Montreal Classic 2010: Results & Pro Finals Video

The Montreal Classic held at South Parc Skatepark was a great comp. The finals was very intense. Haffey laced 540 true porn, frontside backslide to ao top soul 720 out, and more. Which lead him to win!

Roman Abrate also had an impressive performance along with all the other riders in the finals.

montreal classic

Video Offline.
Thanks Shawn for the video & Guillaume Latrompette for the pic.


Pro final results
1. Chris Haffey (the Beast)
2. Roman Abrate (mini Muscle)
3. Franco Cammayo (the Wild)
4. Adrien Anne (MonoSwitchUp)
5. Jerry Butler (Polar Bear)

AMATEUR ranking
1. Jean Caude Lanthier (JC Battle) – D-Structure
2. Bénédicte Chevrier (Bene Warrior) – D-Structure
3. Maxence L. Valade (Maxfree) – Lylac Shop
4. Daniel Millar (Peru Boy) – Shop Task
5. David Lagacé (Quebec warrior)
6. Shawn Martin (Crevette)
7. Julien Deschamps (Pilier du diable) – Lylac Shop
8. Matt Garrity (Matt-Gypsy) – Shop Task

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  • ajossf

    congs to haffey!)

  • ShAdY

    Ptin Koh-Lanta je choc des héros quoi xD

  • rob

    what the FUCK was that switch up on the corner at 1.15?

    i’ll hazard a guess at like a 270 back-backslide to acid to acid to acid?

    i’ve watched it like 10 times and still have no idea….

  • beatmeister

    true thats a sick switch up.

    i was getting a bigger fan of roman abrate. but here it was just making ugly hammers. makes him look very bad compared to classy haffey

  • Anonymous

    think 270 back backslide 270 ao top acid flashback acid?
    Wayne. Roman = Aragon 2. They are looking exactly the same

  • dawn

    Being a girl, I have always thought tighty whities were disgusting on guys, but Roman Abrate just might be the only person to get away with it!

    And Haffey just looked juiced to be skating something other than a mega ramp, even though it seems to have been good training for him!

    congrats to all. I’m wondering where Valo was at this comp but it’s all good.

  • dawn

    ^oops, almost forgot Franco reps Valo, guess I meant where were the Valo pros?

  • Za

    please somebody tell me what’s this song behind this video.

  • mano

    yeaaa frankoooooo nice

  • euh

    was there any pros besides the podium?

  • HAHA

    I think the Valo team must still be protesting Broskow’s loss to Cudot last year. Aren’t those guys usually at this thing, and winning it?

  • dannybeer

    Franco!!!!! my man killing it.

    Haffey takin the win, murkin everything

  • baby

    dude i swear i thought roman abrate was brian aragon for over a minute of that edit

  • harry k

    ddamm i’m impressed by fraco and adrien. I honestly didn’t think they would place since there the true underdog… haha amateurs rocking the podium

  • James

    Haffey killed. Franco is the man. Was wondering why Aragon was off his game in this edit, then I realized it was that faggot wannabe Aragon, Roman Abrate.