NL Contest 2010: Roller Finals (AM + Pro) + Pics

Roller Final (AM + Pro), Day 2 ; edit by Strastv. Check some pictures of the comp by Celim Hassani.

nouvelle ligne contest



1. Aragon Brian
2. Wellsmore CJ
3. Romain Godenaire


1. Guillaud Diego
2. Sikha Salim
3. Riffaud Thomas


1. Anthony Avella
2. Kevin Quintin
3. Andrade Cesar


1. Deprez Jonathan
2. Rivero Romario
3. Poloucyjk Stephane

Full Results here.

nouvelle ligne contest

More NL Contest Media.

nouvelle ligne contest

nouvelle ligne contest
up: Warren Digne.

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    Godenaire is the most stylish blader in the world

  • LOL



  • RONGE PD !!!

    Aragon mérite ca place…
    Godenaire s’est encore fait baiser…
    CJ n’a rien à voir..rien foutu..(la coke doi pas etre de trés bonne qualité à strassbourg)

    Pendez les juges !

  • shiva

    this player sucks.

  • Swexican

    impressive that aragon beat the french on their own turf.. wellsmore is a monster so im not suprised seeing him top three..

  • Alex

    Ronge PD: are you saying that wellsmore took cocaine or that he drank coca-cola?

  • RONGE PD !!!


    Your comment was a bit too short

  • Papa

    That street course is bad and I agree the ranking isn’t correct, but that’s it when judges get free beers and stay under the sun…
    Aragon, Matter and Abrate skated well…
    CJ didn’t desserve his second place, like he didn’t at the FISE but at least he did for the Chaz, he killed it, congrats!
    We need better judges in rollerblading!!!!!

  • Papy

    That’s true !!!
    I agree with Papa !

  • Me…

    Papa your a tool! Wellsmore rules, which is why he is up there… and your not! Tool!! You too “Papy” … gaybos!


    The girl who fucked with CJ when he was drunk and on coke at FISE WRS 2010:!/photo.php?pid=987663&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=617084419&id=1455905647

    hahahahaha !! Wellsmore Rules !!! ;)

  • yo…

    So you guys are saying that judges are too much drunk and riders are too much high ! how cares what the fuck judges and rides do out off a comp ? is that roller ?

    CJ RULES !

  • GLen

    CJ better fuck some of those hot Euro bitches while he’s there. Don’t pass that opportunity up!

  • sirius

    Ronge PD is Stephane Alfano

  • ShAdY

    Mais… ou sont les casques?

  • ILikeMonsters

    hahahaha at FISE CJ fucked the uglyest fat ass rollerblading’bitch of the french scene… CJ Rules !!! hahahahaha

  • butterflow

    godenaire the most stylish? i’m ashamed of french skating when i see him on podium. silhan is the only french pro with style

  • Technics

    What Gangstarr/Guru song is this? What album?