Laurent Alessandri (16): Razors Junior Team, Edit

Laurent Alessandri Razors Junior Team

Laurent Alessandri, Montpellier (France), member of the Roll’School Association.

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28 Responses to “Laurent Alessandri (16): Razors Junior Team, Edit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That kids having fun

  2. Kev from O?O Says:

    holy mary mother of god!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice I like how hes not afraid of speed, How old is this dude?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sick! Kid has potential.

  5. RS POWA Says:

    This dude have 16 years old !! he skate since 2-3 years now !! his basic tricks : true king grind !!

  6. lolo Says:

    stylish kid!
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  7. Anonymous Says:

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  8. flowskate Says:

    Future right there ^

  9. Clemounet Says:

    Pepito in da place !

  10. Anonymous Says:

    avec le fise et tous les park qui se construisent a montpellier ya moyen qu’il y en ai d’autres des comme ça

  11. the game Says:

    Pour etre plus réaliste je dirais plutot que Malgrés le fise et tous les bmxparks de merde qu’ils construisent autour de montpellier, il yen a d’autres comme ca qui arrivent…

    en tou cas bien ouej Pépito !

  12. Anonymous Says:

    mini roman !! jajajajaja

  13. Diaz Says:

    This kid is on FIRE. You’ll hear a lot about him in the future if he starts being noticed by sponsors. Congrats to Razors for giving him a chance, hope to see a full edit of Laurent soon, he’ll amaze everyone !

    Oh, and I forgot, Laurent is from MONTPELLIER City in the South of france, come and see him live there, you won’t regret it.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    One does not simply … do a hurricane topsoul as a kid

  15. bRAAAINdEAAAAd Says:

    laurent got his own style, own tricks and is cool !

    Bang !

  16. buster da thruster Says:

    This kid simply owns, i cant wait to see more from him

  17. Anonymous Says:

    gromiest of grom style everr

  18. MF Says:

    kids a fucking boss. straight up

  19. funny shit Says:

    Razor will give him free shit but no respect. They’ll use him for his name, image, fame, style, and marketability yet he’ll still be broke. Here can do better than razor

  20. funny shit Says:

    He deserves better than razor. Once he finally get hurt, I guarantee you that you will kick him off the team even for flow or a mixture and he will be so hurt that no sponsor had his back. On his downtime that he’ll never skate the same way again he deserves better than that from any sponsor like all of us do. Hence screw razors. Great team, they’re all broke. That ain’t right. Skating is a full time job. We do it for the love and we vrt messed up daily. Why not pay us like a regular employee so we can maintain our lives since we’re devoting our everything to their companies. No rider means no publicity in a good and free from advertising way. Pay a kid whatever cause you as a company owner will make millions. Right now on my job I make roughly $5k a month. Do something around there so that we can enjoy seeing our favorite skaters grow up along with us versus new faces every week with weaker styles than those from before

  21. Anonymous Says:

    big up continu comme ça mon pote tu déchires!!!!!

  22. Gary Says:

    Nice, really nice. He’s got a lot of style.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    better than wake shepman, and this kid skates street

  24. Thrawn Says:

    Can it be 2017 already so i can see this kid killing it at 20? This dude has steeze and tricks. Can’t wait to see more

  25. zakbuys Says:

    Boom! Liked that…

  26. Diaz Says:


    RPRSNT le sud, Laurent allias “True Kindgrind for dayyyyys” !!!!

  27. lamech Says:

    Très très bon ça !!!!
    Moi il me fait penser à un certain Nico Auroux ce kid…. Quand on voit ce que ça donne maintenant…. Continue comme ça !!!!!!

  28. blake bird Says:

    meet this kid at FISE pure ripper good work!