Pow Wow 2013: Tim Franken Clips + Results

Tim Franken @ Pow Wow 2013

El Broritos presents Tim Franken @ Kona Skatepark (Florida). Clips by Guillaume Latrompette.

Pro/AM Results

  1. Jon Cooley
  2. Chris Dafick
  3. Carson Starnes
  4. Chris Smith

Best Trick: Joey Chase


  1. Fallon Heffernan
  2. Ursa Verbic
  3. Coco Sanchez
  4. Melissa Brown
  5. Katie Brown
  6. Gaby Velasquez
  7. Alejandra Wolf
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9 Responses to “Pow Wow 2013: Tim Franken Clips + Results”

  1. bill Says:

    holy fucking god that was so impressive… well, I guess I’m gunna have to stop hating tim franken

  2. dah Says:

    Fuck yes!!!!!!
    Cooley coming up!

  3. WIN ! Says:

    Bump for pow wow footage :)

  4. Jon Cooley Says:

    Hell yea! Tim destroys shit!!!

  5. "shiftyroyalenowthatsahardtrick" Says:

    fuck yea tim! shit was silly kid

  6. Ben Shelbourne - REAL Says:

    The guy didn’t even come top 4?

    Nothing speshial.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    omg, tim destroys so many careers. i wonder if thats his job.lol

  8. Jersey blader Says:

    Carl is the man !!!!! I love that guy best upcoming blader hands down

  9. Arthur Dubrin Says:

    Latrompette est une couille, point. Franken c’est bon, mais Latrompette est une couille quand même! ^^