Award for brave rollerblading heroes in UK

October 5th, 2006

quoting Rob Robertson :

Heroic rollerblading teenagers from Kilmarnock, a plucky Edinburgh pensioner, a Glasgow shop owner, and an 11-year-old Clydebank schoolboy were among scores of people honoured yesterday by First Minister Jack McConnell for acts of bravery.

Police officers from all over Scotland gathered at Edinburgh Castle to pay tribute to the heroes who, in some cases, put their lives on the line to prevent crime.

Mr McConnell said: “Every year I am inspired by the bravery and courage of individuals across Scotland. When I hear how they have acted instinctively to tackle often dangerous criminals, I am proud of their decency and selflessness.

“They are ordinary people like you and me. They are various ages and they come from many different backgrounds but their bravery sets them apart. In the face of danger they showed real courage. This year’s heroes are a credit to themselves, their families, and their communities. We all owe them our thanks.” [...]

Other young heroes included Aaron Finn, 16, and Shaun Quinn, 17, from Kilmarnock who pursued a man armed with a knife who had robbed a woman.

Aaron said: “Along with our friends Martin Higgins and Graeme Strachan, we were rollerblading when we saw the woman being attacked. We sped towards her and I looked after her when my friends chased after the man on their rollerblades.
“He cut across some gardens and got away but we provided the police with a full account of the incident and I identified the culprit from a series of photographs.” [...]

Link (via Inlineplanet)

B.unique, Know Difference : Trailer

October 5th, 2006

KNOW DIFFERENCE documents a groundbreaking skate phenomenon, also known as freestyle rolling, which is exploding on the streets of NYC to the surburbs of California, to worldwide.

A film that sheds light on a revolutionary form of artistic expression that involves love, pain, fear, style, joy, and possibly death.. all on 8 wheels. A completely fresh portrayal of individuals who live this lifestyle, not to fit in, but to break boundaries in their culture and within themselves.

Download the trailer : wmv | mp4 (10 mb). More infos here
Thanks Matt

Video source : Believe in One (check the the premiere issue of ONE for an exclusive interview with the Brown Brothers!

The Meantime by Brandon Negrete: Trailer I

October 5th, 2006

The meantime, directed by Brandon Negrete.

Starring Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Sean Santamaria, Chase Rushing, Michael Collins, Mike Lilly, Dan Leifeld, Kc Roche and Pat Doherty.

Distributed by Rat Tail distribution, inc.

Kizer Element Frames

October 4th, 2006

Kizer Element Frames

Kizer has always been known as a company that innovates like no other. Since day one Kizer has produced frames that have been industry leaders in terms of materials, design and performance. We are the first to admit that not every single product has turned out perfectly, but we have always learned from our mistakes and now we have the biggest and best line of frames available on the market, from the Fluid, Type M and machined UHMW frames, right through to the suspension frames.

Some of you may also know of the Armor tech frame, which wasn’t as successful as our other releases, but certainly provided us with many great ideas for the future. When we designed the Armor tech frame, Kizer had intended to use Aluminium for the block, but due to engineering restrictions and rising costs, it was after the first samples that we decided to use a special plastic for the inner core of the Armor tech frame. This frame led on to many great new frame concepts including additional sidewalls, extra blocks, and specialised inner cores.

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Soichiro Kanashima : Soul to 360Soul to 360Soul

October 4th, 2006

Here is a clip of Soichiro Kanashima. His name may sound familiar, he is the skater that beat Chris Haffey at the Asian X-games. (Thanks Kymseen).

Download the clip

Tank Theory Clothing

October 4th, 2006

Tank Theory Clothing

Quality or quantity ? You can have both : Tank Theory Clothing released 25 t-shirt designs and they are pretty nice! Well i’m expecting to win the next lottery to get them all. My fingers are crossed! Thanks Satan. (Note : Satan is a RN forum user, i’m not into black celebrations).

More designs :
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Destroy all girls !

October 4th, 2006

Senate (Arlo Eisenberg as Marketing Director and Mark Heineken as President) produced some t-shirt with a strange sentence in the back of their label : “destroy all girls”, it seems that their marketing strategy caught the attention of the television back in 1996.

xGreenxCloverx of Be-mag posted the video that were broadcasted 10 years ago!

quoting xGreenxCloverx :

In 1996, the legendary rollerblading clothing / wheel / frame / hardware / backpack / everything company -SENATE- devised a genius slogan to help market their products as well as rollerblading in general.

Not only did SENATE ruffle a few feathers with the slogan, but it also got a 2 minute spotlight on prime-time news programs! After the news segment, watch SENATE’s marketing director, Arlo Eisenberg, as he makes ammends…

Jeff Dalnas (new Skatepile pro): kink rail master!

October 3rd, 2006

Quoting Gabe Holm : (thanks for mailing me!)

I’ve known Jeff for about 6 years now and he’s always been cocky but it’s all in good fun cause he always backs it up. Jeff loves rollerblading and is dedicated to it. He’s known for lacing big drop kinks and this past weekend he drove up 4 hours from Rhode Island to visit me in Vermont where I’m going to college and for another attempt at gnarr drop off kink in Burlington VT. B-Town is the hub of east coast snowboarding; the home of Burton many pro snowboarders and skiers come through to ride street in the city. Jeff Anderson one of snowboarding’s most progressive rail riders (R.I.P.) f/s boarded the bottom half of this kink rail that’s located on the waterfront and the picture was in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine.

As soon as I showed Dalnas the rail for the first time he wanted it. A little over a month ago on the way to the Montreal Classic with some skaters from Boston Jeff stopped to attempt it. He came very close after committing on his first attempt and knew he could do it. On his second attempt he wasn’t so lucky and flew off the rail flipping onto the stairs. His arm got caught in the between the stairs and it has been hurting him since.

Jeff was said he was loosing sleep over it and had to come back to lace. After a few run ups to get his adrenaline going he stayed on it the whole way down but slipped out at the end slamming hard and almost bashing his face on the ground. This didn’t phase him however.

Jeffery eats kink rails for breakfast. This was one of the hardest kinks to land that he’s done, he said and this time he ate it for dinner. Although this is one of his biggest hammers I don’t see him getting full anytime soon. Skating tastes too good and he loves it way too much to stop skating anytime soon. Jeff has been skating for 11 years now, he grew up skating with some of the best in Rhode Island, just made the Skatepile Pro Team, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. Big things for Jeff Dalnas in 2007!

Check a photo set of Jeff Dalnas skating this huge kink rail.

Skatehall in Switzerland

October 3rd, 2006

Skatehall in Switzerland

quoting Starscream :

After a long time of planning, talking and just waiting for important decisions, i can proudly announce a new Skatehall where finally rollerbladers have something to say !

The Project is supported by the youth parliament, the SwissRoll association and Fourproductions.

Government stands with us but they want us to get the Money by ourselves. We already have 128’000 but we still need another 122’000.- (Swissfrancs).

So, if anyone knows a Sponsor or Wants to support us : visit or

Check the dedicated topic on the forums

swiss skatehall

Don’t mess with french skaters !

October 3rd, 2006

fight rollerbladers vs thugs

The scene takes place at the Destroy the way contest in France (Rennes) on the 1st of October.

Some thugs were throwing chestnuts at the bladers skating and at people watching the comp for about 40 minutes, when Walter, the speaker just told them to stop. Apparently the thugs were huge fans of Martin Scorsese : they decided to handle it the ‘hardcore’ way and get down to the speaker : “you’re talking to me” (you need to pronounce this the ‘taxi driver’ way).

Walter was dressed as a fruitbooter for the fun of it (shiny grey coat with a bordeaux leather trouser), and apparently the guy thought that he was an easy target (look at the picture above, it’s easy to see their weight difference). Big mistake for ‘Mr I attack only people who are half my weight’, because walter reacted with a huge 3 combo in his face, the poor dude lost 3 teeth.

Video of the fight :

Thanks Raideman !

Destroy the Wesh : french play on word with Destroy the Way which is the name of the contest and Wesh which is a slang name for thugs (similar to chavs in english).

You can see some photos of the contest and some clips here (via Nicolas Desprets Blog). There is a nice video retrospective of the contest here (featuring videos for the 4 last years). relaunch

October 3rd, 2006

Check out the website of the german photographer Mike B. who used to the team-photographer for the XWD Skateshop.

On his website you can find pictures of the following categories:

- Sport
- Lifestyle
- Other

Meantime Dvd, by Brandon Negrete : Preview #2

October 2nd, 2006

After Noir, Forever Now and Road to nowhere, here is the preview of Meantime, the new Dvd of Brandon Negrete.

Meantime in Technicolor.

Macadam Macadam

October 2nd, 2006

Macadam Macadam de Blanca LI
Photo : Philippe Cibille

Macadam Macadam is a french dance show featuring 2 rollerbladers (Lamin Fathi, Mohammed Sylla), 8 dancers (Amin Benassa, Malika Benjelloun, Andrea Bescond, Igor Caruge, Karlos Da Silva, Ahmed Karetti, François Lamargot, Espérance Miézi) and one biker (Alex Jumelin).

Blanca Li, a spanish choreographer used a mix of hiphop, breakdance, contemporary dance and extreme urban sports to create an interesting entertaining dancing spectacle.

Watch a sample of the show :
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