Quinn Feldman: Leftovers Clips

Quinn Feldman: Leftovers Clips

Filmed by Jeremy Cloe, Justin Guerrero, Winston Wardwell, Iain Mcleod, Aarin Gates, Alex Clifton, Jacob Bouzaglou, Manny Salcedo, Danny Ruelas & Chris Calkins.

Song: Monstra & Upspurp – Westside (Original Mix). Photo: Skittish Synapses.

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16 Responses to “Quinn Feldman: Leftovers Clips”

  1. yawn Says:


  2. DADCHUK Says:



  3. the stinky Juda Says:

    dude’s geting better ! cool music ! from what i saw the man loves blading and i respect that ! 1up dude !

  4. Steeze Police Says:

    Can he skate fakie though ?

  5. ayoDirty Says:

    queeeeen. skates like a mormon virgin

  6. Charles B Says:

    good skating. was that jacob saying butter? at the end?lol

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ive always thought this dude was sick.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Butter! Sick video

  9. tru meltron Says:

    quinn is so much better than alot of the so called pro’s nowadays and his attitude and hard work towards skating go un-noticed by so many people. but because he does’nt tap the end of a ledge and dress like farmer he does’nt get any credit

  10. wit wak or summit Says:

    if he wants to dry a spot then cover it in petrol and watch the mutha fucka dry

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Why are their drop rails in his leftovers????

  12. nutsonya chin Says:

    good skating but his style is so bad

    9/10 of his “topside ” tricks are farside,

  13. J Says:

    Hahahaha. Just, hahaha. Worst attitude, worse guy.

  14. yup Says:

    never fails to make blading look like shit

  15. Petey Says:

    He is better than everyone at street skating

  16. Anonymous Says:

    so jewish ,worst guy in the game .quin please stop skating and buy yourself a scooter