Dominic Sagona: M1, Twenty To Life Section (2006)

August 2007 Repost.

Dominic Sagona: M1, Twenty To Life Section (2006)

M1 Urethane, Twenty To Life. A Film by Jon Jenkins.

Song: Tipper – tip hop.

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36 Responses to “Dominic Sagona: M1, Twenty To Life Section (2006)”

  1. no namer Says:

    usualy I dont like this kind of music, but this edit was fuckiiiiiiing sick ( one of the best profails I have ever seen) respect SAGONA! ;)

  2. cool! Says:

    I loved it !!! very nice style !! a lot of speed !! respect !

  3. BorisG Says:

    i have uploaded this stuff.
    check my profile on yt for some more hotness.

  4. Sp0nge Says:

    love his style and cap :)

  5. dka Says:

    SICK !!!! JUST ONE OF MY INSPIRATIONS !!!! everytime when i see this profile i feel inner need to skate !!! not technically hard trix , but a lotta speed and SICK style!!! abstract stuff too !!!

  6. so.wack Says:

    sweet bitch

  7. BvOlk Says:

    anyone know the song name/artist

  8. erm Says:

    Amazing skating. Editing couldn’t be worse, I had to stop watching 3/4 through. Pretty much every trick was ruined by choppy chop reversy crap.

  9. dizzy Says:

    Yeah way over edited. Made the section horrible. I am a big fan of Dom and the tricks were sick but the editing was terrible

  10. jon Says:

    damn sick ass edit and sick ass style — 360 rocket mute grabs out of grinds FTW

  11. songs Says:

    song is impossible to find!

  12. thibaut Says:

    tripper/trip hop

  13. arsene Says:

    inimitable ce dom !

  14. BorisG Says:

    guys, i want to tell you, that the song is Tipper – Tip Hop.
    i can send it to you if you need it. just tell me

  15. adrien anne Says:

    aighttttttttt! it’s always a pleasure to watch it!

  16. SCOTTEE Says:


  17. shishkababy Says:

    how are you going to say that the editing is terrible. yea it makes it look all trippy and at parts a little hard to watch… but editing can be an art if you want it to. and whoever edited this was really performing, maybe with the help of a lil crack or something. but anyways, editing something like that to this song and doing all that crazy stuff but still allowing it to flow takes a lot of skill. so its not horrible editing, its just creative.

  18. BorisG Says:

    X-rated knows his thing! His new flick Thrill will be amazing…

  19. dizzy Says:

    I did not like the editing because it distracts the viewer from the skating and takes away from the tricks. I personally like simple editing for skating. Let the skating speak for itself.

  20. krustcankill Says:

    i love dominic sagonas skating but that was one of the most over edited peices of shit iv ever seen every last trick was insane but compleetly ruined by the editing, its weird too bcause the rest of the video was really well edited

  21. GOD Says:

    …Sagona is a human drum n’ bass machine

  22. your dad mate Says:

    love the skating. especially the first clip ha.

  23. Uribe Says:

    Of course they have exagerated the editing, they did so on purpose. All the colors all the rewinds gos perfect with the song melody and beat and with Doms style. The best style ever!!!

  24. corsica Says:


  25. clo Says:

    love you…

  26. kmcgloughlin Says:

    so sick,love Dom,editing was sick too,

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Never liked his skating,style anything,he Always skates like his going to do the biggest trick ever,bah never does,gotta respect tho…he’s been around since da dinosaurs

  28. Lol Says:

    He lands like he jst did the best trick ever on rollerblades,every time.

  29. vitriol Says:

    I pity the fool who is impervious to the beauty of Dominic Sagona.

  30. Jay Says:

    If you’re criticizing this edit or skating as if it just came out fuckin today…kill yourself…this shit is years old and respect it all for what it is…Dom was and will always be known as a fuckin monster

  31. Adam Says:

    Irreplaceable style, so unique, Dom is the man.

  32. Dayrok Says:

    How the fuck can you hate on Sagona? when half the pros you punks look up to now looked up to him?? RN kids got it backwards

  33. BLADER GANG Says:


  34. awaii the wosper Says:

    rollrblding is more than about style or fuckin fashion its a life philosophy and if yo dont have it put all the cloth or chit that you want they are not on yor mind,neva forget that, if ya dont understand it yvgona crash yor dick head on the next kink !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!zoolou blading never die illlllllllllbitches

  35. EddieBX ETNO/LBC Says:

    Dom is a rolling legend. He’s been putting out quality shit since Elements 2 and Amateur. this is not an edit, this is Sagona on beast mode. Respect!!

  36. Says:

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