Ryan Rasmussen in Dag Days

Ryan Rasmussen in Dag Days

Quoting Anthony Medina:

This short promo features some footage from Ryan Rasmussen’s section, some alternate angles, along with some unused clips. Dag Days is shipping anywhere in the world from my Big Cartel page.

Song: Them – Out of Sight.
Dag Days by Anthony Medina: More Media.

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  • Anonymous

    Good, clean skating. Swag.

  • RollerAngel

    This 16 yr old repping Dallas/Austin, TX is the future of skating. He lives, breathes, and eats the roller blading culture. I’ve seen him around town and he makes expert moves look easy. Pure dedication to his craft. I look forward to bright things in his future. I can’t wait until he’s 25!

  • this:

    yo Anthony,
    why should I pay $15 for your vid? back in the day if you wanted to sell videos you had to put out a line up of top pros. Yet you put together a bunch of no name dudes with standard internet quality fare and feel entitled to ask full price for it. Your shit don’t stand up to the likes of Regardless and other proper releases. Pretending it does is only makes you a joke.

  • AnthonyMedina

    Well first of all you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to. I never told you to buy it, if you like what you’ve seen THEN you can buy it. I’m not sure what “standard internet quality” and these guys may be “no name dudes” to you, but most people that are fans of Texas blading know who they are, or they are willing to take a chance on them BECAUSE they like Texas blading. If this wasn’t the case then why would some of the biggest shops have been down to carry the video? Also, I guess you haven’t bought a video in a while because most videos are $20-$25, not $15.

  • Kristian Payne

    No names? Really?

  • damn son

    Haters gonna Hate then its their loss. lol it makes me laugh when i see some moron who probably hasnt made a video himself or is not a “named Skater” talk shit. dont you have better things to do like go out and blade! if you dont lke the video then go do something about it I.E. make your own video. If you are not going to change the game then take your lame ass out of it.

  • pollux

    whoa, whoa, whoa “this”…….someone apparently sits up at night with his life size anthony medina doll. Anthony, I’d track that dudes IP address and stay far away from him because somewhere he is furiously masturbating to skate videos plotting against the directors. I cannot say for sure but i have a sneaking suspicion that he may be attempting to make a skate video director skin suit. He is just concerned that your work might not be up to snuff to qualify for his sick homoerotic master plan.

  • PictureMeSmokin

    Fuck whoever “this” is…salamander ass caterpillar ass motherfucker

  • TXblade

    this: – unless you are talking about the 4 people in rollerblading who get free plane tickets + hotels to attend contests + monthly check + insurance from their sponsors I have no idea what you are talking about when you say “top pros”, making pizzas for a living and having your name stamped on shit doesn’t count. I don’t buy videos or any media but I don’t shit on other people’s constructive efforts either. I hope you are looking forward to bagging ryan’s groceries because the dude has his shit together.

  • this:

    i fail
    now see why you don’t mess with texas

  • Anonymous

    this dude kills it , i relly dig his style

    regards from paris ( france )

  • Cody Sanders

    For the record, these are just leftover/unused clips.
    The real section was 20x more sexual.

  • this:

    Seriously, I didn’t need spread negativity on such a public forum.
    Must have been in a critical mood.
    Even if they aren’t Haffey or Broski, the skaters are dope and way better then me.
    I sincerly apologize for my initial comments.
    the last thing we need is more hate