Enduroshot, Energy Drink : Rolling Ad

May 22nd, 2006


Video Advert featuring Colin and Iain Mcleod for the Enduroshot Energy Drink !

Watch the Video :
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Asian X-Games 2006 : Photo Gallery

May 22nd, 2006

Asian X-Games

Empir3 got a nice photo gallery of the Asian X-Games ‘06 that took place in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Watch the Asian X-Games 2006 Photos
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ABSTRACT SQUAD, Philosophy and Video Edits

May 21st, 2006

I don’t know what is being unique for you, but some experts told me that it is being ABSTRACT.

Fore some reason I don’t like what main stream do, but I’m still in, I’m still in love with rolling, with feeling free. And there are some people who don’t care of what you say, people who love…

East coast presents the new wave underestimated underground…check ABSTRACT SQUAD. To you with love…

-Think different be abstract-

Recent Video Updates :
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- LEONOV 2 hours Kiev session
- Squad’s day
- stay cool (freestyleboarding)

Razors Aggressive Inline Skates Switzerland

May 21st, 2006

Razors Aggressive Inline Skates Switzerland
^ Yves Maurer, AO Top Acid. Photo : Patrick Studer, as featured on Razorskate.ch

Razorskate.ch is back. Check out some new pictures, informations about our Team Rider, find out where to buy the Skates & read detail Infos about the Razors Skates. Enjoy the new page.

Yves Maurer is the only Swiss Razor Team Rider ; it seems that Jona Messerli and Sandro Brun left the boat :/

Painting competition

The Razorskate.ch painting competition is back. Check it out and show us your talent. The best painting will be anounced at July 1st 2006. The rollingrock.ch Skateshop will offer a free Razors T-shirt for the winner. (CH only)

Check out the rollernews entry :

Rollernews Mutant Pinguins Entry
Be mercyfull, it’s a hell to draw with a mouse ! El.Julio entered too ;) check the entry 175 ! :)

VALO Team at Intuition : Photos

May 21st, 2006

VALO Team at Intuition

Jon Julio, Cosimo Tassone, Erik Bailey, and Sean Keane arrived at Intuition at about 1pm, after getting some In-N-Out burgers.We all chilled at the shop for a while. Cosimo was checking his email for love letters from his girlfriend back home in Swizterland.

Then we broke out to Washington Jr. High for some skating. If you have never been to Washington Jr. High, I am sure you have seen the spot in skate videos. It is the school with the two ramp rails in a row under a roof. Cosimo Tassone and Erik Bailey laced lines like nose candy addicts. JJ was running film for the next VALO DVD release.

Cosi took a fall directly to his shin, and we all thought he was done. But he still wanted to go skate the MONSTER ledge at CSUB. This ledge has only been done by a handful of people. Partly because it is so HUGE (30 stairs/flat/10 stairs), and partly because it is at a college and the bust factor is high.

We cleared the plant life off the ledge, waxed that beast, and Cosimo proceeded to back royale it. He tried back torque and backside unity, but then we were nicely asked to leave by a campus cop.

Watch the Photos

Xsjalomons, Xsjado / Salomon Concept

May 21st, 2006

Xsjalomons, Xsjado / Salomon Concept

Xsjalomons, Xsjado / Salomon Concept,
using a Salomon Vinny Minton 2 Boot.

Me and my mate were bored as poo one day when it was raining so we decided to make these…

Basically they are salomon skates with the top of the boot cut off, the cuff v cut and cut into the xsjado cuff shape, a tongue put on the buckle, a like velcro/metal thingy off sum crappy sk8s trapped underneath the frame for the instep thingy and sum random elastic for the toe strap.

this started off as just a joke, but now im sk8in em instead of my TRS alphas bcos theyre so good.

More details and photos in this topic. Thanks Hobo !

Norcal B-Day Barbecue Edit

May 21st, 2006

Norcal B-Day Barbecue Edit

Edit by Ivan Narez
Download : Norcal BBQ.mov | source

Fifty-50 8 wheel Core System frame in development

May 20th, 2006

Fifty50 8 wheel Core System frame in development

Thanks for submitting the survey.

As promised, here’s a few early drawings of the 8 wheel Core System frame in development. I’d say these are 80% complete, just a few more tweaks and we should be ready to prototype.

More pictures :
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Balkan Tour : Official Website. Photos + Videos

May 20th, 2006

Balkan Tour

What is the Balkan-Tour ?

It is a diverse team of international Inline-street, skaters promoting extreme sports in the Balkan.

The idea for The Balkan-Tour evolved from the lack of media presence for extreme sports in the Balkan Peninsula. Due to the overwhelming conflicts in the past, the countries enthusiasts couldn’t participate or follow the extreme sports industry. Presently we think it is a perfect opportunity to present these unique cities, the locals and extremists a media platform; a chance to introduce the extreme sports industry and its riders.

The purpose of the tour is to promote the sport through performances and inter-cultural exchange. Traveling from city to city with our Tour Bus and filming the performances on-site with a professional camera team to evoke a feel for the city and its inhabitants to our viewing audience.

Visit balkan-tour.eu
Thanks to Adrien Anne and Daniel Prell !

- Direct link to the photos here.
- Direct link to the videos : 2004 Video Edit | 2005 Video Edit.

Skaters :

Beni Huber, Beck Dominic, Samo Bajec, Bruno Loewe, Json Adriani, Laurent Calame, Warren Digne, Damir Rahmanovic, Dario Pivovarov, Tin Jelinek, Rene Gallo, David Lamka, Adrien Anne, Anthony Cusenza, Anthony Avella and Marie, Antonio Bisignano, Nicola Fiorenza, Mathias Silhan, Montet Etienne, Stephane Alfano, Kevin Quentin, Bonassi Mike, Radak Emanuel and Family, Rene Trebse, Mario Mlakar, Bogdan Kijanica, Dario Soller, Jon Matter, Jernej Kersmanc, Miroslav Citic, Philipp Hermann cam, Rasmus Kaessmann Photo, Jyri Pasanen Photo, Balazs S, Fabio Pierdominici, Darko Rajkovic, Philipp Ferluga, Andrija Rados, Jara Mrstny, Morgan Lang, Darko Rajkovic, Bajec Sebastjan

Asian X-Games ’06 : The Backstage Photo Collection.

May 20th, 2006

Ayumi Kawasaki / Chris Haffey royaling the rail he later Sav’d 270 back full torked.

I knew I was in for trouble as I sat on the couch in the corner of the hotel room, nursing my eigth Guiness talking shit with the Chinese rollers that didn’t speak any English. I spent most mornings tanking complimentary Red Bulls, most afternoons watching world-class rollerblading and most nights spanking married women, cheersing with the Hongkies, pouring Chris Fowlers per diem down my gullet, and finally stumbling in at 6am just as Chris ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ Haffey was brushing his teeth. Sorry Haffenshire.

The judges stand doubled as a perve podium, myself and Tom (Hyser by name but higher by nature) spent many an hour admiring the many varieties of sultry Asian female, the funnest part was guessing their age. Carl Hills ate nothing but potatoes and fried chicken. He wouldn’t even try the sweet ‘n sour dipping sauce at McDonalds. Masaaki Narita and I whiled away the lazy evenings taking English lessons courtesy of NHK television. I fell in love with Ayumi Kawasaki and Ayu, if you’re reading this, I’ll learn Japanese for you.

Soichiro earned his first place the spinny way, forcing Haffenshire to settle for second, with Thailand’s ‘Note’ in Third. But you already knew that (Full Results of the Asian X-Games 2006 here).

Eito waited till Takeshi fell before stealing his Gold, leaving Tomohiko to snatch the crums.

Huge ‘Hooowhats’ and ‘Okays’ must be screamed into the faces of Chris Fowler, Jason Hines Beans, Mike Wilson, Richie Sharpe and that girl Gill with the double eye-lid surgery. She wasn’t a local celebrity, I don’t care what she told you.

Enjoy the pictures.

Iain McLeod on RemZ ?

May 20th, 2006

After leaving Deshi, it seems that Iain is now riding some RemZ 0602 :

Iain McLeod

Discuss about it in the forums.Thanks craig farmer

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Hotwheels SKULL UFS Aggressive skates

May 20th, 2006

Hotwheels SKULL UFS Aggressive skates

As announced, on the 24th of November 2005, Hotwheels finally released his aggressive Skates ! It seems that the skates will be distributed by Powerslide.

Details of the Skates :

Boot :

Size adjustable Kids Aggressive Skate;
locking buckle; replaceable soulplates

Liner :

Locking Buckle;
adjustable & breathable liner;
arch wrap around system;
45° heel lock system

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Brad Bruce’s -Growth- Tour

May 19th, 2006

Brad Bruce -Growth- Tour

Brad Bruce’s “Growth” Tour is a 5 part tour taking place at various times and places throughout Michigan in April, May and June 2006 – with each portion of the tour lasting 4-6 days long. filming and shooting photos from Muskegon to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit, Michigan USA.

“Growth” is featuring: Justin Walker, Josh Jones, Joe Henderson, Chris Couture, Luis Meija, Mikey Blair, Gary Murphy, Steve Durasa, Marcus Lowery, a whole bunch of girls, cops and everyone I can’t think of right now.

More infos and photos here

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