S3T Contest 2013 (Moscow, Russia)

Filmed & edited by Nikita Shmatov.

S3T Contest 2013 (Moscow, Russia)

Music: Mint Julep – Tame, Smallpools – Dreaming.

  • Best trick: Spartak Alemasov (bsbackslide) & Vladimir Turkin (truebsunity). 5000 rubles each (around 150 US$).
  • Winners: Grisha Mikhalitsyn, David Sizemore, Sasha Penderev & Vladimir Turkin. 10.000 rubles each (around 300 US$).
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12 Responses to “S3T Contest 2013 (Moscow, Russia)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome video, catched the vibe.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    guy at 1:08 looks like harry potter, no offence..

  3. uhh Says:

    ??some shitty ass pop track?

  4. batsteek Says:

    Cool edit, cool riders ! Congrats!

  5. English Bloke Says:

    Russians are crazy ! Where is that kid with the OG super saggy pants ! that guys rocks :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Gay !
    Please go back and try again.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Sizemore in Russia ftw. Best rollerblader in the world

  8. ?????? Says:

    ???? ?????, ?????? ??????? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ???????

  9. Whaaat? Says:

    Edit is shit, camera has a good quality, but most part of tricks shooting really horrible.

  10. Korsakow Says:

    Russians are crazy! No doubt!

    The “music” was horrible, i’m sure there was a dick in the singer’s butt, while he was singing…

  11. Boris Says:


  12. Harry Potter Says:

    Is not me……