands of roaming teenagers. Step up to plate and represent rollerblading as a respectable sport to the nonrolling world.

    Thank you very much.

    ps. remove this video from existence

  31. Stephen Says:

    Knifes are for dick heads. I had a good friend who got stabbed and this bellend thinks hes cool cos hes trying to dress like johnny cash and carrying a flick knife. I home some cop sees you with it and puts it through your eye.

    Does anyone remember the Mike Elias section where the guy pulls a knife on him.

  32. chauncey Says:

    haha you guys are funny…….the edit was awesome….you guys need to shut the fuck up and realise its a bullshit blog update for his video now a fucking edit. retards


    the knife was kinda coool i guess. we needa bring bak that badass shit n keep these “fruitbooters” out the game..

    on another note yea this edit was weak, n sean kelso can only make movies cuz he got sick ass skaters to film all the time, but i wasnt really feelin his editin style in charging,,


    DIED RED DESHIS ;your company sounds like a joke if your talkin it up on some hate comments for a video.. the only thing it wil proly change is your perspective on life cuz your goin to fail big time ahah

    ight yall


    N ya the dude above me is right too

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Ahah Captain Obvious.

  36. fuck Says:

    Ignorance seems to be the norm on this website

  37. Jack Says:

    Stop hating! It’s about having fun which is what most of you lot cannot comprehend yet!

  38. kaspa Says:

    hahah white guys

  39. John Says:

    I can’t believe rollernews kids actually had to have Captain Obvious explain things for them.

  40. Hahaha Says:

    HAhahaha why are people so retard? I got stuck on SK reel for like 2 hours and it was wicked keep doing yo tang player

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Useless edit!! I think Sean Kelso can do better!!

  42. Hahaha Says:

    Of course he can do better you pillock. Has NO ONE got a sense of humor?

  43. scooter dave Says:

    Guize this not only a serious edit but the actual video! Oh man this real whole video sucks man. For an entire pro section on a real video its not nearly as good as it could be.

  44. Oscar Zabala Says:

    One would say it was enough lame to see farmer suddenly turning into an awful drag queen on wheels, but this puts the cherry on the pie. If this is the way big head pros showcase blading, I guess there is no much hope for our sport!!!

  45. smokey macpot Says:

    man that vimeo page is loading hella slow for me.

  46. portas Says:

    What a load of fuckin dickheads. Broskow always “poking fun” at other rollerbladers by imitating them in a mocking way really pisses me off. Why don’t they just concentrate on skating rather than the politics of the sport. The pros of yesteryear used to try hard and inspire kids to get better. This lot should take a step back and think that as some of the most talented rollerbladers around maybe they have a responsibility to keep kids interested . It is down to pricks like Farmer than the number of rollerbladers have dropped so much anyway. I still believe that your average kid in the street would think that rollerblading from 10 years ago is much better than the shit pros put out today

  47. useless,weak,embarrassing... Says:

    That really sucks… those guys have to quit rollerblading, they just ashamed us…

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Chill out guys!
    You all suck compare to this guys anyway

  49. you are dumb Says:

    How is it being ashamed? unless you are ashamed , which is odd to be ashamed of what some one else did which does not effect you in any way shape or form. you are just a dumb cunt. ever hear the saying ” to each they’re own ” ? it means let people do what they want and dont be a prick and talk shit as if what they have done effects you, cus you will never be able to blade the way these guys can even on a bad day. And you are gonna Steal this video for free off the web anyways not supporting the industry at all acting like you care about or somthing. you basicly are saying you are ashamed that some pros are trying to promote a video so more people can know about bladeing. you are ashamed of blading in general. just shut this website down already PLS too many kids thinking they matter.

  50. Dyed Red Deshis Says:


  51. You mad? Says:

    Please give us all your tricks for free, you haven’t paid any dues you pussies. We deserve everything for free. Besides, we no buy video anyways so just upload now. I can backslide anything proper in mah deshis.

    Why you have fun, you make me ashamed my dick is small. You represent rollerblading poorly to the 15 people who still rollerblade. What if Tiger Woods top negro american watch this video, he be disappoint in you.

    You never touch boobs with knife in pocket silly boy, don’t glorify fun. Please back to training for flip stunt, yes?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I assumed it was Broskow preparing for next BCSD but the rail was much too big. maybe find a smaller rail next time.

  53. Mr. Sharp. Says:

    I got the point of this edit, but it was boring. Not hating just saying.

    However in saying that. Did this really need to be shared on “Rollernews” Not really news. Just a small group of popular kids goofing off for the sake of having a camera and being bored / enjoying each others company. That’s not a crime last I checked.

    Perhaps you sycophants are upset because you came to see what’s new and exciting I.E [News] And even still that’s no reason to hate them. Maybe you haters are Let down by your own lame standards yeah. sure.. .

    If you got pissed off by this edit. Well it’s your own fucking fault. But at the end of the day. They are them and you are you. They will keep doing the shit they like to do. Even if it does make you feel embarrassed as a skater on some odd personal level.

    Just do try an remember that if tomorrow they were to drop a sick edit. You’d all forget about this one and act like the obedient little dick suckers some of you all have and will continue to prove you are.

    Half of you are still going to buy their skates and own a pair of them currently.

  54. rock Says:

    sooooooooooooooo embarassing

  55. pete w Says:

    theyre just fooling around by kink rail. whats the big deal? i dont see why everyone here is worked up

  56. Anonymous Says:


    my comment is probably too short

  57. M. Jordan Says:

    that was fucking funny! just some bladers fucking around have a good time just like i do with my homies. thats sick

  58. Anonymous Says:

    end of the day kids skating all about HAVING FUN! but KNIFE are not FUN!!

  59. REAL Ben Shelbourne Says:

    Chris Farmer will be bald within months!

  60. mr sharps Says:

    Im mr sharp a pansy smart ass that is never wrong and knows all. Its bitches like u that make these edits normal mr shit

  61. Anonymous Says:

    BOOBIES! ( o )( o )

  62. Anonymous Says:

    certainly wont help their sponsors sales

  63. lololololo Says:

    “Pat gets a new knife & destroy some plants.” I think you mean “Pat gets a new knife & destroys some plants.” Stupid noob op doesnt even know English how do you expect people to take this website serious lol.

  64. Check My Peen Says:

    At the end of the day, skating is about having a KNIFE, not having FUN!

    Slice and dice, blading mother fuckers!!

  65. read my lips Says:


    come on you guys…

    once in a wile these bladers making a lil bull edit.. who cares.

    And for you know it, one of these days there pops up a huge fucking sick ninja edit of these bladers, and everybody is like… “BC best skater ever, and hes back in the game” No! “he is the game” bla bla

    same song over and over!

  66. peter parker Says:

    WAIT WTF IS THIS? someone having fun not making a serious edit WTF is up with that. its not like rollerblading is for fun. half you people have never even met one person in this edit. these guys dont “ruin the image” you people do.