Hedonskate: Not For Sissies Dvd, Intro + Kuba Olejarz

October 19th, 2010

Hedonskate: Not For Sissies

CanisLatrans Media & Hedonskate presents the Not for Sissies Dvd.

Starring: Kuba Olejarz, Mateusz Kowalski, Nils Jansons ; co-starring: Przemek Madej, Radoslaw Kojtych, Krystian Zarzeczny, Mats-Kaarel Ruus, Piotrek Combrzynski, Jirka Tomasek, Bartek Zgrzeblak, Almants Nedzveckis and more!


Kuba Olejarz Section

ONE: Issue 16 Online + PDF Download

October 19th, 2010

Check out the epic interview with Billy O’Neill, the 15 Minutes with B Hardin, the Hoedown and 2009 WRS Finals coverage (via One Mag).

one issue 16

Download: ONE_16_issuu.pdf

Philipp Preuss: Barcelona Edit by Peter Bender

October 18th, 2010

Philipp Preuss

Geezer Session (Old Man bbq): Edit by Beau Cottington

October 18th, 2010

Geezer Session, 3rd BBQ so far this year ; a little overcast but aside from a little drizzle it was a good day to skate. Food went off, good turnout, stoked.

old man bbq

Ripstyle Inline Team 2010: Edit

October 18th, 2010


We are the runners on the track, we are the ninjas of the street, we are the pilots of the racers, we are the prowlers of shadows, we are commanders of dance floors and dreams. Unified like the consciousness of Shaolin monks.

Featuring Alejoh Candelo, Duane Cardinez, Sean Cowen, Dave Jones, Colin Mcleod, Iain Mcleod, Winston Wardwell Anthony Williams & Omar Wysong. Sound by Uprite Lions.

Check the Video in HD | Ripstyle-brand.net.

Kaltik Stephen Swain Frames: Review by Sentinel

October 18th, 2010


I got the kaltik flat frame about two weeks ago and have skated it only a handful of times. The frame is one of my favorite to date.

The last flat frame I skated was the element and I hated it. I’ve skate anti since the 90s and i can count on my hands the number of times i tried flat.

The frame is really well designed its thick where it needs to be and thin where it can be. They did all the could do to keep the weight down with out sacrificing the durability of the frame.

Everyone has been talking about the groove so i’ll give some insight into that. its not high like some may think its a standard height, it looks tall due to the wheel wells. people keep saying the its going to wear down into the wheels an there right but it truly doesn’t effect any thing the wheels still roll fine.

On ledges you still catch form time to time but on rails they lock perfect and you don’t get any hang up. now the only problem i have with the frame is it comes in two sizes and the wheel base for the small is to small for any other boots bigger then a 6-7 besides maybe carbons. but overall the frame is great it slide pretty good not the fastest but defiantly not slow.

More Pictures of the Frames + Original Post.


The Haters (St Petersburg, Russia): Trailer

October 18th, 2010

Featuring Evgeniy Leonov, Egor Loginov, Boris Trizno, Valera Belogub & Mihail Ilin.


Solo Collective Tour 2010: Pictures + Edit

October 17th, 2010

Solo Collective Tour 2010

Video Edit by Greg Mizoyan ; Photos by Dominic Swagemakers.

Solo Collective Tour 2010

Check the Pictures in higher Resolution.

WRS World Finals 2010: Montre Livingston

October 16th, 2010

Montre Livingston

@ Rye Airfield. Filmed by Hakeem Jimoh & Gabe Holm ; Edited by Daniel Kinney.

Catching up with Matty Watky of USD TV

October 16th, 2010

Matty Watky

Matty Watky is working full time as a videographer in a number of huge projects despite his age. We thought it might be time to catch up with him and get a little insight into the video mind of this 20 year old from Hull, responsible for CTV and now USD TV.

Oli Benet: Matty Watky how old are you now and where are you living?

Matthew Watkinson: I’m 20, living in Hull were I was born and raised.

Oli Benet: How long have you been filming and editing rollerblading, and how long since you have been doing CTV?

Matthew Watkinson: I dont even remember has to be a good 7/8 years now. Dominic Sagona edit must of the been the first big CTV edit that was Nov 2008 (edit below). […]

Full Interview on Conference.

Dominic Sagona: 2008 Profile (Repost)

dominic sagona

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