NYC Street Invitational 2013 Qualifiers

NYC Street Invitational 2013

Saturday September 14th 2013 Skaters from NY/NJ and from all around competed for 10 spots in the NYC Invitational going on in Williamsburg September 21.

The Top 10 Qualifiers are Joey Lunger, Chouncey Jenkins, Tayor Kobryn, Trevor Johnson, Ryan, Phil Weaver, James Perez, Tommy Leong, Hector Tato, Anthony Chen.

NYC Invitational Qualifier: Photo Gallery by Sam DeAngelis.

What was supposed to be a skatepark competition turned into an all day street comp reminiscent of the old days of New York City.

Competitors traveled from place to place, stopping walking traffic at each location, to compete for 10 lucky spots to gain entry into this year’s NYC Invitational. Link

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12 Responses to “NYC Street Invitational 2013 Qualifiers”

  1. christmas Says:


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  2. 33 and Still Rolling Says:

    Good ol bit of D&B :D

  3. DEIBC Says:

    Bad Company no way!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That tune brings back memories! EIB. Maybe USA only just discovered drum n bass 10 years late haha.

  5. Alejandro Velez Says:

    Nice!! yeah Tato!

  6. devianttx Says:

    the nine lol. nice one.

  7. Dax Says:

    lol Im a NY junglist since day one. I felt like bringing some classic DNB to a ol school street sesh. check all my vids they all rock DNB and check my page

  8. gsauce Says:

    trevor johnson and joey lunger for pro

  9. Ranter 9000 Says:

    Stoked for Sat :) Can’t wait to see some of the edits.

  10. who the f are these guys Says:

    who the fuck are these qualifiers? If Abrate and CJ and Nils don’t finish 1, 2 3 then its fixed.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah fuck the euros ny is where talent is and always will be

  12. Anonymous Says:

    what the fu ck was that?! its s hit sorry -.-