Louis Zamora: Videogroove 14 Live (2000)

Repost. First posted on Sunday, September 17th, 2006.

Louis Zamora

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  • ok

    that was really nice video even if it was old it had some sick stuff.
    I liked that flip it looked awesome some really nice skating also the whole edit was nice and it had a spirit of kindness in it can’t really explain it but it was somehow “friendly edit”.
    Hah I know isound funny but hey I am silly person:D

  • era

    i still got my deshi z2’s, ha. that edit was definitely ill for being 6 years old.

  • john

    i never knew he was so good.. i’ll consider myself educated then .

  • mike

    He had an amazing section before that vid in elements, back when I think he was one of the best. I sure miss the good old days when skaters had a smooth style like him, he could a soul on a 1 inch curb and make it look good.

  • Gaetan

    one of my favourite sections ever. zamora is the BEST

  • http://hej Tom


  • qcsky


  • http://rollernews Mike T = rando



    You hear Brooke Howard Smith metion One Nation on his audio interview. I had One Nation… have no idea where it went though! Gutted

  • oldman

    smoothest royales since brian bell, ha ha! I love his style, solid tricks and they all skated K2 back then zamora, shima…K2 has to improve their skates and do something new!

  • Mili

    i heard people talking about this profile and how zamora is an incredible skater for 2-3 years in a row. it really was a pure pleasure 4 me to see this profile. incredible!!!

  • Ales

    funny and sick movie for that age :)

  • :)

    people used to do crazier and bigger tricks back in the day

  • http://www.cuiamag.com.br Lagoa

    REMBER ME!!!!!!! thats what the songs says. and i will remember him for ever! him and his vg14 section!


  • edi

    his style : better than the best

  • Drew

    second trick….. omg

  • Anton

    wierd edit but really really good skating with awsome style

  • zach


  • mike t = rando

    yes i agree they did way bigger tricks back in the day… then again it was only 2000… bullet time was around by then!


    Watch shimas section… dope ^^

  • harry k

    this video got me to start skating as a kid lol

  • hooi

    one of the best blading sections ever! ever.

  • Rafael

    His Royales are the best. smooth as hell!!!

  • http://x.x~ x.x

    saaaaaaaaaaamoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth! i miss my fatty’s learned so many tricks on em. please make better fattys!

  • Baldy

    This is still probably my fav profile of all time! Louie is the man!

  • DarthRoller

    Zamora’s consistency and unadulterated steeze levels of royales, back royales, backslides, topsouls and kindgrinds is a joy to behold.

  • mugabo

    all for me, for real!
    I have seen this on million time! the best memory of skating…. good old time!

  • willsllX

    whooowwwwwww je suis trop nostalgique c t la grande époque,ce mec est un exemple pour nous tous.MERCI DIEU!!!!!!!!!!

  • GardenaMark

    My favorite Zamora section. Glad you guys posted this to help educate the Chodes that were talking smack about someone they probably knew nothing about.

  • slatkar

    love Zamora king of style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M.

    Prenez-en de la graine les jeunes…


    Thank you Louie WE WANT MORE !

  • Hans H

    epic section
    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Deleting my posts?!

    Pure example of why this site is poison. Deleting my last post because it was 100% true.

  • Scalop

    VG XIV ! —> TAT NASU !!!

  • Anonymous

    Count These Rocks Biotch! I still say that shit

  • cash

    I love Louie Z…t-shirts coming soon

  • cash

    that top soul to backslide to kindgrind was so sick…over 10 years ago no less

  • Anthony Rowe

    My favorite profile of all time right here! Got my vg14 vhs right next to me.

  • Anonymous

    definitely got this bitch on VHS too.

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