Nils Jansons: Winterclash 2013 Winner, Edit

Edited by Przemek Madej.

Nils Jansons: Winterclash 2013 Winner, Hedonskate Edit

Song: Black Sun Empire & Audio – Drizzle.
Full Results | Nils jansons, Best Trick | Grindhouse Edit by Daniel Prell.

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29 Responses to “Nils Jansons: Winterclash 2013 Winner, Edit”

  1. Bladerrr Says:

    Nils Jansons is on the top of the game right now…

    Still a REMZ AM…. Dude… make him PRO, give him some fucking money and a pro model.

  2. Pappa Shango Says:

    not a massive fan of kids go nuts on spinning to tricks but that 540 ao top soul was TIGHT! Plus Nils backs it up with allround super controlled and stylish skating

  3. PascalMR Says:

    Beast… if a crocodile would be able to skate, he would do this.

  4. PascalMR Says:

    And perhaps eat other skaters… which Nils did too

  5. Anonymous Says:

    wauwzers. party in my trouwsers.

  6. FU Says:

    /\/\/\ fruit

  7. Anonymous Says:

    who is that homeless lady?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    this is like a need for speed trailer

  9. pablo from Brazil Says:

    540? Never, it was 720 AO Top Soul. Nils got skills. This make me mad, when ams skate better and harder than some pros and seems to not get what they deserve.

  10. Remz Says:

    hahaha ! Nils is AM rider for Remz !! It’s the best joke !!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    1) It was 540…not a 720. Are you that retarded?


    2) Nils is pro….you turds just dont know it yet.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    haffey is the only pro for remz and thats all remz needs. not these spin to win euro fags nuff said.

  13. Jay Says:

    ^^^Winner of the top hater awards goes to this Anon above me…seriously go headbutt a knife now

  14. Anonymous Says:

    “haffey is the only pro for remz and thats all remz needs. not these spin to win euro fags nuff said.”


    wasn´t it haffey who won his last contest with a 360 dis soul a 450 dis royal and 540 ao soyal ?!

    ….and so on think about the people leaving remz….4 me everything i am hearing about remz sounds like a story about a door closing company.

    …and if you dont like spin grinds what is yust a one of the big posibilities in our sport….GO SKATEBOARDING…they have the better and more selfhating community then blading….possible there is your place!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    hes not pro cuz hes a choad. Plain and simple…

  16. Ollie Rejodskin Says:

    I am guessing these people that are anti spin to tricks are the skinny jean ‘skate to create’ types that soul curbs etc so that they no longer have to do tricks that require balls?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    haters must die!
    nils is one of the best he prove it 3 years in a row

  18. Lotta Dudes Says:

    Lotta dudes . . .

  19. Pom West Says:

    Remz has no money and Kato has very little say in the company. He makes promises that he can’t keep and its why they’re losing riders. CJ left because they couldn’t help him get to contests, and kept delaying his pro model, yet they gave Franky another one just before he left even though he’d go on tour and complain the whole fucking time. Nils is a beast and the same will happen to him, he’ll get fed up with the lack of support and piss off to Razors. Andy is a nazi but supports the team financially as long as they stay in line with what he wants.

  20. Terror Says:

    how can any of you homos hate on nils? this dude along with CJ and Abrate are the best skaters in the world right now. GTFO.

  21. Nils Janson Says:

    This is me again.. Taking it up the ass 540

  22. lol Says:

    Americans have become douchebag skaters. Europe dominates rollerblading now. Nils is the man.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Jansons is like skrillex in dupstep… the Justin Bieber of rollerblading…
    Amerifags and eurofags… same shit different continent motherfuckers

  24. nils hater Says:

    I love to see how a rollerblader won with 3 “hammers” tricks… you know now people… to win do a “spin to grind” or “disaster flatspin to TTA”

  25. Dis Dick Says:

    I’m confused, if no one wants someone to spin-to-win, what is the alternative? Should skaters just be jumping directly into their tricks, like that have been for damn near 20 years? Competitions are about doing as difficult/tech tricks as possible on whatever obstacle is given to them and being consistent under pressure. Is anyone complaining about Shaun Whites back to back to back 1080’s or 1260’s? Exactly. You have to spin to win. Even White admits he’s rather to a big, slow stale 180, but he also likes getting paid, so…

    And this nationalistic, jarhead, douchebag twist that skating has taken is fucking pathetic. You losers sound like your ready to die for your countries or something. Skating is the type of sport that brings people together, not separates them. We are American, European, Asian, etc… by random, so there no need for arrogance, you have done nothing but been born. Get over yourselves.

    I’m an American and I live in Berlin. My favorite skaters right now Broskow, Nils, Eisler and Rian Arnold. All from different continents. Nils earned that shit, and it was better than Broskows AO tap on that little ass rail last year.

    Congrats Nils. Right now you fucking own rollerblading.

  26. a Says:

    Spin to win comments make me laugh! I would love to see the people saying this do any kind of technical trick! These guys aernt doing some 360 mizzu on a crappy tiny grind box! When you pull out a bloody disaster tornado fishbrain that takes some serious balls of steel and a lot of skill. Rollerblading is about having fun and enjoying the sport, its crazy how many haters there are. And 540 AO top soul? wtf that is a mental trick…i bet some of you punks couldn’t even top soul down that rail. I wish I could go back 6-10 years and re-live the good rollerblading days.

  27. me Says:

    meatspin2win guiz

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