Fabio Enes – First Day With Xsjados

February 22nd, 2007

You can download the video in this topic.
Thanks to Jpjedi (Cpimag.com , m3tmla.com.br , powerslide.com.br)

Kizer Mathias Silhan Fluid Frames

February 22nd, 2007

kizer mathias silhan

First photo of the Kizer Mathias Silhan Fluid Frames. via theconference.

Omar Wysong by Jeff Linett, Part 2

February 21st, 2007

omar wysong by jeff linett

Omar Wysong by Jeff Linett, part 2. Check the part 1 here.

omar wysong by jeff linett

omar wysong by jeff linett

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Phoenix Frames

February 21st, 2007


According to the founder, this frame something new in the industry роллерблейдинга. As it has been declared, in it there is a technology of amortization of the loading, surpassing all the presented analogues in the market.

And all this in a combination to a new material (ПА 6, possesses high прочностными and эксплутационными properties, has low factor of friction in pair with any metals, and it in 6-7 times is easier some steel instead of which it is successfully applied).

More pictures and infos here | Thanks Mark!

Risc 2007 : Results & Edit

February 21st, 2007

Risc 2007 (France) Edit : filmed & edited by Gyom Chanaud.

Results :

  1. Mathias Silhan (Strasbourg)
  2. Sylvain Rigaud (Clermont Ferrand)
  3. Nicolas Auroux (Narbonne)

17 years old and less :

  1. Taylor Latouche
  2. Denis Gul


  1. Romain Godenaire
  2. Mathias Silhan
  3. Ilias koutchoukov

Thanks to Juju-power

This is how we roll : skating song by Iceman

February 20th, 2007


Check the Roll song by Iceman. A pretty cool song, dedicated to bladers ! It’s the rolling version of Lupe Fiascos song “kick push”.

Thanks to Hallofmirrors80 for mailling me.

To download the song, just listen to it on myspace, and click the download link under the title of the song.

Omar Wysong by Jeff Linett

February 20th, 2007

omar wysong by jeff linett

Omar Wysong by Jeff Linett.

omar wysong by jeff linett

Related News :

omar wysong by jeff linett

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1 day in ASPO of a Sayaka Tashiro (Japan)

February 20th, 2007

Ohayo Gosaimasu !

Photos by Tom McClelland

February 20th, 2007

photos by Tom McClelland
up : Switch True Miszou by Ian, St Pats, Newtownards.

Check these photos by Tom McClelland.
Rollerblading, gigs, everyday life!

photos by Tom McClelland
up : Himself, Royale to Royale. Belfast.

photos by Tom McClelland
up : Zelda – Topsoul Kink.

The Human Skateboard

February 20th, 2007

Another Twisted Film from PES | via Itsartmag

I couldn’t resist to post this video although it’s skateboarding. Enjoy!

Really original Xsjado skates review

February 19th, 2007

Xsjado skate review

Xsjado skate review of DL2’s. Done by GL-Joe with Matthias St John and southside crew.

The review is really creative : what you’ll get is stop-motion animations and great special effect. Really fresh !

60 Tricks – Inline Skate Mag supplement (1996) : Scans

February 19th, 2007

60 Tricks - Inline Skate Magazine supplement

Back in Malaysia’s rollerblading infancy – circa 1993-1994, there was but one magazine available – Inline Skate Magazine.

The mag covered the whole gamut of inline skating, from recreational, hockey, speed and of course aggressive. They used to cost RM13.50 per issue (ah, those were the days…) and arrived at newstands as dependable as clockwork.

In 1996, in view of the burgeoning Aggressive scene, they released “60 Tricks” a special (ie: thicker, more expensive) aggressive skating supplement featuring a glossary of 60 top rolling tricks of the day. […]

Check some scans of the magazine on Wl33

60 Tricks - Inline Skate Magazine supplement
up : Backslide by TJ Webber

Winterclash 2007 : 2 more edits

February 19th, 2007

up : stills from the Kal Crew Edit

Here are 2 edits of the Winterclash 2007. The first was filmed by the Kalcrew and edited by Tomez :

Download :
Winterclash07KalCrEwEditPrt1.wmv (55 mb)
right click / save as | Music : Jurassic 5 – Back 4 you

The second edit is another video by Rollerenligne :
Thanks to Alexandre Chartier for mailling me

Download : winterclash_2007_part1.avi (42 mb)
right click / save as

The first edit of Rollerenligne is availiable here. Check this section for all Winterclash 2007 related media.

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