Next in Line: Montage feat Vinny Minton, Black Mike

July 18th, 2010

Featuring Vinny Minton, Black Mike, Kirk Chiang, Kyle Gallagher, Ivan Narez, Tyler Reidy, Patrick Witt and a lot more!

next in line

More Sections of the Next in Line Dvd.

Realstreet Stuttgart: City Life Edit & Pics

July 18th, 2010

daniel prell

Visit | Photos of the Event.

A Day in Our Lives: Episode 8, Teaser

July 18th, 2010

3 Amazing Days staring Eric Miller, Beat Schillmeier / Claudio Bohli, Stain Bond.

a chosen few

South of France – XIV, le sud: Edit

July 18th, 2010

This edit is full of memories. From 2005 to 2009, these tricks are the result of a lot of good times spent with something we can call a family, on the France’s roads.

At the beginning, some of these tricks were supposed to be caught and forgotten on an old hard-disk before the crash of this one.

But sometime, someone collects everything and wait a few years before using it. At the end? It’s about some “oh yeah I forgot this! and this! Damn it was so sick!”. Thank you Galak.

Cet edit est plein de souvenirs. De 2005 à 2009, ces tricks sont le resultat d’un lot de bons moments passes avec ce que l’on pourrait appeller une famille, sur les routes de France.

Au debut, certains de ces tricks etaient censes etre filmes puis oublies sur un vieux disque-dur avant le crash de ce dernier.

Mais des fois, quelqu’un collecte tout au fur et à mesure et attend quelques années avant de tout recycler. A la fin? C’est à base de “oh yeah j’avais oublie ça! et ça!”. Merci Galak.

south of france

Video Offline.

Featuring Gino DANGER, Guillaume CHABOUD, Alexandre Galak GALANAKIS, Charles FEVRET, Valentin TUIL, Aurelien la mouette BERA, Guillaume LEGENTIL, Victor LEGRAND, Umberto TOSSELI & guests.

Spots: lieux: Marseille, Aix en provence, St martin de crau, Fontvielle, Nimes, Bordeaux, St Etienne.

Filmed By le XIV ; Edited By: Alexandre Galanakis.

Thanks Clement.

Landway USA: WS-9800 In-Line Skate + Customizer

July 18th, 2010

landway skates

Check the WS-9800 In-Line Skate + Customizer here:
Update: the link may not be safe to browse (malicious script spotted?), copy / paste at your own risks.

A bit buggy under Firefox. Thanks Papa.

Lausanne Street, Bowl Contest 2010: Promo Edit

July 17th, 2010

high in the park

Fenfanix team rider Diego Luppi promoting the Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Tm Juke – Get It Together.


Spokane Street Jam 2010 (WA): Edits

July 17th, 2010

spokane street jam

Razors Podcast by Bander Saleh

Graeme Wilson Edit

Filmed on a Canon GL2 by Gunn Wilson and Graeme Wilson ; edited by Graeme Wilson.

Music: Lyrics Born – Hello (Remix) ; People Under the Stairs – Big Daddy Brown.


1st: Andy Johnson
2nd: Jeremy Townsend
3rd: Ray Israel
4th: Kevin Craig

Inaki Estrada Pro-model

July 17th, 2010

Sold around 100 euros for the setup & 20 euros for the wheels.

Inaki Estrada Pro-model

Inaki Estrada Pro-model

Inaki Estrada Pro-model

More Photos of the Inaki Estrada Pro-model on Magma.


AIL: Intuition Best Trick (July 2010) @ Woodward West

July 17th, 2010


Amateur Inline League July 10th, 2010 @ Woodward West.

Filmed by Daniel Scarano and Tanner Madix ; Edited by Daniel Scarano.

Thanks Anonymous.

Mural by Arlo Eisenberg @ Woodward West

Mural by Arlo Eisenberg @ Woodward West

quoting Arlo Eisenberg:

Last week I painted a mural for the “Art Park” at Woodward West.

Woodward West is part of the Woodward family of skateparks that are known the world over for providing the best, most state-of-the-art training facilities for action sport athletes and gymnasts.

Woodward almost single-handedly revolutionized action sports, and certainly helped to make them ready for prime-time, by introducing training techniques familiar to gymnasts, but previously unknown to action sports.

Foam pits and resi-pads opened up a whole new world of acrobatic tricks to skateboarders, rollerbladers and bmxers that, before Woodward, would have been too dangerous to attempt. […]

Check the full mural making of on GOST.


Vicious & Ground Control European Line

July 17th, 2010


ground control

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