Kaltik UK Tour: Edit by Kevin Mc Gloughlin

Filmed by Kevin Mc Gloughlin, Paraic Mc Gloughlin, Ben Shelbourne & Zim Zim Zima.

Featuring Conor Manweiler, Blake Bird, Joey Egan, Kev & Pariac Mcgoughlin, Keir Lindsay, Balzas Zima, Morgan Lynch, Scott Riddles, James Keyte & more.


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  • sam t

    very nice edit,awesome art work !

  • Lee Doig is all about carbon 2’s!!

    two thumbs good!!

  • jah

    jah kaltik jah bless…

  • pom

    nice,nice, interested in those frames!!!

    that disaster true top porn was fucken ridiculous!

  • papa smurf

    Lots of really buck tricks in that, Kaltik respect!

  • Who Is She

    another sik edit Kev

  • DarthRoller

    Sick as always.

    Please hit Northern Ireland next time round!

  • MacI

    Scottish Kaltik team rider Cammy needs your help!


  • http://kaltik joey

    that was sick kev nice respect ,,,,,the frames so good ….wot a session we had and that was just a taster lots more too come keep up the good work lad s have it large ,,,,,,, who is she ……….peace out

  • burn’t owl

    sick edit, but its stupid that ireland is called part of the UK tour, infact its gays as hell, change it dicks

  • boller

    hey burny owl ,the irish did a tour of the uk,all the clips were from in the uk u fuckin idiot

  • random

    dom bambrick is a prick

  • burn’t owl

    hey boller dick, if its only the uk fuckin tour why is ireland included on the fucking poster, thats whats annoying and stupid, fuckin brits

  • tama

    because it’s the irish tour to the UK, makes sense

  • Anonymous

    best frames on the market,
    Edit is amazing cant wait to see the new kaltik Vid!