Robert Guerrero, Mathieu Ledoux & Leon Basin: How to be Unpopular, Podcast 118

Rob G, Mathieu Ledoux, and Leon Basin

Todd mcinerney talks to Rob G, Mathieu Ledoux and Leon Basin about finding the joy, making power decisions, the sickness of negativity and so much more!

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  • rollerblading is gay

    ledoux pro skate?!

  • dustin werbeski

    thanks for helping me make my power-decision bra’s!

    hahaha power…

  • Anonymous

    Rob G is the man!

  • Jurijs

    ruined with that drums.. sorry, couldnt listen

  • Salt

    Nothing but mad respect for all of these guys!

  • Joey

    If you want to make a power decision and listen to the whole podcast the hookah sound goes away after the first bit.

  • hob

    Super sick guys! totally rad

  • Adam FURR DOGG Swanson

    Ooooh, I wanna see Mathieu’s skate!

  • Bangy

    There is something very European about Canadians, they’re talking about rollerblading like philosophy students talk about Hegel.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THE PODCAST! I’m assuming you read these Rollernews comments lol, good job guys..keep it up.

  • whatdoesrollernewsevenmean

    hahaha the bong sound going on in the beginning

  • Sam J

    Great to hear you guys all together.


    You would think for someone who is so into technology and the idea about the future could simply create a decent recording…

    Step 1) press record


    enjoyed what I could hear of it but yeah… it's shite quality

  • Bangy

    The drumming sound is just in the beginning.