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Franky Morales @ the Lg Action Sports:

Franky Morales drops a 540 down onto an inline skate ramp from the huge vert ramp. Key Arena, Seattle.

Thanks Gibbosk8.


Street, Women:
1. Jenna Downing
2. Fallon Heffernon
3. Fabiola da Silva

Street, Men:
1. Franky Morales
2. Stephane Alfano
3. David Sizemore

Vert, Finals:
1. Marco de Santi
2. Shane Yost
3. Fabiola da Silva

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59 Responses to “Lg Action Sports: Seattle 2008 Video, Results & more”

  1. Oskrs Says:

    tas 540 vienkārši PIZDEC!!!

  2. stéphane alfano Says:

    is a faggot

  3. samsofy Says:

    my god!!!!

  4. pom Says:

    wow,that was precise. to roll away so perfectly from THAT! massive.

  5. NKV Says:

    chapeau Alfano! bon c pas 1er mais t tjs là pour botter le q aux cainris

  6. RollInBerlin Says:

    PUTAIN DE MERDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Franky est juste EN-OR-ME !
    Trick of the year, égalité avec son 540 du toit sur le poster one !

  7. Napoleon Says:

    toe-bee is a BIG faggot

  8. Roussel Says:

    that was massive!

  9. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    That was fucking sick Franky! The control on the landing was impressive!

  10. peter Says:

    alfano is a shit

  11. tibo Says:

    9,OOO $ ???

  12. Broke Says:

    Alfano is the biggest fag in rollerblading.

  13. bond, james bond Says:

    shayne skowers did royale to 540 drop from vert to bank in ’02 and dat was a lot better.

  14. holger Says:

    read this all:

  15. deniseisatwat Says:

    stephane alfano is a douche. ruined the whole contest for us.

  16. joystarr Says:

    i rem the shane skowers roy 540 drop, insane, wat ever happened to him?

  17. toe-bee Says:

    what napoleon said.

  18. Joey Castro Says:

    OHHHHH ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUSSSS!!!! damn niggaaaaaaa

  19. Paul Says:

    what happened ? what did alfano do ?

  20. ackeesaltfish Says:

    Whats wrong with Alfano?

  21. thetomcat Says:

    Alfano, what did he do?

  22. FE Says:


  23. FE Says:

    he flicked off and showed his butt to the crowed and judges.

  24. FE Says:

    2nd place isnt that bad…idont know why he made a fuss out of it

  25. FE Says:

    we probally wont be on next year rumors has it…LG gave us a chance

  26. DAZC Says:

    that was fuckin huge!!!! Franky is unreal at all aspects of rollerblading.

    loved the clip!

  27. kill alfano Says:

    give him more coke than he can take
    we wait the over doooose

  28. plisc Says:

    wasn`t tha a 450?

  29. squid Says:

    i wish there was more advertisement for this contest. i totally would have gone if i’d known about it

  30. kuntaciacho Says:

    thats frankys speciality right now hehe. bastard was so fast at the landing it almost looks like a fake clip, cant believe how he mastered that :)

  31. jack Says:

    alfano was land it the same 540° of franky
    alfano fuck evry body !!!!

  32. Grant Says:

    stéphane alfano isa fucking winging faggot. he absolutly broke into tears about getting 2nd place and acted li9ke a fucking douche bag on camera. next year rollerblading won’t even be televised in the LG comp thanks to his faggotish and childish act. He also waited for Franky to land that 540, then went and copied his trick, when he landed it he jumped around threw his helmet and acted like he was the first one to do the trick, meanwhile as you can see Franky is juiced but humble about it. That Stephane needs to be dropped from the conference completely, he’s a fucking idiot and a terrible representation for rollerblading. Hey Stephane FUCK YOU!

  33. Grant Says:

    PS notice how he’s not even in the podium pic? Yeah cause he was off fucking crying like a fucking bitch about getting second place. Fuck what a faggot.

  34. Megameth Says:

    fire Alfano, we don’t need anymore babies in our sport.

  35. Fred Castro Says:

    if this stuff is true, than that is why everybody talks shit on this kid, i remember him here in Brasil at the latin american X-Games he was disqualified for gettin to the competition 2 hours after it has started haha…

    man, rolling is getting tossed out of every major event, and we have guys doing childish stuff like this? no wonder why rollerbladings reputation is so bad these days…

    anyways, maybe it isnt true… rumors are hard to believe, but maybe who wrote this was actually there, so…

    anyways, keep rolling!



  36. Hornetz Says:

    it’s true, i was there too. he flipped off the cameras and crowd and pulled a halfmoon haha, what a bitch…and he copied franky too on that 540. Franky tried a 9 on the same gap and almost had it

  37. flowskate Says:

    are you serious
    that is incredibly bad
    i suggest that the conference actually drop him for that behavious, and let LG know that something is being done.
    Our sports had enough commerical knocks without some pretentious pricl causing a scene over judging
    someone needs to tell him that style gores along way and franky has it in massive bucketloads.
    what a nightmare
    disown him from rollerblading.
    its odd actually
    ive never met or seen him, but ive heard so so so many bad things about his bad attitude, arrogance, negative competitiveness and general bullshit.
    lynch him.
    oh yeah and PROPS TO JENNA!!!!!!!!

  38. Rollervision Says:

    wft not again, man Oli talk to this bloke , we cant afford to have anymore of this, because of some cocky ass mofo that thinks just cause he can do shit means he should win every contest he’s at, unbelieveable!, get in touch asap with LG A. S. , straighten his fn attitude or simply dont fun trips to major events where our sport is on the line.

  39. Rollervision Says:

    message to all those young rollers out there, this is what happens if you follow the line of alfano, total respect to Franky Morales&Haffey… 2 of many good athletes role models, you wanna win you gotta show some steez, not be some ROBOT.


  40. nilinds Says:

    we need a petition to ban alfano from all televised and sponsored events

  41. rollerblading is gay Says:

    bond, james bond Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 5:00 pm
    shayne skowers did royale to 540 drop from vert to bank in ‘02 and dat was a lot better.

    i remember this trick but it was no where near as big as this one. the verts are different sizes and this one was bigger

  42. mannne Says:

    stephane alfano is the man !!!! every body was in the competition say he must win.
    so maybe he s do to much bad thing but is just !!
    so you are maybe 20 people to speak bad after him but is a big rumor you star to make and you re very stupid guys.
    it s a long time this guy skate and he do a lot for rollerblading.
    you very stupid guys nobody know him and me too but i was to the event and every athlete over there suppport him !!!


  43. Vince Zywczak Says:

    Done alot for rollerblading? with his actions at LG he actually pushed us even further back in maturing as a sport. Nobody should support him when he acts like a childish douche bag. How can you say people should support him when he was even banned from Winterclash? He is one of two people I know to be actually banned from anything in rollerblading. thats saying something. I dont even know how hes done a lot for rollerblading anyway, all Ive ever seen from him was some shit at the x games and a lot of sloppy ass corkscrews. Fuck Alfano.

  44. Ibrahim Says:

    very very good air Franky Morales drops a 540 down

  45. ilayfatdumps Says:

    If this is true, HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED FROM THE CONFERENCE! The Conference probably has the most influence of rollerblading to the outside. LG is big.

  46. Neary Says:

    I hear once he started on Adam Kola!
    He and Conference should apolagise to LG maybe but i think Alfano probably has too much pride to do that. x’

  47. god save the queer Says:

    alfano is the john mac enro of our sport (except that mac enro wasn’t on cocaine…).
    oh stephane, qu’est ce qui t’arrive pour faire ça, pourquoi pleurer? Si t’arrétais tes caprices et que t’étais un peu moins prétentieux tu n’en serais que meilleur.

  48. pom Says:

    dont fire alfano, he is one beast at rollin’! wouldnt wanna see such talent go to waste…

    by the sounds of it his attitude needs straightening out though..

  49. flowskate Says:

    he needs dropping
    thos kind of actions are pathetic

    who cries like a bitch for coming second?
    his skills are second to his ego and his bad attitude.
    he got banned from winterclash too?
    fuck him

  50. tom Says:

    frankies was amazing! but shane was shitfaced when he did it!!!!! haha props to both!

    CJ should have won! hahaha

  51. 40 oz killa Says:

    I can’t believe someone remebers the contest with Shayne Skowers. I bunch a cool shit went down that contest. Franky Morales has been in rollerblading forever and is still really f^%$in good. I wanna know what hes smokin!!!

  52. jamie Says:

    holy shit franky morales is loco

  53. Stephan Alfano says: Says:

    I won! Franky Morales sucks. i am the best rollerblader in the world -becaause I am French. All rollerbladers should kiss my ass.

  54. keir Says:

    crazy! hahaha fuck

  55. alfanus Says:

    je pense que ce n’est pas alfanette qui a posté le dernier com avec son nom, tout simplement parcequil n’a pas le niveau d’anglais suffisant (deja que le francais de ce garcon est limité…)

  56. flowskate Says:

    clearly not the real stephan ^
    he aint gonna say shit on here really is he?
    he’ll be too busy asking himself why he is so pathetic

  57. Someone Says:

    Alfano is kicking out of the conference.
    i’m really no kidding.
    really no joke.

  58. Beebop Says:

    no more LG
    no more Winterclash
    no more Summerclash
    no more SDSF
    no more FISE

  59. RemiX UH44 Says:

    What a fucking wanker.
    Not a great loss to rollerblading I must say.
    There’s more to skating than copying peoples tricks , even if you add a 180 to the trick here and there.