Panhandle Pow-Wow Edit by:John Crites & Results

Montre Livingston

Holy crap that was one of the best street comps I have been to in a long time. On Friday while heading down to the Pow-Wow my car car unofficially died. What a bitch-ass way to start off the weekend.

After a night of frustration and a Saturday missing the comp I found a guy working at AVIS car rentals willing to rent me a brand new 08 Corolla with 70 miles on it for $21.99 per day. I have to say that after my car died I really wasn’t up to the challenge of still going to Tally, especially knowing that I was going to miss the comp, but for a car that cheap what can I say. Sometimes that little skate devil just starts yelling in your ear and you have to listen. Plus, I was the only one who had a copy of Radius Issue 3 for the official premiere and couldn’t let our obligations go to shit. Anyway we made it down to Tally just in time for the after party and had a great time.

Charles filmed the comp all day along with a bunch of other guys hoping to get the good shots and we decided to talk to a few of the other filmers about giving them a chance to contribute their edits for our site. One of them held out, which was awesome, and the other guy we talked to threw together this SIX minute edit of the day. Special thanks to John Crites for coming through with the madness that was, is, and will always be the PANHANDLE POW-WOW. By the way, Blake Taylor is the man, and thanks to Denial, Vibralux, Becca for the photos, and all the skaters that came to Tally to be part of the comp. This is what skating is all about.

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1st- Montre Livingston
2nd- Joey Chase/ Jon Jon Bolino
3rd- Frankie Irven

Thanks JC.

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  • rollerblading is gay

    damn montre! and chase is a beast.

  • lorch

    last trick!

  • kuntaciacho

    damn joey, reminds me of feinberg – no matter what slam, still going to stand up

  • joe


  • Charles Manson

    BLAH !

  • Digi

    Whoopi Goldberg is bad ass but so ugly 。。。
    Cool ambiance though

  • chito

    sick comp. with everyone on their A game. props to everyone.

  • Frontflip 1440

    and people wondered about Montre on Nimh. He’s getting more attention now than ever before. This guy is a beast. Links up sick ass tricks with sicker ones with the illest style in town. Jon/Brian you guys made a great selection with that one there. Great skates, Great riders, I can’t wait to see who/what you come out with next.

  • stay golden

    that was some dope shit the skating was on a really high level from everyone
    and yes joey is a beast personally i think he has what it takes to be on top as long as he keeps pushing himself like he has been

  • Urbn^nja

    Wow. Montre and Jon Jon are currently two of my favourite newcomers. Ever sice I saw them in in edits when they were younger I’ve noticed that they were going to be heads in the skating scene some day. Shima is picking his team players very wisely. Just waiting to see who number 4 and 5 are going to be. Joey is phenomenal also (sick Orange section I must add!). Who’s this Other guy Franky? New guy pulling off Tabernacles and some odd tough tricks. I wanna see more of him. Another fave is Adam Mcmanus but he didn’t seem to be doing to much this edit but still he’s one of my faves for sure. Overall SUPER fly edit. Keep up the good work fellas!!

  • Ben

    AMAZING edit, loved the filming & editing and obv the skating was ridiculous!

  • jdcaron

    This edit showcase such a great level of skating. Props for that!

  • crazy cos

    dat edit was crazyy espically montre

  • gorkas