For The Love Documentary – Ranier Piramide

September 20th, 2006

Directed, shot and edited by Joel Buenavista, here is a documentary done for a class assignment.

The subject is Ranier Piramide, an ‘old’ gifted skater that you may already saw in some Dvds (Fruitbooter, Technical Difficulties).

Jeph Howard Interview

September 20th, 2006

jeff howard

Jeph Howard 21 years old
Valrico, FLORIDA / United States

1.Have You Ever Been In Europe?

No i want to go there super bad.

2.ledges or Rails ? what is better for you?

Im mad versitile. i love everything. today we skated a ditch to rail in jacksonville. it was mad sick.

3.Your Favourite SkateVideo ?

Murder 1 and b unique videos.

4.Your Favourite setup ?

All black razors with white frames maybe a little green on there.


USD Robert Lievanos Pro-Skates

September 19th, 2006

USD Robert Lievanos

When USD gave me the opportunity to design my own skate I was excited like anyone would be. This is my third Pro Skate, and I’m honored to have the experience to design my own skate.

I knew that this project would be a great experience for me because USD listens to the skaters. This skate is a new VII boot only. To begin the process of my design, I began brain storming and writing down some of my ideas. I knew that I wanted to use a similar material to snake skin since I have always liked the way snake skin looks on your feet. My ideas came together and I began to design.

I thought the design should be simple and clean. I didn’t want the skate to be too crazy in design because of the material I used. I decided to go with black and white, which are both my two favorite colors. After all of the designing, USD had some
samples to go over, we made some changes and now the skate is out.

I would like to thank USD for all their support in Rollerblading and for their support in myself. To all the Rollers out there, support the supporters.

usd robert lievanos


Equipped with the updated Psirus liner this skate comes stock with one of the best liners on the market, an extremely comfortable and uncomplicated liner with all the great features you should already know from the Psirus liners.


- strong and low cut cuff
- boot with reinforced toe area
- longlastig soulplate


- fast Soulplate with rough grind groove
- wide royale groove
- low cut soulplates with raised up grindlines for faster and smoother grinds

Technical Infos:

- Mounting: UFS
- groove width: 55mm
- Soulspace positive rear: 40mm
- Soulspace positive front: 40mm
- Soulspace negative rear: 34mm
- Soulspace negative front: 32mm
- Liner: relaunch Psirus

X-Battle 2006: Madrid, Burgos & Barcelona Media

September 19th, 2006

Yuri Botelho won the X-Battle Barcelona that took place on the 9th of September, you can watch his best trick below: 540truspin mizou to 270 top soul. Clip by Seventstyle. Thanks Juju-Power.

Check this photo set by Ruben Bellot of the X-Battle Barcelona (about 130 photos): Link. Thanks Foroxroll.

X-Battle Burgos, Edit

X-Battle Madrid 2006, Edit

Rollernews COW & POW (2006-09-19)

September 19th, 2006


The Rollernews Clip of the Week & Pic of the Week restarted recently, thanks to Azrider & Urban_assualt !


Congratulations to Tomm for winning the POW, Week 2 (photo above). You can check the top 4 here. The POW Week 3 just started, feel free to post your entries here.


Congratulations to Gadei Aron ! Rollertoad takes the second place and Cool_Guy_Mcgee is 3rd (check their clips here). You can watch all the entries in this topic.

Watch the COW top 3 online :
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Jacob Juul Pedersen – Back & Forth Profile (stream)

September 19th, 2006

jacob juul
up : Jacob Juul Pedersen

“Back and Forth” is a new Danish Inline Skate Movie. The Film draws inspiration from the skateboard movie “Strongest of the Strange” by Pontus Alv and everyday thinking.

The Movie is going to be completely free to download on the site, but nothing beats a real Dvd. If you live in Denmark, you can order your own copy of the Dvd from us through the Back and Forth website. The Dvd will feature bonus material (not downloadable on the site).

Directed by Ronni Skovmand.

Jacob Juul Pedersen Profile :

Trailer for the Back and Forth Dvd :

Download the trailer (wmv, 7mb)

Related News :
- Jacob Juul, Skating in Paris : Edit

Thumper Nagasako Photo Set

September 18th, 2006

Thumper Nagasako by Jeff Linett
up : Thumper Nagasako. Photo : Jeff Linett

Thumper Nagasako In-Line Skater.

Thumper Nagasako has made the leap from his solitary practice on an island in the Pacific (Hawaii) to competing in huge events such as the X-Games, Gravity Games and World Championships. His passion has taken him all over the US and all the way to Germany and England. Since he was 11 years old he wanted to become pro and once he started he never looked back.

His career hasn’t been easy. He has had many broken bones, torn ligaments, and the huge disadvantage he has had from training away from other pros to inspire him. Thumper Nagasako’s unrelenting tenacity brought him from grass roots to world renowned.

Discover the Thumper Nagasako Photo Set by Jeff Linett / 838 LA :
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Destroy the way : Video Retrospective & 2006 Flyer

September 18th, 2006

destroy the way

Destroy the way 2006 : Flyer + Infos

Here is the flyer for the 4th edition of the Destroy the Way Contest that will took place in Rennes (France) on the first of October. The organisers published a nice composited trailer to promote the event ; don’t miss the edits from the 3 previous issues of this contest!

Video Retrospective : 2005, 2004, 2003 Edits & 2006 Trailer :
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Rollerblade Team : POW & COW

September 18th, 2006

Sven Boekhorst
up : Sven Boekhorst, Alley opp top soul revert 360 out

Here is the Picture of the Week and the Clip of the Week by the Rollerblade Team. The clip is dedicated to Tom Lipani who got an accident :

Thomas LiPani was a passenger in a very bad car accident on 5/26/06…His life has been put on hold from participating in any previous sports he was envolved in..and most of all rollerblading…He is in heavy physical therapy which will be a long hard road back to recovory…Here is some old footage from before the car accident to keep you guys entertained…Thomas Would like to thank his family and friends for being very supportive..

Download the Tom Lipani clip : mp4 | mirror

In-Line Skate : Your Way To Fabulous Legs

September 18th, 2006

weight watchers

Well, if you started worrying about your weight, don’t give up skating, this is the perfect activity to handle your problems ;)

Heather’s love affair with in-line skating started innocently enough. An undergraduate at Queen’s University in Kingston during the mid-1990s, she was looking for a physical outlet that would help her slough off the stress of her studies.

“The in-line skating craze was just catching on then,” Heather recalled. “I was in a second-hand clothing store and saw a pair of beaten up plastic, pink and white skates that looked like they¹d been owned by a child and I bought them for $3.”

A year and a move to Montreal later and Heather was practicing moves on her skates that would eventually help her to shed 35 pounds* and streamline her body. “I had moved to Montreal to attend Concordia University. I’d get home, feed the cats, strap on my blades and go to an empty parking lot in my neighbourhood to practice twists and turns because I knew it would be good for my waistline. And I’d practice backing up because I knew that would be good for the gluteus muscles in my rear.”

Eventually, she began wearing the skates to run errands, a habit she maintains today. “I pack a pair of sandals in my backpack and skate to the ATM, supermarket and dry cleaners,” she said. “Slowly but surely, I’ve noticed my body toning up.”

In-line skating is the perfect activity to tone legs and buttocks, say fitness experts. And the good news is that it’s so much fun, it doesn’t even feel like exercise. [...]


Famus 2006 Wheels

September 18th, 2006

Here are the new wheels from Famus, the french wheel brand established in Marseille.

New Models :
- Classic team : 57mm 93a
- Bruno Lowe : 57mm 93a
- Mathias Silhan : 57mm 93a
- Kevin Quentin : 57mm 93a

Review : Able Series III Frames

September 17th, 2006

Able Series III Frames

When it comes to picking skates and parts for your skates there are so many options. Back when I started skating the only thing you could customize were your wheels, now days there is an infinite amount of different possibilities for a skate. You can change the colors, cuffs, liners, frames, and soul plates. It makes skating more appealing to people because they can have their setup be just how they want it.

The ability to customize your skates also makes people better at rollerblading. This is because certain people are comfortable with certain skate parts. The more comfortable you are in a skate set up the more likely you are to try some harder tricks. And since you can put almost any part on any skate, rollers are finding exactly what feels good for them.

Picking the right skate frames is a big deal. It can make or break a pair of rollerblades. You have a wide variety of frames to choose from, and they all have their own feel to them and they all skate a little bit differently. Ground Control, Kizer, Xsjado, Fifty-Fifty, and Able are a few of the most popular frames out there. I personally skated Xsjado frames for about a year. Once it was time to change frames I was not sure of what frame I should choose. [...]

Read the Review on RW by K. Steez and Captain Johnson

Able Series III Frames : vinny minton

up : Able Vinny Minton 3 White & Red Pro frames

Able Series III Team Frames

up : Able Team Series 3 Gray & Black frames

Photos above courtesy of Empire. You can check more infos about the Able Series III Frames here.

Gcustom : Rollerblading Artwork from Korea

September 17th, 2006

gcustom rollerblading artwork

Discover some rolling arwork by Ghost Custom, a gifted korean artist :

Artworks : Page 1 | Page 2

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