Gap (France): FASU 2010 Contest, Video Edit

August 5th, 2010

Stephane Alfano, Roman Abrate, Adrien Anne


  1. Roman Abrate
  2. Stephane Alfano
  3. Adrien Anne

Hedonskate: Sweden go GREEN tour (Part 1)

August 5th, 2010

Hedonskate: Sweden go GREEN tour

Hedonskate: Sweden go GREEN tour

Nimh @ Woodward West: Jason Reyna Edit

August 5th, 2010

The NIMH Team once again braved the heat and put their livers at risk spending a week at Woodward West.

Joey Chase, Montre Livingston, Matty Schrock, Jeremy Spira, and Brian Shima skated daily with Jason Reyna behind the camera to capture it all.

Nimh @ Woodward West

More Woodward / Nimh Pictures on

Havok: Summer, Back 2 School Line

August 5th, 2010


The Havok Back 2 School line is out and available in shops in the US.


Erik Bailey & Erik Bill: Frenchy Fries Park Edit

August 5th, 2010

Erik Bailey & Erik Bill skating a few parks around Boise, ID. Guest appearances by Ross Kuhn & Cameron Talbott.

Erik Bill got hurt before the sweet skatepark.

Erik Bailey & Erik Bill ndn

Video Offline.

Frenchy Fries: Erik Bill Article

quoting Erik Bill:

My involvement with video is another classic situation, really. I started with a big old VHS-C camera and became obsessed with trying to capture the way a session felt.

I noticed as time progressed that just having the camera around was pushing my friends and me to learn things that we may not have tried without it. Obviously that’s continued and having the camera at hand is more important than ever !

I use a Canon XH-A1. My roommate recently picked one up as well and he’s learning the ropes quickly and shooting some second angles. In the past I’ve made all the typical moves with the little handycams and VX’s and all that. […]

I skate with a mix of lifelong friends and people that I grew up admiring. Erik Bailey lives about 5 minutes from me and we skate just about everyday when he’s home.

Obviously, he’s easy to work with. I skate with everyone involved in the NDN edits. Even when we aren’t skating, the homies are usually together having fun one way or another. It’s great. There’s also a lot of buds that come to town every chance they get. […]

Read the Full Erik Bill Frenchy Fries Article.


Valo: Summer Line

August 5th, 2010


Valo: Summer Line. Link


Woodward West: Edit 2 by Juan Mosqueda (IW)

August 4th, 2010



Dayshapes by Erik Bill: Trailer 1

August 4th, 2010

The NDN presents ‘Dayshapes’, A film by Erik Bill.
Track: Spindrift – Girlz Booze & Guns.



Germany: Real Street Essen, Miniramp Masters Bremen

August 4th, 2010

Real Street Essen 2010

daniel prell

Miniramp Masters Bremen, Rock the Garden

Miniramp Masters Bremen

Real Street Essen 2010 Results

1. Daniel Prell
2. Eugen Enin
3. Timmy van Rixtel

Miniramp Masters Bremen Results

1. Dominik Wagner
2. Sascha Winters
3. Jo Zenk

Kevin Dowling: Olympus Your Story, Entry (2010)

August 3rd, 2010

Kevin Dowling: Olympus Your Story, Entry

quoting Kevin Dowling:

This is my final submission for the Olympus Your Story Challenge. I hope you enjoy this, we put our entire lives into it. Extended (full) version up later this evening.

robert guerrero: Olympus Your Story

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