Mathieux Ledoux and Rob G at the Warrior Institute

December 2012 Repost.

Mathieux Ledoux and Rob G at the Warrior Institute

A bad ass gym, a box and two 31 years young men on skates warming up before training.

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27 Responses to “Mathieux Ledoux and Rob G at the Warrior Institute”

  1. Confished Says:

    What did just watch?

  2. Billy G Says:

    Why? What’s the concept? Anyway, loved the skating

  3. gayfishkanyewest Says:




  4. Anonymous Says:

    So the rumors are true. Ledoux IS rockin’ red carbons.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Skating was enjoyable so is the suspense cant wait to see these horrible over priced fancy designed clown shoes made out of re-enforced egg boxes

  6. soul2roll Says:

    39 seconds, Looks like the red Carbons?

  7. Creepy kids from myspace that got older and now stalk facebook Says:

    Why cant you groms every say something respectful? Both OG skaters, both are better than anyone trolling these boards, both with original styles. You just got a free edit from two of the most respected skaters in this industry and all you have to say is this something disrespectful or “omg girlz the facebnook rumors are true, red carbanz”.

  8. facebook stalker Says:

    Looks like someone’s been manstrating. But yeah OMG I can’t believe Ludoux’s rockin’ red carbons. Does this mean he switched to team USD? Comin’ ladies give me some details, I need something to talk about with the ladies at the salon.

  9. Tom Cheung Says:

    ^^ shut up faggot

  10. Tom Cheung is a creepy kid from myspace that got older and now stalks facebook Says:

    I’m Tom Cheung, and I talk about facebook and unicorns and twilight novels with my girls when we kick it. We all get our period at the same time because we’re such close friends. We smoke cigarettes and wear make-up and we’re totally into college guys.

    OMG girlz did you hear? That dreamboat Matt Ludoux is wearing the new red shoes I saw on his facebook instagram twitter and linkdIn pages. EEEEEEEEK!

  11. Tom Cheung Says:

    Nice man, add me up on facebook!?

  12. facebook stalker Says:

    I just want to give the last few comments some well deserved credit. I’m laughing like a little school girl over here.

  13. amaze Says:

    Great skating and inspiring to see skating at that level from two guys in there 30’s – keep it up!! Loved this.

    Oh and for the first few comments – go fuck yourselves you little cunts.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^^ and yet you keep coming back. You love to hate it……

  15. danny Says:

    Guize both of these skaters suck bro ! They are not even spinning to winning and where are the hammers at bro ?

    Did you all hear that Montre left SSM ?

  16. DarthRoller Says:

    MATHIEUX LEDOUX is so overrated, rob g deserves an award for holding it down for 15years

  17. Big Swasshy Dildo Says:

    fags on blades, motha fuckin fags on blades. ^ Anonymous, we dont love to hate it. we just love it. fuck you im drunk

  18. JonCraig Says:

    Glad to see Ledoux riding his own pro model. Canada holding it down now with got it…TWO PRO SKATES! lol (Richie, and now Ledoux). Congrats dude.

  19. Cocu Says:

    Mathieu pro ????

  20. DarthRoller Says:

    Guy 3 comments above pretending to be me, wtf :D

    Ledoux and Rob G are both sick. Loving the Sagona-esque footwork before some of the tricks.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Nobody is pretending to be you because you’re nobody

  22. DarthRoller Says:

    “Nobody is pretending to be you because you’re nobody”

    Between “danny” and “Big Swasshy Dildo” someone else uses my username, so….

    Never claimed I was a “somebody” for the record. I come in here, I watch edits, I comment on them, same as you.

  23. bootz Says:

    what are those snowboots mat L has?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    What were them fucking trousers about.

  25. Jessus Says:

    Wicked sticks. Haters gonna hate… let’s face it, they can’t really skate.

  26. Welshroller Says:

    Nice skirt….shit skating! Why exactly did Ledoux get a pro skate?!. I was hoping to be impressed because Rob G is sick as fuck but wtf did I actually waste 2mins of my life watching?!!!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    mat l does it again. and once again, its not much…