Rollernews COW : Week 5, Results

June 1st, 2006

Rollernews Clip of the Week

Here are the results for the Week 5 of the RN Clip of the Week :
Click on the names to watch the clips !

1. Tomez
2. Juju power
3. Azrider

Discuss about it in the forums
. The Week 6 has started, you can post your entries in this topic ! (Thanks Azrider for the help !)

Richie Eisler and Friends Edit

June 1st, 2006

Richie Eisler and Friends

Skaters :
Dustin Werbeski, Dallas Kurtz, Richie Eisler, Devon Hanofski, Dale Phillips, Dan Varin and other delicious guests…

Check out the Edit (91mb) of Richie Eisler and friends.
(rightclick/save as)

thx spector and michel

Custom Adidas Adicolor Sneakers by Arlo Eisenberg

May 31st, 2006

Custom Adidas Adicolor Sneakers by Arlo Eisenberg

Here is the second pair of Adidas Adicolor that Arlo Eisenberg did for Avenue (check the first custom adidas adicolor that Arlo Eisenberg painted here). Also if you are in the So Cal area on June 3rd, come by Arlo’s art show and see both pairs there on display.

More Photos :
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Two And A Half Lines With Brian Shima

May 31st, 2006

Brian Shima

Watch / Download The Brian Shima Video :
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Airwalk : Same Mold, New Skates

May 31st, 2006

airwalk inline aggressive skates
^ Airwalk Skates

Airwalk will release a new skate, read more about it here. It seems that the skate mold used by Airwalk is an old one, that were used by a lot of other brand.

quoting George Amos :

Same Bauer mold used by Anarchy for their Chaos skates.

Fine, they’re cheap and they’re not intruding on existing markets, but do we really want to get the next generation of rollers started on skates of this quality?

Cheap Skate mold
^ Another Skate using the same mold

Check some Photos :
Thanks Nemoz !
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Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 (2006): Photo Gallery

May 31st, 2006

Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1

Photo Gallery by David Durrenberger :

- Main Gallery (28 photos)
- Bonus Section : Hugo de Souza

Wait for the Galleries to load (4mb for the main, and 2mb for the second one)

You can find all the media for the Nouvelle Ligne Contest #1 here (Photos, Videos, Reports).

Nouvelle Ligne is organising a serie of Jam Sessions this summer in Strasbourg (first date : 3rd of June) : Roller, Graffiti, Break Dance, Concerts, Basket Ball and Barbecue !

MAREK DONIEC, Jump Photo Gallery

May 30th, 2006


quoting Kriss Kross :

Jump Jump
You should know, you should know that ahhh
Kris Kross is not having anything today
As we stand there totally krossed out
We commence to make you
Jump Jump

Check an amazing Jump Photo Gallery of Marek Doniec

Marek Doniek is both rollerblader and freestyle skier, he is sponsored by Viking, Hiro, Cropp, Salomon, Billagbong and Dragon Optical (Read more about him in this news).

Discuss about it in the forums. Thanks Mirek and Thiavery !

Anthony Soto Profile

May 30th, 2006

Anthony Soto
^ Unrelated Photo : Anthony Soto – AO Fishbrain

Here’s a hint : the clips in black and white are my regular (natural) ; clips in color are my switch (Unnatural). Footage is about 3 years old. Enjoy !

Watch the Anthony Soto Profile :
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Shangaiist : Takeshi Yasutoko Interview

May 30th, 2006

Takeshi Yasutoko

Takeshi Yasutoko, aka the “Japanese Bullet” and “Samurai”, is a 19-year-old inline skating sensation. At 15, he became the youngest vert skater to medal at the X Games. Takeshi has a profound respect for his 22-year-old brother Eito, the only male skater to win three X Games gold medals.

Widely known as “the first skate family of Japan”, Takeshi and his brother have plans to guide their family business, Goodskates, after retirement. Shanghaiist caught up with Takeshi at the opening of Shanghai’s new SMP Skate Park, the biggest in the world. Aferward, we got a rare and privileged opportunity to skate with the Japanese Bullet.

Read the Shangaiist Takeshi Yasutoko Interview

Hayden Golder, Rolling Photo Gallery

May 30th, 2006

Topside soul

Hayden Golder / Photographer

I was born in 1984 in a Melbourne. In 1994 I took my first photograph on a walk through the Victorian highland. 1999 I decided on doing photography as one of my subjects in Year 10. I found my love of photography when I was in the darkroom every lunch time printing.

I continued doing photography through to the end of high school, even thou I couldn’t do photography in years 11 and 12. Since then I have done my diploma in photography at PIC (Photographic Imaging Collage). Now I’m currently study at RMIT doing a degree in BA Photography.

Check the Hayden Golder Rolling Photo Gallery

Haffey Skating Xsjados and Farmer Skating Remz

May 29th, 2006

Chris Farmer, Chris Haffey

on the Vibralux Tour :

After that we headed over to the Grandview rails where Haffey did a clip never before done on a handrail, “Two Feet,” and then the crazyiest shit happened.

Farmer and Haffey switched skates and both backslide the rail, natural and switch… that is professionalism. -Source

Watch the Video :
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Asian X Games 06 – Kjrollers Photos

May 29th, 2006

X-Games 2006 : Chris Haffey, Katie Ketchum and more !

The Kjrollers website got a nice photo set of the Asian X-Games 2006

Watch the Photo Gallery

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- Asian X-Games 2006 : Empire Photo Gallery
- Asian X-Games ‘06 : The Backstage Photo Collection.
- Asian X-Games 2006, Kuala Lumpur Results

Sign Crew 2, Full Swedish rollerblading movie

May 29th, 2006

Sign Crew 2, Full Swedish rollerblading movie

Here’s a film i have been working on latley, it’s a film from when we in Sign Crew where on tour in Sweden 2005.. So we filmed alot on pretty much everyone from the Swedish rolling scene + Jacob Juul, Stefan Horngacher, Colin Kelso, Iain Mcleod, Lauri Rantanen, Adam Zurawiecki with more who where on visit!

The film featuring: A Stockholm section, The Grindhouse street comptetition in Helsingborg, a Linköping section, a mini Stockholm session section, 2 Montages and profiles on, Johan Edwardsson/Robin Orekvists profile, Johan Kallio profile, Christoffer Linder Profile and Peter Kallio profile. + Intro and slams/Credits..

I hope you enjoy it, the film is 45:38 minutes, so it can take some time to download.. But be patient :)

Peace out
-Peter Kallio

Watch the Trailer, Download the Full Video :
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