Rollerblade : Benefits Beyond Expectations

ABT, TRS, TFS … and SIS! Does this look like a spoonful of alphabet soup?

Perhaps. But it really refers to Rollerblade’s technologies, programs, and commitment to providing in-line skaters with the best quality of skates and skating experiences possible. Or “by providing benefits beyond what people are expecting to have,” as Jeremy Stonier, Rollerblade’s director of product marketing, describes it. In fact, Rollerblade’s leading-edge technology is covered by more than 200 patents, with more on the way.

Rollerblade’s Launch

At Rollerblade’s launch two decades ago only one in-line skate manufacturer existed–Rollerblade. The company had only a single skate line and there were few sales. No one had only a single skate line and there were few sales. No one had heard of in-line skating! So Rollerblade used a “guerrilla marketing” campaign to get the word out. It used a tiny budget to develop attention-getting promotions to make people aware of the skates and to try them. Promotions ranged from “Demo Vans” in supermarket parking lots, where prospects could try the skates for a half hour, to putting Rollerblade skates on Minnesota Viking cheerleaders at a football game or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Marketing research was almost limited to what skaters told the Demo Van drivers.

A skate line for each segment

From the outset in-line skaters have been united by a common experience: the thrill and fun of the speed and freedom that comes from almost frictionless wheels on their feet. “As the market has matured, it has settled into four core groups of users,” says Stonier. Each requires a number of unique skate features.

“The trickiest segment we sell to is probably the ‘street/vert’ skater–the 14- to 22-year-old in your neighborhood who is doing tricks you might see on ESPN’s X Games,” says Stonier. Members of Team Rollerblade, a skating group that gives demonstrations around the country, suggest and test new technologies that find their way first into skates for this segment. The TRS–for Team Rolerblade Series–line of skates contains everything from a PFS Specialized form-fit memory foot liner gel insert for extreme shock absorption to CoolMax fabric to keep the skater’s feet cool and dry. […]

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Source: Marketing, 8th edition, Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, and Rudelius, Irwin/McGraw Hill, pages 26-27.

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  • bayly

    shame rollerblade sucks

  • EKI

    U SUCK !!!!!! IGNORANTE ??

  • Nick

    This article although filed with some good points fail in many cases 1) Rollerblade hasn’t updated their boot design since the 96 Tarmac, all they have done is put a skin over it, making it more bulky. 2) Rollerblade hasn’t really supported our industry, not since 98 when skating was huge, they really are ran like a buisness when our sport isn’t making the cash they want, they drop the team (which was really good) and stop the innovation.

  • nice

    Only Respect for rollerblade on being one of the first…
    I think it is a bit silly to say:”The trickiest segment we sell to is probably the ’street/vert’ skater–the 14- to 22-year-old”
    Like someone isnt doing that if theyre older than 22?
    But respecto!


    nick, shut the hell up. no their skates are not “tarmacs with skins on them”. shut the fuck up.

  • Nick

    would you like to bet its the same mold?

  • http://rollernews Mike = rando


    Do your research before you state these claims. It sounds like you have been skating for a while if you know of the tarmac… but you must have fell off the face of the earth when the dirk/daytona/CI5 was released. Also don’t forgot those softboot skates called Canvas and Paw.

    innovation… how about drop the team to be able to sponsor more deserving kids in the sport? I don’t think it’s a bad idea what they have done… it keeps the deserving kids in the sport, it gives them goals and a reason to keep skating.

    If the skaters from the pro team were good enough, they would have been snapped up by other companies.

    Eg. Franky.

  • http://rollernews Mike = rando

    F**k your an idiot (Yeh, just got out of bed and cranky)

    It’s a basic MOULD that fits your foot.

    Strip any skate down to it’s bare form (Take away the decorative parts that gives the skate it’s aesthetic)… and you have a skate that fits the shape of your, wait for it…………………….. FOOT.

  • Nick

    ok ok people, easy

    I made the claim without any back up, I really did think it was the same MOULD but I was incorrect. I am willing to admit that.

    Lastly I will defend the dropping of the pro team, I think it was a poor decision and done in a poor manner. You can see hostilities between rollerblade and franky within a couple of edits (and I believe the M1 twenty to life team video, but I could be wrong). I don’t think they did things on a professional level.

    Stating that kids are more deserving seems to be a hallow statement, more deserving than who? Franky Morales and Alex Broskow, none seem to be more deserving than them. I don’t have anything against sponsoring up and commers, but they could have done this with a pro team in place.

  • http://rollernews Mike = rando

    : p

  • rocksanddirt

    Ive been skating since they came out with the daytonas.
    I dunno, they have some cool designs, but I dont get how anyone rides on those “swindlers with skins” skates they made.

  • hmmm

    “more deserving than who? Franky Morales and Alex Broskow, none seem to be more deserving than them.”

    they dropped a salaried team to be able to sponsor more up and coming skaters, it’s the younger kids that are going to carry on the sport. franky and alex are great, but they alone can’t hold up an entire sport.

  • andreas542

    i love my trs

    mostly because you can mod them to fuck, which i love doing

    but yes, they’ve made quite a few bad business decisions, but they produce quite cheap skates, its a pity all the new ones are shite

    *remembers back in the day, when baggy farmer and broskow were unbeatable on their trs details* :)

  • sebas

    trs rule , and i like the team boot , it’s kinnda the only good new model that came out