Lg Action Sports: Seattle 2008 Video, Results & more

Lg Action Sports

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Franky Morales @ the Lg Action Sports:

Franky Morales drops a 540 down onto an inline skate ramp from the huge vert ramp. Key Arena, Seattle.

Thanks Gibbosk8.


Street, Women:
1. Jenna Downing
2. Fallon Heffernon
3. Fabiola da Silva

Street, Men:
1. Franky Morales
2. Stephane Alfano
3. David Sizemore

Vert, Finals:
1. Marco de Santi
2. Shane Yost
3. Fabiola da Silva

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  • 40 oz killa

    I can’t believe someone remebers the contest with Shayne Skowers. I bunch a cool shit went down that contest. Franky Morales has been in rollerblading forever and is still really f^%$in good. I wanna know what hes smokin!!!

  • jamie

    holy shit franky morales is loco

  • Stephan Alfano says:

    I won! Franky Morales sucks. i am the best rollerblader in the world -becaause I am French. All rollerbladers should kiss my ass.

  • keir

    crazy! hahaha fuck

  • alfanus

    je pense que ce n’est pas alfanette qui a posté le dernier com avec son nom, tout simplement parcequil n’a pas le niveau d’anglais suffisant (deja que le francais de ce garcon est limité…)

  • flowskate

    clearly not the real stephan ^
    he aint gonna say shit on here really is he?
    he’ll be too busy asking himself why he is so pathetic

  • Someone

    Alfano is kicking out of the conference.
    i’m really no kidding.
    really no joke.

  • Beebop

    no more LG
    no more Winterclash
    no more Summerclash
    no more SDSF
    no more FISE

  • RemiX UH44

    What a fucking wanker.
    Not a great loss to rollerblading I must say.
    There’s more to skating than copying peoples tricks , even if you add a 180 to the trick here and there.