Daniel Kinney : Video Portfolio

December 15th, 2006

daniel kinney

Check the portfolio of Daniel Kinney, the founder and organizer of the Bittercold Showdown (BCSD). Daniel is a video producer & director, here are some samples from his work :

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Alan Mak : Photos from Japan & China

December 15th, 2006


Check this photos by Alan Mak : park, street skating & various places in Japan and China.


Who is Gumby ?

December 15th, 2006

Who is Gumby (Michael Braud) ? Answer in Video!
Thanks to Juju-power (topic in french).

Chris Peel Portfolio

December 14th, 2006

brian shima
up : Daily Bread, Brian Shima Layout / 4×4 tee design

Check some artworks by Chris Peel. Featuring Daily Bread designs, logos creations for Ground Control, Daily Bread and more !

brian shima
up : Daily Bread, Brian Shima Layout

colin kelso
up : Daily Bread, Colin Kelso Layout

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No Limits : Vintage Skate Video

December 14th, 2006

No Limits : Vintage Skate Video

Here is No Limits, a vintage video from 1995-1996. Featuring Ray Mendez, Jon Ortiz, Calvin Sayles, Cesar Mora and a lot more. Don’t miss the shocking Jon Ortiz scorpion fall in the section 9 (fall of the year 1996).

Thanks to RollingC.

No Limits 01, Intro :

Ray Mendez
up : Ray Mendez

More Sections :
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Art by Peter Kogler

December 14th, 2006

Art by Peter Cogler
up : Skaterbahn, Osramgründe Wien, Stahlbeton, Betonanstrich, 1999, zus. mit Tanja Kogler-Rainer

Peter Kogler is an autrian artist who created this nice skatable piece of art in 1999. You can check more of his art on kogler.net.

Art by Peter Cogler

Art by Peter Cogler

Good news, Peter Cogler created another skatable piece of art in 2006, this time in Paris. Check this article’s extract from A Paris Magazine.

Peter Cogler, Paris

The module looks like a skatable world map.

Jeff Stockwell : Heat Edit

December 14th, 2006

jeff stockwell

Check out this amazing park edit of Jeff Stockwell, filmed and edited By Carl Sturgess for the Heat Website.

Download the video : Jeff Park Web.mov (Right click, save as, 82 mb)
Thanks to Azrider.

Video Offline.


S. Hamilton : Skating Photo Set

December 14th, 2006

S. Hamilton Skating Photos
up : Eddie Martinez

Check the S. Hamilton Skating Photo Set : Various skating shots around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Texas.

S. Hamilton Skating Photos
up : Manoj Doss, BS Royale 540 off / Eddie Martinez, shot on ilford 400 with pentax k1000.

Teenage Mutant Inline Skaters

December 13th, 2006

Here is a Swedish Rollerblading Documentary by Matts Barrett & Carl-Johan Sevedag, featuring almost the whole USD Swedish Team and Billy O’Neil. The talking is in swedish langage, but the skating really worth it even if you don’t understand what people are saying.

According to Shogo, who gave me the link, they are comparing inline skaters to gangsters running around. Haha, too bad that i don’t speak the langage, seems like a lot of fun.

Thanks Shogo !

Promoting Rollerblading in Schools

December 13th, 2006

Promoting Rollerblading at School

One of the best idea i saw recently : promoting Rollerblading in schools. This action took place in Poland.

On the 6th of December Santa in- line competition, organized by roller nursery WODZU took place in gymnasium number 8 in Rzeszów.

The aim of this sport event was to promote in-line skating in gymnasiums and primary schools! All competitors competed in 4 events: slalom, high jump and extreme ride (mini jump and rail)!

Read the Article on Inmag | via Conference

Promoting Rollerblading at School
Up : polish newspaper article.

School project: A short rollerblading documentary

December 13th, 2006

Adam of Iowa Connection posted a short rollerblading documentary.

Words and video by Josh Michalec

Last spring, during my last term for high school, I was assigned to make a documentary in my language arts class. I decided to talk to people around my area, Cedar Rapids. I filmed some for the documentary, although I had most of the skating clips before this video project was assigned.

I wanted to make something that was fun to watch for not only skaters but also for the other people in my class, and I feel that worked out well, judging by my classmates’ reactions. We showed our videos everyone in the course. Everyone really enjoyed my video and that made me feel pretty good about my work. At the time my video was shown, I noticed there were a lot of things I could have made better, so the positive feedback from everyone helped me out a bit.

After all the videos were shown they were sent to the Cedar Rapids Public Television film festival. My video was named best in show and I won $100.

Before you watch this, I just want you to know that I am aware that I have used songs from other videos. I felt the music choices did not really matter in this case, so I picked songs that I thought would go well with the edit.

Frated : DVD from North Germany + Denmark

December 13th, 2006


Basically, FRATED represents a regular rollerblading DVD, but behind this humble facade conceals an interesting background which makes it a unique project. The name FRATED can be translated as ‘made friends with’ and therefore perfectly describes what the whole project is about – namely bringing together rollerbladers from Denmark and North Germany. Throughout all summer skaters from both sides of the border were traveling to their neighboring country in order to meet, skate and subsequently to have a lot of fun together.

They were given the chance to combine their favorite thing to do with the possibility to see other cities, always accompanied by an HD camera recording the most amazing moments and of cause the most incredible skatesessions going down. All this would not have been possible without the great support of ‘Pool für Kultur- und Jugend (People to People) Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig’, an organisation supporting relationships between young people from Germany and Denmark. THANK YOU!

Check out the trailer and a nice gallery here.

Dominic Sagona : Interview

December 13th, 2006


Click on images to enlarge.

El Julio : Ok, what’s your full name, sponsors, where do you live and for how long have you been skating?

Dominic Sagona : My full name is Dominic Andrew Sagona and I ride for USD skates, Murder 1, Urethane, Vicious Bearings, England Clothings, Kizer Hardgoods, Sifika, john nicely, and sdsf skateshop.

Dominic Sagona : I’ve been skating for about 14 years now.

El Julio : Why did you start rollerblading?

Dominic Sagona : I dunno, seemed like a good idea at the time.

El Julio : Do you remember your first day skating?

Dominic Sagona : Yes. I was on quad skates.

El Julio : How does a normal Dom Sagona day look like?

Dominic Sagona : A real day or a sugar coated day?

El Julio: real

Dominic Sagona : hahahaha

El Julio: haha

Dominic Sagona : Well I roll out of couch around 1pm. Check emails for an hour or so, clean up around the house a bit. Burn. Shower, eat. Burn again. Take kemal (my dog) out to the bathroom. Then ill either work on tunes, or run some errands for a lot of the day. Today im going to go to guitar center, get some new headphones. Then ill come home, maybe go skating at night or something. Pick up a 12 afterwards, finish that while working on tunes and watching horror flicks.

Dominic Sagona : Pass out round 5, 6 am.

Dominic Sagona : then do it again


El Julio: Who do you skate with?
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