Life+ (Motor City Shakedown): Shima vs Feinberg

Airborne Skatepark: Brian Shima vs Aaron Feinberg. 2010 Repost.

brian shima aaron feinberg

Life+ Series: More Media. Thanks DarthRoller.

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  • DarthRoller


    What was getting done there was stupidly sick. Would love to see more “present-day” (can’t find the right word) comps finish in battles like that as opposed to who has the most 540 to grind tricks.

    Sick, sick, sick.

  • ArtOfRolling

    yoo back when there was not spin to win there was tons of stunts poping off every direction and fienbergs stunt was just what this sport needs more of a go getta

  • sheps

    u cant beat a bit of old skwl clips, this jam was full of win

  • BeAL

    Sick Skatepark, sick skater, sick presentator, sick contest sick edit.
    This is Life +

  • Rodrigo Lagoa

    this was held when rolllerbladers use to be style. so many style tricks!!

    nowadays every one is so fagot on blades. theres no mucha gana hehehehe

  • ShimaJosh

    wow thats the skating that made me want to skate:) its too thought out now…like back then it just happened…they probably just went along with one thing and ended up being something crazier at the end…like shima probably just thought at the last second to transfer down to that rail

  • rollnj24

    i remember watching this when it came out….wish rolling was still like that

  • Technics

    What’s the track on “4:08” please?

  • dawn

    whatever happened to Henry Hubbard? totally forgot about that kid, does he still skate?

  • sword

    that made my day

  • rollerblading is gay

    awesome as hell. what happened to ron copeland anyway?

  • Life+

    Where was all the LIFE+ love when they were making DVDs?

  • Addicted

    PFFF Never seen a sicker park comp ever in my life,, THIS WAS SICK!!!!

  • Noah Zipser

    I wish everyone could have experienced Airborne Skatepark. Best place on Earth. Amazing contest and great night.

  • Why dont you?!

    “oh, rolling was so much better back in the day” “rolling had more big tricks and stunts back in the day, wish we skating was still like that”
    Why dont you stop wishin and start doin!!! Bring back the old stunts bro!! Dont wait for someone to bring em back, bring em back yo self man!!

  • chris M

    Shit was soooooooo raw, people throwen down back to back. that was back before shima went puss on us

  • Witalis Made in Poland

    I miss it…..a lot

  • Kristjan

    Hello guys who is that kid in the video 5:28. He is landing disaster ao pornstar at that moment.

  • Mike Currier

    Nothing beats Airborne, hands down the best park owners ever. What happened to After parties? Back then everyone was 17 and under and there was still crazy afterparties at bars. Now everyone is old and nothing. I remember superhick afterparties being at sick ass bars and clubs in downtown atlanta. Those were the days…

  • Andrew Martinez

    I agree with Mr. Currier

  • jesuchristo


    That was Henry Hubbard. I grew up skating with the kid. He no longer blades.

  • brian shima

    i should have won.

  • dom marty

    if ur the real shima, i agree it took more talent to transfer to topsoul

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    dude whatever the fuck thats fucking rollerblading motherfuckers. YAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

  • soak your nummies

    good memories…RIP Pedro Ortiz.

  • Kristjan

    Hey esuchristo

    Why Henry guite blading. This kid looks amazing and now he would been a pro for sure and how long time ago he guite the game of blades.

  • Kristjan

    More skating like this i like it very much. Good works probs

  • rollerdud

    should never have shut down. The place breathed rollerblading :(

  • brian shima

    i definitly should have won fienberg is a douche