Michael Garlinghouse: Pariah Profile

Michael Garlinghouse: Pariah Profile

Michael Garlinghouse should seriously be pro now, check out his ditch the bucket edit online somewhere and tell me I’m wrong. This guy fucking rips and represents all my favorite parts about skating and great people. – Adam Johnson.

Song: The Drags – Who’s Got the Electricity. Photo – Visit Youhatetoloveit.com.

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  • rudis

    loved dat outspin sweaty! nice edit!

  • Anonymous

    worst skater. no idea why he’s sponsored, why he skates, or why he exists.

  • ferret mastr

    yea all your friends should be pro by now yea thats how we got to the world we live in now, lets just hang around pros an become pro, nonsense he a good skater but can somone please comment below if they would ever by a gnarlinghouse pro model bearing or wheel or skate, you see he is not marketable and with that said no he shouldnt be pro he should just go around smelling like shit an continue not to not take a bath for weeks on end

  • Anonymous

    What’s that nasty shit coming out of the back of his helmet? Oh, right …

  • Anonymous

    Shit was good. I’d buy a Garlinghouse xsjado boot for sure. Fuck you if you don’t recognize good skating.

  • Anonymous

    nigga looks like he got the AIDS

  • Psouk

    cool skating! a lot of really hard and stylish tricks

  • Anonymous

    can’t hate on this, all that shit was shredded.

  • http://www.facebook.com/malcolm.heard.14 heardat bitch

    I would buy his boot, frame, wheel, bearing, or semen.

  • Filip

    To the dude who says garlinghouse isnt “marketable”. Rollerblading in general isnt “marketable”. Seriously? Who buys rollerblades? That being said i would hella buy a pro garlinghouse boot if it had a sick colorway and was a 2.0. Why all the butthurt about shit no one is paying attention about? Thinking anybody gives a fuck about whose initial is stitched into a rollerblade. Thats rich. As for the section, it was whatever

  • dah

    Garlinghouse keeps getting better. this shit was off the hook sick