Mathieu Ledoux (Fester Pro): Back on my skates, edit

Filmed by Yan Lecomte.



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  • POLL3N

    mi si want moaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  • Anonymous


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • risha

    good style, bit odd (using hands etc)
    and clothing was absolutely awful.


  • silvstr

    excited to see the section!!!

  • Hans h

    he’s a real beast. CAN’T wait for the sick section mathieu

  • cool

    I aggree with risha very good skating but his clothes make him look lame because its all sorts of different size garments. Aside from clothes very good style and hes awesome on the blades.

  • Anonymous

    true fish! uuuuuuuuuugh sick!

  • danny beer

    sickkkk Mat! I liked the beginning of this, showing what you do off the blades.

    @ risha. clothing doesn’t effect your style haha

  • Anonymous

    I will donate money to see this section made. Get it on kickstarter. This man is an artist. Gotta support the arts.

  • DarthRoller

    Mathieu is so sick.

    Sounded a little defeatist when commenting on making a section, like it’s going to be his last chance to do so. At 30 years of age, I shouldn’t think he’s doomed to a downward spiral with his rolling, but I can’t comment on that as I don’t know what long-term injury problems he has or whatever.

    I’ve 5 years to go yet before I reach 30 so ain’t placed to comment. But I’m better now at 24 (25 in a couple weeks) than I ever was.

  • Brandin Hunter

    sick skating, can’t wait. song please

  • x Phaggott x

    I don’t care what he wears, his skating is so crazy fun!

  • Mathieu Ledoux

    thank you guys for the support !

  • yeheheh boyel boi jr

    love that first oakland ca skating clip the bank to topsoul shit, always seen that driving by it good shit!!!

  • ingen

    such a boss i cant wait to see it

  • YI Yiiiiiii

    Cannot wait for this section.

  • Anonymous

    t tu juste trop cave pour comprend que t pourrit a 30 ans ? … bitches

  • Anonymous

    Rollerblading is a sport of self expression all of our arguments about clothing are invalid

  • shaggyson
  • kev

    I agree with the above. This guy rolls the way he wants.

  • dickmayne hellamayne

    guys gay as fuck, stop trying to use other faggot things like park cour and being a canadian stuntman to make rollerblading even gayer and open it up to an even gayer audience such as gaylords who are atracted to park cour. this shit is not rollerblading and it’s really embarissing to watch. but i guess most rollerbladers are huge faggots so whatever

  • dickmayne hellamayne

    oh yeah fester is gay as fuck and so is damien wilson

  • Will

    one of the best. I bet he wears the tights under the shorts because he cant get cuts on his body b/c of his job. i bet he also just doesn’t care about what people think

  • Leon // Shop-Task

    Yea Matt Ledoux, I want more, more, more.

  • ghims

    i cant wait for his section. sooo fucking cool this dudes skating… maybe not so great in this little edit though..

  • Remy B-EASY

    dickmayne are you even a bladder ? throw up an edit please!

  • millet

    so freaking pumped. my fav current skater.

    dickmayne hellamayne you’re absolutely right. backslides, fishbrains and 720s have nothing to do with rolling— wait what? what planet are you from?

  • danny beer

    stop dancing. nobody likes you!

  • DarthRoller

    The “tights” are probably Under Armour.

    I wear it in winter under my joggies, or on the cold nights or for tricks where my body is really stretched, like spinning over something that requires a high huck. Also wear it almost any time I roll park.

    Best decision I ever made.

  • Angel Jaime

    Is this a fashion site? What the fuck you talk about clothing? Staking was great, as always from Mathieu. This is what matters

  • Anonymous

    awesome…. can not wait. enjoy your journey man and be safe!

  • Anonymous

    no one likes danny beer!

    your a baby and poop on yourself.

    mat is da bomb. and he enjoys skating more than most. good job. your outlook is positive!

  • nick

    at the fashion police

    At least he is not wearing a dress like that rain arnold dude.

  • kevin lapierre

    fuckk yeah Math sooo good againn !!

  • Real lbc G

    Pfffff, Aint these the same type of wack online edits that made the internet “ruin” blading?

    Love Ledoux’s blading fareal.

    just callin the hypocracy

  • Oli Benet

    Probably my favourite blader. Props, can’t wait for the section.

  • Urbn^nja

    Yea I turned 30 this year as well… It’s inspiring that you are still rolling like you are :D. I’m trying to keep up also.

  • luis gonzalez

    this dude is favorite skater..kinda reminds me of dustin latimer..his clothes aint a issue that’s his own style..stop hating

  • Anton Yehuda Bassargin

    yo i am yet to whach this but would like to adress the hating fools who will never be nothing but …. well nothing really hahahaha you fagots are lame adresing a blader like mr Ledoux with such disrespect fuck you groms !!! yeah thats right saw you fagots trying to copy this legend and that champ you all are pothetic !!! long story short to undersand art you must be an artist !!! but one thing i realy whant to say is that the use of heands in rolling is not new and also parcour is not all about monkey plants !!! anyway i love what you do Mathieu !!!
    time to check your edit!!!!

  • fdh

    His clothing is SICK. Better than modern rollerblading in your sisters jeans