Maxime Genoud: LSBC 2010, Promo Edit 2

maxime genoud

Fenfanix, Remz and Rollingrock team rider Maxime Genoud promoting the Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl and the ‘Vallée de la Jeunesse’ Downhill (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Tm Juke – Get It Together.


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  • scott

    yesss maxime ! great edit to advertise the comp

  • Anonymous

    props to the editor. good word

  • ito

    Awesome pro, really great vibe. Major props to the filmer and editor.

  • mooo

    yeah how awesome! :)

  • Marcus

    Very very nice!

  • Anonymous

    MAXIME, my boy yes amazing stuff

  • The dude

    Awesome! Reminded me if the good ol’ times in Lausanne!

  • halcyon

    fuckin nice to see someone doin a dope ass grab during a dope ass backflip…. im fuckin sick of mute or safety grab backflips

  • Travis Stewart

    Triangle grab flatspins! Awesome edit. such a nice vibe, amazing skating too.

  • jr

    this is one good edit … great music, great skating …. awesome in one word!!!!

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  • jfbest

    This picture remind me the cover of VG7 : Mediaocracy.