Remz Chris Haffey Signature 2.2

Remz Chris Haffey Signature

Meet the new spiced up version of Chris’ acclaimed Signature model, a true weapon in disguise, the Chris Haffey 2.2.

Along with conceiving the low-cut skin design pioneered on the 2.0 and matching his own “V-cut + strap” setup, Chris personally put a multitude of samples through the test to meet his high technical expectations.

This new Limited Edition 2.2 features a groovy colorway that is sure to turn heads and includes all the advanced features that made the 2.0 and 2.1 a top-seller such as the redesigned rear lacing system, the precise neoprene liner with softer shock-absorber, strong hockey laces giving the skate a distinctive and athletic look, and the new concept of High Resilience (HR) construction providing optimum control & foot support.

“It sucks your foot in there and keeps it right where it needs to be so you’re in complete control at all times” says Chris about the Remz HR concept that he helped develop.

Remz Chris Haffey Signature


  • Classy and Stylish low-cut design and new Colorway by Chris Haffey
  • HR ‘High Resilience’ skin concept
  • High-end ergonomic Remz neoprene liner built to Chris’s specifications
  • Chris Haffey original freedom-of-feet setup w/ Rear lacing system
  • Reinforced ankle strap (w/ plastic buckles included in the box)
  • GC FTL2 frames
  • 57mm / 88a Remz wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings

More Pictures.

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47 Responses to “Remz Chris Haffey Signature 2.2”

  1. glp Says:

    i hate remz. broke my ankle on them. but the look on this is different and different is good!

  2. Marcus Says:

    The problem is this fucking DEEEEP v-cut i hate this thing, please remz make a v2.3 with standard cuff!!!!

  3. Teun487 Says:

    Why the creapy wheels? Expected some Eulogy’s…

  4. Teun487 Says:

    uuh crappy that is…

  5. Xingo Says:

    I wish it plastic shell made out if carbon, but this is fuckin’ beast!

  6. Oscar Says:

    Great Color Combination… look really dope. However, I couldn’t agree more about the wheels. WHHHHAATT HAPPEENNEEEDD THHEERREEE?
    PS.: Wellsmore PRO… cmon KATO

  7. xxxxxxx Says:

    looks so ugly… i hate remz skinz :SSS

  8. Anonymous Says:

    fette scheiße

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  9. christopher Says:

    although this a a good skate, there surely needs to be a cj wellsmore or morales pro skate out within the next year. fair enough remz could depend on selling more and more models of a haffey skate, but there needs to be a new signautre model eventually. not everyone is a fan of haffey so they should think about the market thats out there.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    If you broke your ankle you’re not skating them right. I’ve been skating REMz for 5+ years and and never cone close to hurting an ankle. However I’ve been wondering what these were, chris skates them in the game of blade with chris farmer, SO STOKED on these time to add to my collection!

  11. AnthonyMedina Says:

    “not everyone is a fan of haffey”

    Taig, is that you?

  12. chuckd Says:

    I skate remz and it’s the best skate that I never put on my feet

    I like this new haffey model, look dope and skate well for sure

  13. LJ Says:

    omg! really good looking skates. i like the new skin. they are my next skates !

  14. Anonymous Says:

    same shit new package

  15. dyed red oxygens Says:

    Same shit, different color. Wake me when something substantial changes. This looks cheap, like the white patch was an afterthought.

    PS. Wellsmore is an AM? Give me a fucking break. This guy needs to wise up and go where he’s appreciated more.

  16. Josh V. Says:

    they look sick in person

  17. Taig Khris Says:

    fuck Haffey and fuck remz they are so gay! I will not ever be wear these skates. My next stunt will be a superman 180 over a shoe box beat this haffey

  18. jon cooley Says:

    i want these soooo bad but im broke and my haffey 2.1s are so shredded they are done…no bueno…

  19. cash Says:

    having a dudes face on my skates…nah

  20. finna get em' Says:

    anyone know where you can buy these? they dont have them on Amall

  21. haha Says:

    “standard cut” cuffs are for pussies. v-cut for life. haffey4pres

  22. haha Says:

    “If you broke your ankle you’re not skating them right. I’ve been skating REMz for 5+ years and and never come close to hurting an ankle.” – exactly. learn to skate something that’s not Razors kids

  23. j-money Says:

    How is Wellsmore still not a pro? When is he getting his skate?…Dude has proved himself

  24. Anonymous Says:

    cj is not pro because kato spends all his money on haffey!

  25. leonardo silva BR Says:


  26. The Doyle Says:

    franky skate now please.

  27. Fresh Out Da Oven Says:

    nigguh dees shits hurr off da mufuckin meat racks nigguh! I fux wid em al day eerryyy day cuh!

  28. monster kush Says:

    i’m sure franky and cj will get pro blades, in time. if not i see them both leaving the team. haffey is sick. new blades look good

  29. traducer Says:

    new franky skate and cj skate needs to be next but I dig this skate

  30. LJ Says:

    remz pro team should be..
    haffey, morales, cj,

  31. Cata Says:

    People hurt/broke there ankles, on every skate that is out on the market, because they don’t close them right !!!
    They don’t close there skates because they want to do top sides and they don’t bend there knees.

    Hurting ankles on remz is just a stereotype.

    P.S Morales is pro and surely cj will become pro soon !!! ( )

  32. Bolton Says:

    “Hurting ankles on remz is just a stereotype.”

    I AGREE!

    For me best combinaison colors on this model of REMZ

  33. donshishi Says:

    i love remz but. black->white->black&white->white&black. someone can explain to haffy, kato, Morales that they are other color in the world maybe take exemple on Valo or USD and ask advice to Jon Julio for the next year colors should be an idea

  34. Anonymous Says:

    sorry remz are too soft and flexy .no support watsoever..RAZORS forever!!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    They have enough colour parts for you to play around..
    But it’s funny how Chris promotes himself by losing BlADE games on video

  36. Thesaurus Says:

    All I know is that CJ should be pro. Remz needs a blue boot or atleast the top cap blue. Dominick wagner is better than nick wood too. Just saying. CJ pro boot next. 2 time world rap champion in tha house! All I know is that!

  37. Thesaurus Says:

    I meant toe cap. I’m getting my king of the dot chain back! All I know is that!

  38. aaron turner Says:

    for the people that have been saying about the skates causing to break they’re ankles. maybe… just maybe tighten your cuffs, i would of thought that that would be a solution to the’re problem :/

  39. Adam FURR DOGG Swanson Says:

    Skate looks good, all three colors of this skate have looked nice…

  40. x Phaggott x Says:

    I broke my ankle in 0301 remz, and my skate was laced up right with the standard cuff, before they started v-cuffs. Shit happens. I have standard cuffs on my haff 2.1, and I like it like that.. Nice color way..

  41. ti m vik Says:

    looks super sweet on film

  42. filip Says:

    these look disgusting. fuck v-cut and fuck the standard cuffs too. remz needs to make a high cuff version of the skin boot that doesnt dig into your ankles when you do them up tight

  43. Anonymous Says:

    the skate looks awsome but make a wagner skate before cj and morales

  44. sick!! Says:

    skates are soo dope, i wanna order them but no moneez :( and kato put josia blee on the pro team! he needs a pro boot

  45. smoker Says:

    i really do like the colourway. Cant skate them tho, its weird. I can tighten them as much as i want to, i still feel very instable

  46. Anonymous Says:

    CJ WAS SKATING RAZORS AT THE NYC INVITATIONAL!!! Remz fuked up so bad right there. When I thought Remz, I see Haffey, CJ, and Dom Wagner.

    Kato youre a jackass for letting CJ slip through your fingers. He deserved pro status more than anyone. I hope you realize that.

  47. yamyam74 Says:

    Very nice thread. I just stumbled upon your site and wished to say that I’ve very much enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. Thanks