Photo Set from Japan

September 23rd, 2006

Nice photos from Japan in places like Osaka, Tokyo, Okayama and Aspo. Featuring talented skater like Chiaki Ito, Yasutaka Asakura, Shinpei Kimura and more!

USD Throne Dominic Sagona

September 22nd, 2006

The new Sagona UFS Throne comes in nice white colour with also new KIZER Fluid Sagona Pro frame. The Cuff is reworked, so its smaller and its easier to lock in grinds.

The most important thing of this skate is the all new SIFIKA SL 714 liner. The Sifika SL 714 is the first and only liner with an inflatable custom fit system (ICFS) “pump“, meaning you get the perfect custom fit time after time. The ICFS system provides a secure ankle lock, more control and maximum comfort, resulting in an improved skating performance.

On this skate you roll on M1 Sagona Pro wheels in 56mm / 89 A and ABEC 5 bearings.

Availiable end of october.

Thanks el.julio

More details about the skate parts :

kizer dominic sagona frame

up : Kizer Dominic Sagona, as seen at the Ispo 2006.

Sifika SL-714 Liner

up : Sifika SL-714 Liner, check the press release here.

One Issue #1 Released : First chapter in PDF

September 22nd, 2006

One Issue 1

One Magazine will soon be distributed in your shops, so don’t miss it ! The One Team decided to release on the net the first chapter of their first Issue (the mag contains 4 chapters), you can download it here (40mb). This is a good initiative although the first chapter is mostly filled with ads.

ONE magazine is about to take to the skies to wreck shop on everything you thought you knew about rollerblading media.

And while we wait for the fine individuals charged with inserting our beloved magazine into your precious hands, we deliver unto the electronic world the first of four chapters of ONE Issue #1 as downloadable PDFs for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Come inside the world of ONE. Meet our friends, see what’s waiting for you when you get the mag in your mitts, read some articles and leave a comment.

Thanks for coming by to check us out.

Update: Chapters 1234.

72 Hours in Barcelona

September 22nd, 2006

Here is a Grindhouse edit of their team’s trip in Barcelona, the video features Martin Danardi, Daniel Prell, Andre Lepzsy, Gagi Wagenblast, Cameron Card, Ian Mc Leod, and Colin Kelso. You can download it here. Thanks Daniel.

Artysm, new hoodies – featured on High Snobiety

September 22nd, 2006

artysm clothing

Artysm was featured on High Snobiety one more time. It seems that Artysm really pleases worldwide fashion victims. So if you like original clothes and have a huge bank account, take a look at the Artysm 2006 Clothing Line (the two hoodies featured on this post are about 170 euros).

Artysm from Paris, is definitely one of the most innovative brands that I know.

Their entire collection is cut & sew. They have t-shirts with hoodie pockets, t-shirts with hood, crewnecks with 4 sleeves and all kinds of other crazy stuff. I have never seen as complicated cut&sew, when it comes to in principle simple pieces such as t-shirt, hoodies and crewnecks. Very impressive.

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JC Rowe : Remz Setup

September 21st, 2006

JC Rowe : Remz Setup

Skater_punk99 posted this pic of a strange Remz Setup, which seems to be Jc Rowe’s. So are those skates prototypes, customs ? You decide! But they look really nice, with a color sheme really close to the Razor Murda 3.

PinTv Episode 9

September 21st, 2006

Pin Tv 9, Content :

The Game: North vs. South Germany
Chris Weber and the southern boys vs. Mr. Dominik Wagner and his northern army.

Ignition Soap Opera
Are you ready for the first inline soap opera ever? See what it is like to be a skateshops trainee.

Grindhouse Trickguide
Andre Lepszy shows how to do different Acid and Torquesoul variations.

Download the Video here

Able Frames, Gen 3 : Tory Treseder & Jeremy Morris

September 21st, 2006

Able Frames, Gen 3 Tory Treseder

Up : Able Frames, Gen 3 Tory Treseder

* Pre-Grooved H-Block: Wider, Quicker Break-in
* Reduced Angled Edges – lighter weight
* Less Friction – faster soul/topside tricks, secure lock
* 8MM Hardware
* Fits up to 62MM Wheels

Able Frames, Gen 3 Jeremy Morris :
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September 21st, 2006

power tv

quoting Jpjedi :

Hi everyone!!! This is a 10minute video made here in Brazil to introduce our company and our team members for everyone.

Features a small intro in our office, and gooooood skating from our athletes at a champ we went together as a team for the first time.

This video will be broadcasted in Brasil (ESPN) and here is an english subtitled version. The video / editing was done by Rodrigo Lagoa.

powertv, brasil

Download : powertv1.wmv | mirror (65 mb)

Watch the video online :
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Opus Dvd Trailer

September 20th, 2006

Infos update :

The Dvd will feature profiles on Dan Dickerson, Jeremy Spira, Tony Rivituso, and the Santee crew ( Damian Wilson, Nick wood, Jimmy Ormsby, Robby Whitcomb and Lyke Shivak). Buy It! Sorry no Brian Aragon section but there will be alot of footage of him, so check it out. A Video you wont want to miss.

Availiable before december 2006. (Thanks Jeremy for the infos & Qkenys for the link!).

For The Love Documentary – Ranier Piramide

September 20th, 2006

Directed, shot and edited by Joel Buenavista, here is a documentary done for a class assignment.

The subject is Ranier Piramide, an ‘old’ gifted skater that you may already saw in some Dvds (Fruitbooter, Technical Difficulties).

Jeph Howard Interview

September 20th, 2006

jeff howard

Jeph Howard 21 years old
Valrico, FLORIDA / United States

1.Have You Ever Been In Europe?

No i want to go there super bad.

2.ledges or Rails ? what is better for you?

Im mad versitile. i love everything. today we skated a ditch to rail in jacksonville. it was mad sick.

3.Your Favourite SkateVideo ?

Murder 1 and b unique videos.

4.Your Favourite setup ?

All black razors with white frames maybe a little green on there.


USD Robert Lievanos Pro-Skates

September 19th, 2006

USD Robert Lievanos

When USD gave me the opportunity to design my own skate I was excited like anyone would be. This is my third Pro Skate, and I’m honored to have the experience to design my own skate.

I knew that this project would be a great experience for me because USD listens to the skaters. This skate is a new VII boot only. To begin the process of my design, I began brain storming and writing down some of my ideas. I knew that I wanted to use a similar material to snake skin since I have always liked the way snake skin looks on your feet. My ideas came together and I began to design.

I thought the design should be simple and clean. I didn’t want the skate to be too crazy in design because of the material I used. I decided to go with black and white, which are both my two favorite colors. After all of the designing, USD had some
samples to go over, we made some changes and now the skate is out.

I would like to thank USD for all their support in Rollerblading and for their support in myself. To all the Rollers out there, support the supporters.

usd robert lievanos


Equipped with the updated Psirus liner this skate comes stock with one of the best liners on the market, an extremely comfortable and uncomplicated liner with all the great features you should already know from the Psirus liners.


- strong and low cut cuff
- boot with reinforced toe area
- longlastig soulplate


- fast Soulplate with rough grind groove
- wide royale groove
- low cut soulplates with raised up grindlines for faster and smoother grinds

Technical Infos:

- Mounting: UFS
- groove width: 55mm
- Soulspace positive rear: 40mm
- Soulspace positive front: 40mm
- Soulspace negative rear: 34mm
- Soulspace negative front: 32mm
- Liner: relaunch Psirus

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