Sam Asken: Winter, Summer 2011 Profile

Sam Asken: Winter, Summer 2011 Profile

Shot in Seattle, WA. Main Camera: Bander Saleh, Additional Filmers: Josiah Blee, Mike Masoner, & Brandon Weller.

Edited by Bander Saleh.

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  • Joey Smith

    Great stuff. And good music too.

  • Ralf

    that sunny-tta-sunny was perfect, never seen that combo before

    Bender Saleh is killing it with the edit lately, keep it up

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this guy has some serious skillz!
    Keep the edits comin

  • Rob

    That was REAL profile!!! Serious skill and technical tricks with steeze

  • risha

    good. really good! styles was sick, trick vocab sick.

  • Luke

    That was tight! Great skating and great editing!

  • Anonymous

    really nice and good style :)

  • Krokodil

    The weather changes so fast there… lol

  • abcd

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • RollInBerlin

    Very clean, nice edit !
    good lines, unfortunately too rare nowadays

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Anyone skating in weather like that is automatically awesome! Well done.

  • damn!!

    why is he not flow for USD!?!?!

  • smart person

    yea defiantly should be riding for USD!!

  • dude

    USD, Please watch this edit!!!

  • Rhianna

    I wish USD/Eric Rod/Matt Watky/Simon Mulvany/Chaz wakSands would watch edits like these and take tips.

    This is a sick edit, no f*ucking Nero/Skrillex/dubstep remix shite (seriously how old are you, that music is for 16year olds who dont know better).

    Guy kills it so hard.

  • shittt

    i cant believe he hasnt been picked up by a boot company yet!!

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