Lluis Martinez (17): New AM Razors Spain, 2013 Edit

Lluis Martinez (17): New AM Razors Spain, 2013 Edit

Photo: Oneloverolling. Thanks Lluis Martinez.

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17 Responses to “Lluis Martinez (17): New AM Razors Spain, 2013 Edit”

  1. Steeze Police Says:

    2:06 KG to step up ao top acid ?! You should loose your sponsorship for that !

  2. Bam Says:

    Very nice! Spanish people is getting the top! So sick to see young kids in streets, keep it up!

  3. Luck Says:

    that was pretty sick!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Serious question here – Are sponsorships based off where in the world you live to fuel blading promotion in certain areas?

    This guy is pretty good i’m no hater but I know alot of people better than this who aren’t sponsored who would love to be.

  5. Albert Says:

    He is improves everyday, nice to see that he is on AM! He is our Wake Schepman there in Spain!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    AM, seriously? Come on Razors…

  7. filip Says:

    awesome. big shit for a 17 yr old. crazy

  8. gordon Says:

    he is amateur in RAZORS SPAIN, Razors have different teams with pros and ams in some different countries, stupid haters… Some big tricks in big spots in the edit, i hope his style will be better with the years.. and the 2:06 KG to step up ao top acid is a joke haha, but why all this good spanish edits have this shit fashionable music?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    @albert – How is he compared to wake schepman in any way, shut up stupid. :)

  10. yess Says:

    Love this one, kid have lot of potential! +1 for gordon!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    wake shepman is a park rat who cant skate street. this kid kicks wake’s ass.

  12. the truth Says:

    deff agree with steez police and maybe flow team, not even close to am level

  13. the real truth Says:

    Nice to see Razors betting for the new generation, this edit is good and he deserves this Spain AM place! Big up lluis!

  14. deanmakin Says:

    Is this guy is am then i am deffo pro

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  15. deanmakin Says:


    #spelling mistake




  16. iiing Says:

    why u hatin’? the song got me pumped tho…

  17. Jeremy Says:

    Really dislike the amount of hate on this site. But this is not am level, in any country. Just another kid doing really big tricks. A lot of potential, but style really needs to be refined before I’d consider a flow spot