Winterclash 2007 : Rollerenligne Edit

February 15th, 2007

winterclash 2007 : julien cudot
up : Julien Cudot, rocking the place…

Check this Winterclash 2007 : Rollerenligne Edit.

Download : winterclash_2007_trailer.avi (10 mb)
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winterclash 2007

How cool are you ? (Nestle)

February 15th, 2007

how cool are you

Check this How cool are you Website by Nestle, where you can send photos you took and win some prices. It seems 2 bladers made the top 10, vote for them, or better : send your entries !

Thanks Rando.

Winterclash 2007 : Maceproductions Edit

February 15th, 2007

Winterclash 2007 : Maceproductions Edit
Thanks to Mace.

Spotlight on Brian Konoske

February 15th, 2007

brian konoske brian shima
up : Brian Konoske / Brian Shima

Brian Konoske evolved from young rollerblader, to co-owner of Senate, and eventually found his stride as a ground-breaking photographer for the automotive industry.

His influence on skating is vast, but often unknown, so we set our friend Arlo Eisenberg out to let us all know a little more about the legend of BK…


Winterclash 2007 : Photo set

February 14th, 2007

winterclash 2007

Check this Winterclash 2007 : Photo set by Kenneth. Link

winterclash 2007

Roller Rapper

February 14th, 2007

roller rapper

The Roller Rapper is an artist who is on a mission to have fun making great music that is free of sex, drugs and violence.

The Roller Rapper will be traveling on roller skates across Route 66 starting from Chicago, IL and ending in Santa Monica Beach, CA.

Ifilm Movie |

The makers of the video must have been great fans of oldschool Rollerblade (the brand) movies…

roller rapper

Winterclash 2007 : Pro Qualifications Edit

February 14th, 2007

Winterclash 2007 : Pro Qualifications Edit featuring Chaz sands, Julian Bah, Ramelle Knight, Brian Aragon, Ivan Malvido, Momo Sylla, Mathieu Heineman, Dominic Wagner, Julien Cudot and more…

Thanks Kinder.

Pictures of the Week – 20070213 : Week 17

February 13th, 2007

skating pictures of the week

up : Picture of the Week : #1 – Tommm.

skating pictures of the week

up : Picture of the Week : #2 – Angelo Ferrer.

skating pictures of the week

up : Picture of the Week : #3 – UH44.

Larger versions of the top 3 photos are availiable here. You can check all the entries for the week 17 here.

Thanks to Daniel & 7x1sljma3dro.

Jon Jon Bolino : 2005 – 2006 Profile

February 13th, 2007

Jon Jon Bolino Profile from 2005-2006.

Filmed and edited by Steve Iacono, additional filming by Rickay Serrett.

Thanks to Harry & Tommm.

Razors Shima 7 : Video Review by Fred Castro

February 13th, 2007

Check this Razors Shima 7 Video Review made by Fred Castro (Razors AM Rider in Brasil). The video is in brazilian language and subtitled in english. Thanks to Rodrigo Mattos

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Skate Slider : Rollerblades into Snowlerblades

February 13th, 2007


No need to leave those rollerblades gathering dust all winter long, because now you can attach these Skate Slider short skis to your rollerblade boots.

“Snowlerblades” are making a comeback, and this German company is leading the way with these attachments that look like tons o’ fun.

Source. Thanks A_new_era | via Gizmodo

Maybe will we get some Aggressive UFS Ski adapter one day ;)


Note : this is a photoshop…

Winterclash 2007: photos, results, videos

February 13th, 2007

up : photo from Chteboof2crew

Results :

Mr. Alfano won the pro competition
Michi Leibner took the am competition
and Frieda Reisch took the girls competition.

source : be-mag

Photos :

Chteboof2crew took some nice shots at the winterclash 2007. Direct Link to the gallery

Thanks Boule

Stephane Alfano: Winterclash 2007 Winning Trick


Get Money: Gangstore Edit Deuce

February 12th, 2007

New SOL edit from Vancouver, BC, Canada. From the makers of “Cirque Duh SOL Eh?” and “Better Than Baseball”.

Thanks to Joey Mc

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