Riot by Kenneth Dedeu: Full Video

Riot by Kenneth Dedeu

Profiling Oli Benet, Jefferson Santana & Cyril Daniel & featuring montages with Chris Haffey, Rachard Johnson, JC rowe, Robin Ackermann, Jefferson Santana (Rosca),Yuri Botelho, Daniel Prell, Xevi Ferro, Paco Rey, Martina Svobodova, Jason Adriani, Roman Mooisenkov, Ivan Garcia, Kenneth Dedeu, Daniel Gomez, Marc Moreno, Joni Prados, Hector Castillo, Arly Edroso.

Filmed by Kenneth Dedeu, Oli Benet & Kiku Comino.
Riot Media: Oli Benet | Jefferson Santana | Cyril Daniel | Trailer 01, 02.
Dvd still available at Thanks Robbbin.

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  • Carlos lalau Diamante

    What ever happened to “Rosca”?

  • Greg (French MOFO)

    Yeah, thanks to upload this video! Whow Cyril Daniel is just crazy, the 540 back royale at the Barcelona forum is massive. Probably one of the best trick ever. I wonder why we do not see more edit of this guy, in fact I know almost nothing of this dude. This was a 2006 profile, what’s up now?

  • Jezza

    He is still destroying shit dont you worry about that.

  • Angel Jaime

    That made me homesick big time. Barcelona was, is and will be the place to be!

  • Anonymous

    It’s crazy just how much the rollerbladers in and around the Barcelona area fucking SUCK. I mean, they have the best skate spots yet have no fucking idea how to skate. Like guys, c’mon, don’t put this shit on the internet for others to see. jerk each other off in private please.

  • donshishi

    anonymous : just go to sleep and shut up. or just go to skate and post it instead.

  • Anonymous

    Someone should mention this was filmed in 2006 -2007 and released in 2008!

  • ChrisBray

    Not enough hurricane soles.

  • Anonymous


  • Pants

    For Deshi pro ? Deshi’s gone… Fuck this edit, it’s too old.

  • dyamond nuts crew

    muy wapo el video!el profile de roska se sale!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking for this video in ages! Too bad that Deshi is long gone….

  • Pitbull Style

    You american Haters can suck a big black dick! ;)
    Rosca for president

    fuck off go learn sk8 and post your horseshit video

    peace out

  • Ben Shelbourne

    Oli Benet is an absolute bell’end

  • Ben Shelbourne

    Oli dont bother coming back to England, such knobhead.

    No English skaters like him at all FACT

    Some faggot who thinks hes a ‘DJ’, how old are you 15?

    Get a proper job son.

  • Ben Shelbourne

    hahaha just noticed ‘let’s roll productions’

    ‘LET’S ROLL’

    haha holy shit your creative.

    Im gonna call my next dvd ‘Aggressive inline productions’

  • Scoootsman

    Lol what did he do to you? I never met the guy but to his defense he is better than me at skating.

    I like the profile on “Non-Activated Version” that guy is sick :P