Oli Benet: Stimorol Shift Ad in Switzerland

Check this printed Stimorol Shift Ad (via).

The concept is simple. The skater’s colours change to match with the flavour of the gum as he skates around the city, in and out of traffic, down rails and gaps.

Note the different skates on each foot, red = street setup ; blue = ice skating setup.

oli benet

Can’t wait to see the final video too. Feel Free to post photos if you see the ad near you ;)


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  • n.s

    saw the commercial on TV in switzerland! sick shit oli!!

  • rol246.9

    chewing gum saved rollerblading.

  • http://www.stickitinherbutt.com 12 year old British kid

    stimorol used to “sponsor” rb riders back in the day.
    i guess we’re good enough again.
    nonetheless, this is cool, just don’t try to sellout too hard.

  • http://www.stickitinherbutt.com 12 year old British kid
  • keep kiliing

    HAHHA ON TV WOW AMAZING WORK OLLIE BENNETT AND EVERYONE IN PRODUCTION! im goin out now to buy like 40 packs of that gum to hook up my friends i guess advertising works

  • james p.

    this is dope. thats so wassup