KIA X-Games 2013: AIL Street Finals

KIA X-Games 2013: AIL Street Finals

The 6th annual KIA World Extreme Games were held in Shanghai, China June 9-12, 2013. Here is the Fox Sports broadcast. You can check the vert video and results here.

More Street Footage: Round 1 Heat 1 | Round 1 Heat 2.

Street Results

  1. Soichiro Kanashima (JPN)
  2. Worapoj Boonnim (THA)
  3. Yuto Goto (JPN)


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  • boner

    Kind of depressing how empty the stands are…

  • Anonymous

    Inline needs it own course! Not this small rinky-dink skateboard shit. Congrats to Kanashima anyway

  • gay

    wooo lriche eisree!!

    sickest street park ever

  • Blade_Runner

    Always good to see those guys skate. I wish they would of got a better park set up to skate. I would be a little pissed if I came all that way to skate that. I’m sure they were a little put off by it too.

  • Daniel Wakolbinger

    That terrible park combined with that bad punk music…let alone the empty stands…depressing

  • 70Sav

    Depressing? This was great to watch! Took me back 10 years when the US had inline in the X-Games. These folks killed it. Soichiro doesn’t get near enough coverage. That man kills park and is so damn smooth. Thank you to whoever posted this.

  • PascalMR

    @Blade_Runner, the one that complained were the one that complain when the skatepark is good or bad. All the guys in the final are some one the nicest personality in rollerblading, they made the best of the park and actually did some really proper lines for a park that bad.

  • epic

    That Yuto Goto full cab true darkside soul though!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Park is shit! No wonder the stands are empty. If any here is older enough to remember the ASAs with Feinberg, Grob, Skower, Azpurua etc. competing on, those parks were ill. I mean there’s more risk now skating a full vert pipe with pads, the hell?

  • luciano fly

    que lixo de pista é essa ? como os patinadores vão mandar aquelas manobras insanas que levantam a galera numa pista que parece ser feita pra crianças

  • Anonymous



    They must have either mixed up inline skating with skateboarding, or just don’t really understand the difference. A big competition is the same for both. Another interesting point is scale of this competition being equivalent to the old ASA comps on ESPN2, and sponsored by a car company. Depressing or not, at least China will put spotlight on rollerblading.

  • The Artful Throbber

    Those Japs are rather stylish! Wonder if they can skate street well

  • boost

    yeah!!!!!! Kia’s a great car…I survived a car accident in that joint with no bruises or marks… its like a durable doom buggy with style…blessed.. anyway, nice competition…


  • Crusty Cock Slobber

    Boost, are you mental?

  • Hans Hockey

    lol tiny streetcourse