Skating Photos by Afred

January 13th, 2007

skating photo
up : Ruben, ripping a top soul in Buckley, WA. Photo : Afred.

Afred posted some of his great shots in the Rollernews Flickr Group. The render of the images is really nice, here is how Afred proceeded :

For the colors, I converted to black and white then messed with the color channels. Once i was happy, i then took the original color image, and placed it over on a new layer, and set the transparency down to around 60% or so. This is all from memory, so i’m not positive.

Check the Afred Skating Photo Set

Oli Benet : Dystopian Pleasures Profile (2003/2004)

January 13th, 2007

oli benet
up : Oli Benet. Photo Keneth Dedeu.

Oli Benet : Dystopian Pleasures Profile (2003/2004). Link
Thanks to Juju-power

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Skates & Computer Setups of Rollernews Users

January 13th, 2007

pc and skates setups

Laptops, gaming setups, wide tv screen displays, here are computer setups of Rollernews Users along with their skates setup !

Check this photo set on flickr featuring photos of skates and PC setups from RN users. The concept was inspired by Bald_gye and Wascak.

If you want to contribute with a photo, you can post it in this topic, i update the set regularly.

pc and skates setups

Kenth Ulvedal (19, Sweden): Profile

January 12th, 2007

This edit includes all the clips from the Gymnastic with plastic Dvd plus unused footage.

Kenth Ulvedal is 19 years old and lives in Stockholm. He is sponsored by Grindhouse.

Songs : NFL Beat ; Song 2: Young Buck ft. lil scrappy – Money in the bank.
Thanks Swexican & Shogo!

Southern California Edit & Brandon Smith Photos

January 12th, 2007

Brandon Smith posted a nice Southern California Edit.

Direct Link : socal trip (14 mb)
Thanks to Ivan Narez & Brandon Smith

jeff stockwell
up : Jeff Stockwell and Doug Uurquhart, working on Barely Dead

Don’t miss the photo galleries that were posted recently :

hyphy premiere
up : Hyphy 3 premiere, featuring Ivan Narez and his fancy Setup

Be-Mag Issue 22 : Cover & Content

January 12th, 2007

be-mag issue 22

Be-Mag Issue 22 featuring a cover of Alex Broskow (photo taken in Japan).

Content :

Imyta Amsterdam 2006: Edits

January 12th, 2007

Ukskate Edit

Featuring Erik Bailey, Chris Haffey, Chaz Sands, Nick Lomax, Benny Harmanus, Brian Shima, Murda Johnson, Dre Powell, Brent Hicks, Billy O’Neil, Al Hooi, Tyrone Ballantine, Ady Wallace, Sean Escott and more.

Edit by Andy Welsh

Genre Chris Cheshire 3 (57mm 90a)

January 12th, 2007

Genre Chris Cheshire 3 wheels

Via knowrollerblading

winterclash 07 : trailer

January 12th, 2007

Check out this trailer for the Winterclash 2007 which is going to be hold in Muehlhausen (Germany) on February the 9th, 10th and 11th.

Via Ucon. Thanks Jojo Jacobi & Joe.

You are here : Team & Artworks

January 12th, 2007

you are here wheels

You are Here 2007 Team :

Artworks by Sandoria.

Read the rest of this entry »

Hedonskate Team, rocking the Essen Skatepark

January 11th, 2007

Here is a video edit of the Hedonskate team, skating at the Essen Skatefactory skatepark in 2006.

Starring Karakan, Yoghurt, Adam Zurawiecki and Piotrek.

The Skate factory in Essen is the skatepark which got famous with the BEAT THAT concept, started by Brian Aragon. Brian Aragon just launched crazy tricks and wrote them on the wood curb, challenging anyone to match or beat the tricks.

Chris Haffey and various skaters played the game (video of Chris Haffey here), which is over now : the skatepark was unmounted unfortunately. The modules were sold for 100 euros on ebay (not including the unmounting and shipping of course).

Skating Robot : 3d Renders

January 11th, 2007

3d skating robot

Here are some really nice 3d renders of a robot, skating some hybrid Xsjado skates. Link

Artworks by Vdovin Valeriy from Russia.

3d skating robot

3d skating robot

Oli Benet: Rollernews Interview

January 11th, 2007

oli benet

[Skater_punk] Ok, what’s your full name, sponsors, where do you live and for how long have you been skating?

[Oli Benet] My name is Oriol Benet Powell, but more known and preferably so as Oli Benet. I live just outside Barcelona City, Spain.

I am on the Deshi and Undercover team, but I guess you could say im on The Conference team because I get to test out various products from all the brands, especially when a prototype needs testing etc.

I started skating when I was 8, but my first true agressive skates were bought back in 1997, when I saw agressive skating for the first time at Battersea park on the Red Bull Vert. [...]

Check the Oli Benet: Rollernews Interview by Skater_punk
with photos from Kenneth Dedeu, Vincent Desailly and Guille.

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