Mike Lilly: On the Spot, Revolution Interview

Mike Lilly came out to Arizona to film his Revolution 90 Second Edit and we were able to film his interview during the last days of his trip.

Mike Lilly has one of our favorite personalities in our sport. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and leaves you with a lasting impression for what blading means to him. Filmed & edited by Jon Jenkins.

Video Offline.

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  • Anonymous

    i don’t understand all the talk about clothing.. and steez…

    kids got there own shit.. rollerblading needs nothing but rollerblading…

    revolution can hardly survive… opening anything else would be silly… we are silly we have them!!!

    so glad mike is back. your an amazing rollerblader!!!!

    his shit in road to know where is amazing…. yes you are my lover

  • Luke

    Good dude! Keep doing your thing!

  • Wow

    nice dude but clearly image is paramount to him which is kind of weak. the amount of references he made about what clothes people are wearing is too much.. A definite poser blader extraordinaire

  • karma

    Fucking deadly, well spoken, casual and genuine.
    I dig his skating, so obv biased but I fealt that, would love to see more of this done in blading.

  • homer54o

    “I want to do some road to nowhere s#$% again”
    heck yeah, best dude

  • fruitbooter

    fav skater! road to nowhere was amazing

  • Anonymous

    dude made a great point about there being to little shops, also agree about his spin to win comment, cares way to much about how people dress, shouldnt be about how people dress or people being steeze. should be about quality tricks done well. if you got steeze you got steeze but if your tricks aint shit then your tricks aint shit.

  • ugh…

    On the spots are stupid! Who cares about these featured no name bladers?! They contribute nothing to the sport. And this guy just popped back up out of nowhere, after doing nothing for years! Who cares about Mike Lilly!! Dumb Hipster

  • woop

    fucking legend. Good interview….got me pumped

  • nick

    rollerblading is about style. if anyone has it, lilly has it.

  • http://www.fubiz.net/ Be

    If there are guys who have no style. They will not stop rolling. It is also a history of feeling and fun.

    Si il y a des gars qui n’ont pas de style. Ils vont pas arrĂȘter de rouler. C’est aussi une histoire de sensation and fun.


    miss this dude, come visit LA soon homie




  • lewis b

    good to see him back on it, and hes got some shit to say wich is good!!

  • Tea Bag

    You kids and your Legend bullshit. You throw that word around like little moist groupies. Stop that shit. Chris Edwards = LEGEND. This character is NOT.

  • d b

    I think mike had some great points. i think the clothing statement is a bit harsh though. Is he saying if someone doesnt dress like him, he wont admire their skating?

    Does mike think louie zamora has bad style because he doesnt smash guitars? if so that is really biased and close minded.

    Really enjoyed his 90 seconds, and he seems like a nice dude! good interview revolution

  • Mainland

    He didn’t say he doesn’t like everyone who dont dress like him he said theres too much of of ‘THAT’ and only a small portion of ‘THIS’ and ‘THIS’ is golden.

  • Salt

    Honeybaked shout out! whaaaat?!!?!? haha
    Mike Lilly is the shit, hands down, great skater and person.

  • seanpquinn





  • Tea Bag

    Sorry this shit is corny. Clothes? “Steezy”? Give me a break. You watched old footage of yourself to get back into skating? Come back down to earth space cowboy.

  • rob

    bahahaha heard him say the way kids dress way too many times…. lets all hit the thirft store and get some “steezy” clothes then we can go do some steezy tricks haha

  • Steezy Blue Balls

    Id really like to hear you define steezy. Tell me is your definition skin tight jeans, silk vests, and po’ boy painters hats found at the salvation army? Get a tan.

  • f-chron

    we definitely need more shops and for that to happen we need MORE SKATERS. gotta take that with the good and the bad

  • http://www.controlledaccidents.wordpress.com Controlled Accidents


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    mike lilly blows. im all for style but you sound like a fag when you keep talking about peoples clothes over and over again. laughable to call him a legend. mike lilly has never dropped a hammer in any section, he just started a douchebag revolution

  • die

    man that dude looks so rad and steezy, id like to ask him on a date sometime

  • Anonymous

    Mike Lilly has 180d a big stair set/gap or 2, but legend? Come the fuck on this dudes a closet case douche who is totally full of himself.

  • ok

    oh yeah lets do some steezy makios on a curb with some steezy skinny jeans on yeah right

  • Steezy Spandex

    Youre bald with a slimey comb over. Being a bum is not “steezy”. Neither is using that overly used pop culture word “steezy” to describe style. Whoop there it is!

  • scott loper

    I am sure that if any of you were “steezy” enough to have a 90 second or even an interview you would, obviously they think he is worth it. I agree

  • Andrew Bonter

    I agree about having small local stores. Online shopping is SO convenient and I do most of mine online now. But that’s only because my local shop fucking fell off and started bulk buying Conference shit at discount. Seriously, like all they stock now is fucking USD tee’s and Jug tee’s. It used to be a place where skaters would go and hang out for an hour just talking shit, deciding where to skate, it was a meeting point. With that came loyalty to the store too. I used to buy all my shit there even if it cost a little more than online.
    I think it got kids into skating too, when they saw us with our backpacks and skates talking about tricks and places, kids saw something exclusive, it got them curious, they wanted to be part of the group.

    I don’t have a solution though, online shopping is so big and so convenient, how do you survive against it?

  • tim

    What a legend!
    Can’t wait to see a new section!