Max Jubin: Game Theory Section

Max Jubin

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46 Responses to “Max Jubin: Game Theory Section”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what a fuckin faggot….looks super hard screaming at those chicks with that baby blue t shirt squeezed under his tight white t

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thats real thug!! go razors…fucking idiots

  3. daniel Says:

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.
    sooooooo sick

  4. Patins Blog Says:

    hahaha crazy bastards…. sick edit and great clip lol

  5. Clemounet Says:

    You mean you were there and you saw everything, and you know why he should be considered as a faggot ? You don’t know what happened, me neither. But one thing : have you ever been disturbed by an old bitch who claims that the street is her property and you have nothing to do here with your skates ?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    From circus clown song, to the Rocky song , Max jubin part extremly motivate me..he is the italian chicken..
    but he is french.

  7. Julian Bah Says:

    Dats my boi, we dont let no bitch cop an attitude ya feel me kid? Shoulda slapped dat ho like I taught him. #hannahhomeswagg

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ……..shut up nigger

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sweet skating, but for this being in the razor video, it seems like the editing was done horribly for this part and filmed not as good as other parts.

  10. terror Says:

    at the first comment as anonymous, the only faggot in here its you bitch, i bet you would let some old ladies scream at you and you would just walk away like the faggot you are all quiet and shit, instead max jubin stood up and yell back at them for being dumb bitches. There is nothing wrong at screaming at some bitches. You are the only faggot in here, this isn’t gentlements club, and you are a pussy if you are one of those queers who believe no one should scream at girls. GTFO lil fag. This is a sick edit, and you suck at life as well as blading too.

  11. Wow Says:

    amazing. please document more of this creature. hes what rollerblading needs

  12. Krokodil Says:

    Fuckiiing loveeeeee ittt…. Thats how stuffs done !! Keep rolling

  13. Wow Says:

    Wow I cant believe how you kids speak to each other. And that racism and N* word get thrown around by a bunch of 16 year old punks on here with no moder4tion. Its really disgusting.

  14. JOHN Says:


  15. fbob Says:

    can we please quit postin game theory shit, if i liked it i probably would have bought the vid but shit sucks quit

  16. ohYes Says:

    Super sick!
    Will watch again!

  17. Jared little Says:

    game theory was the worst razors video to date. you should burry this not keep hyping it

  18. J Says:

    yeah what’s with all the game theory sections. If I want to watch it I’ll go on youtube or buy it. Original content please….

  19. uribe Says:

    Whatever you guys say, Max kicks ass. If you cant see that, just watch trick by trick again or shut up. He worked so hard for this section so you guys can get on internet and talk all this shit, just open your eyes and value when somebody puts effort in a section.

  20. Movez'lang Says:

    Definitely my favorite game theory section

  21. YI Yiiiiiii Says:

    Those yapping cunts had no right to get in his face. He fucking shut that shit down, and I laughed my ass off when those bitches jumped back. “You can’t do that here.” FUCCcckkkkkkk you yah TWAT.

  22. YI Yiiiiiii Says:

    There was a lot of shit in there, but that 360 acid was clean as fuck.

  23. YI Yiiiiiii Says:

    And by shit, i mean good stuff.

  24. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Max absolutely killed everything in that section. How could a true roller talk shit on skating of that caliber? Answer: None of the anonymous posters are true rollers, they are snake boarders and pro hopskotch wannabees.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    i agree scott most people cant touch this bunch of crybabys

  26. chris Says:

    se that thing he rolled down. its in a mater park in mallorca. i went down it in a rubber ring when i was young. its scared the shit out of me. fuck doin that in skates

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Way to ruin an absolutely incredible section with retarded filming and music Brazil. Thank fucking god Razors fired your wack ass.

  28. cockass Says:

    worse thing to happen in Razors media in a long time for sure.
    Get a hint and watch how Vinny Minton does it, now that shits fire!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    haters gunna hate. the rocky song is way better than the stupid hippie stuff on half the other edits…. and game theroy has ben good…lets see one of you haters do ONE just ONE of the tricks in aargons section

  30. I'm usually hating.. but Says:

    This video was great, really fun to watch and good editing that matched the Rocky music. Best parts was when he yelled back at the women, and when he was climbing the stairs to the top of the slide. More videos like this!

  31. mollincartin Says:

    this kid is fucking sick… this just made me buy game theory… shit is fucking ill i dont know what all the hate is about

  32. cockass Says:

    the hate is on the editing, no one said anything was wrong with the skating… open your eyes!

  33. Ryan Timms Says:

    Everyone is bashing Razors edits but have you seen the trash USD puts out? Dubstep needs to die but Conference has a team manager that makes that awful shit.

  34. felix Says:

    I love you haters, you made me laugh!

  35. Anonymous Says:


  36. Pca4 Says:

    I love how everyone is an expert cinematographer now ,,, get a fukin life talkin bout how they didn’t like the editing gtfoh and get a life or yOu fukin post an edit up , max is dope don’t hate on the kid , all y’all do is complain about shit y’all ain’t even pay for pussies…

  37. Anonymous Says:

    That was the worst section to a dvd I have ever seen, the music, the editing, most of tricks. Terrible.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Brazillionare is a CUNT

  39. proVoke rolling Says:

    That was sick. This guy is a stuntman.

  40. Fag Smasher Says:

    Once again nothing but teenage pussies. Are those pants on so tight that they are squeezing your gay little balls to the point of rupture. Who the fuck, and why the fuck are you dumb little shits complaining about how every edit is shitty. Not one of you fuck faces could even get on this level of editing. Sorry ass kids, suck a dick.

  41. baldy Says:

    this section was beyond sick, fuck all the haters

  42. JL Says:

    WOW. Best section I’ve seen in a long time!!! This guy is CLEAN!!!

  43. felix Says:

    hating on that is plain stupid…

  44. greg Says:

    It’s such a solid section! Style, tricks, everything is on point. What’s the matter with you guys…?

    BUT beside that I have to agree with one thing: RAZORS just became a stupid reality show…Brazil come back to earth and face the fact that you’re not a talented film maker and that your video and edits are the worst tributes to rollerblading. It’s as dramatic as when MTV became trash end of the 90’s…

    At least there are people like Jonas Hansson or Dom West to show the good aspects of it.

  45. Gram-Schmitt Says:

    im soo sick of “Anonymous’s” shit talkin…u hate so much, i would be suprise if you didnt even skate…or ur just some 11yr kid who is going through puberty and is mad at the world…seriously man, get a life!..its soo disappointing to hear other rollerbladers hate on one another considering the fact we are such a small community, its one thing to have an opinion but its another thing to just be a dick head for noo reason…. come on dog…i think its time to grow up…

  46. Julian Bah Says:

    Gram-Schmitt should shut the fuck up. If anyone needs to grow up, it’s the guy calling other people “dog”. How old are you dumbass?