Montre Livingston: Say Word 3 (2008) Profile

2011 Repost.

montre livingston

Part 01

Part 02

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  • i roll for fun

    i agree with ahyeahfothermucker. i’m not a huge fan of the clothes he wears. not trying to take away from his skating because he’s alright, but his ugly clothes make me choose not to watch him skate. his style is too sketchy for me. =[

  • WTF

    Does anyone know the name of the first Lil’ Wayne’s song, the one that barely starts ?

  • Fearghal

    what immense style, so sick

  • Anonymous

    I see people are more worried about what he wear and not about his technique! For the haters if that’s how he gets down, let him be. Obviously your not in his shoes, I can see why your mad. But the guy definatly has SKILL like it or not. These fools worrying about style look at his trick difficulty. That’s the problem with these youngters now a days that don’t know the true meaning of this Sport, They are more focust on matching skates with clothes and trying to look good!

  • takingashitwhiledoingahandstand

    montre is good as fuck………….in that screen still he looks like gizmo from gremlins.

  • takingashitwhiledoingahandstand

    “his ugly clothes”

    fashion show bitches!!

  • what

    wayne is playedddd MONTRE IS A BEAST!!!

  • Anonymous

    agreed he needs to get off Shima and on a real skate team. put this guy on the next Carbons.

  • gayswagger

    who gives a flying fuck if he was wearing big ass gear 3-4 years ago,,now he is rockin skinny jeans and a biker vest LIKE A BOSS!!
    and why would he get off nihm/shima when he is the star on the team..makes no sense! montre,bolino,sizemore,cj > FUTURE!!

  • Heidy Burdge

    Is there a website that makes it easy to follow blogs and podcasts? I don’t have an iPod, does that matter?.

  • cash

    more montre, less bah

  • Nohomo!

    No homo, but Ide suck his dick if he let me……..wait can say no homo after saying something that gay?

  • CJ

    Montre is the funking man< this is what u call street skating.

  • gobira

    Siiick Whoopi goldberg on skates !!!

  • Anonymous

    that was dope as fuck