RIOT Official trailer

January 2006: the Barcelona authorities declared and passed the new law of “Civil Order”.

This law was created to make illegal all activities that were not in harmony with the system.

Now skating was only permitted in the poorly built and maintained
skateparks, and any skating on the streets was liable for a fine of between 750 and 1500 Euros, with the power to also confiscate the skates.

November 2006: the authorities disbanded and destroyed the Makabra, the only indoor skatepark in the city, constructed and maintained for free by the skaters themselves.

2008: Welcome to Barcelona.

full sections of Cyril Daniel, Oli Benet and Jefferson Santana

Also the best spanish riders: Daniel Gomez Chino, Marc Moreno Enanoh, Robin Ackerman, Ivan Garcia , Paco Rey, Yuri Bothelo, Joni Prados Gitano, Xevi Ferro, Martin Benza,…

And the best from Europe and US: Daniel Prell, Martina Svobodova, Demetrios George, Rachard Johnson, Stefan deFreitas, Jason Adrianni, Roman Abrate, Adi Wallace, Ben Schwab, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Chris Haffey, Jason Adriani, Bruno Willermark, Adrien Anne, Avichai Wechsler, and so much more!

The full DVD will be available very soon in Europe!

For more info check Theconference and with a gallery with tons of pictures from the filming of RIOT.

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32 Responses to “RIOT Official trailer”

  1. damn Says:

    damn…. the fucking best trailer I’ve ever seen.

  2. dexter Says:

    for sure it is, and it will be the best trailer and the best dvd cause kenneth is the fucking master!!!!!!

  3. corsica Says:

    I’ll buy it for sure !

  4. uribe Says:


  5. rollerblading is gay Says:

    looks very promising

  6. Grabietz Says:

    great trailer

  7. G Says:

    Holy shit, that looks awesome

  8. remzrider Says:

    fucking epic

  9. pkdtene Says:

    hey doe’s anyone know who the song’s by,

  10. Aaaaazt Says:

    its the 28 weeks later theme song …

  11. blake Says:

    so is skating legal there now?

  12. Oskars Says:


    impressive!!! one of the best trailers ever!!!

  13. davie t Says:

    jings mcrivens help mi bob-amazing looking!!!

  14. lolipopp Says:

    who’$ that guy with the 36′ soul? looks hella stylish.that dis. fhishy is also nutt$$$

  15. lolipopp Says:

    who$ that guy with the 36′ soul on the kinked rail..? looks hella $tylish and crazy. that dis. fishy is crazy aswell

  16. delroca Says:

    that looked so amazing

  17. Etienne Says:


  18. aweyrh Says:

    that disaster fish was INSANE!!!!!!!!

  19. bakJoul' Says:

    disaster fish O_o

  20. retireded Says:

    Oh god, I can’t wait! Such a great trailer… well done K’net!

  21. DCG Says:

    almost of these spots of the video are filmed from outside of the Barcelona city… and the law not affect them… the law affect only the central city, and it seems the fine only will pay the local skaters, not outsiders xD.
    Good trailer mister Dedeu :-D
    take care ;-)

  22. gerard Says:

    Good job kenneth!

  23. Mikel Says:

    That FIshy was insane!!!1 that other royale to roayle on that high as think would fuking be Dirty I will buy fo sure

  24. VladC. Says:

    EEEPIC! one of the best trailers i’ve seen!crazy level.mad props!

  25. fric Says:

    This so fucking perfect .

  26. fgagd Says:


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  28. vous'etes tramp Says:

    Best trailer of all the times.. like the intro and the skating was absolutely amazing.. im buying that for shure

  29. russian cudtijhan Says:

    Best european dvd.the trailer says it all. Will it be available in russian shops?

  30. jl Says:

    fuck ya rise up

  31. andrew thompson Says:

    verrrrrrrrrrry impressed. great trailor. editing and motion graphics were top notch.

  32. gav Says:

    that was great! will there be any more about the situation with the laws in the dvd? because it looks interesting!