K2 Skates: 2016 Collection

K2 Skates: 2016 Collection

We upped our game with a complete reengineered collection of Aggressive skates that’ll motivate you to go bigger and further than ever before.

The all-new Unnatural and Front Street models embody the latest in K2’s arsenal of product innovation positioned specifically for dynamic skate performance whether at the park or on the street.

Post on Blog.k2skates.com | 2016 Collection Catalogue (PDF).

K2 Skates

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  • Billy Prislin

    In for Louie Zamora, Franky Morales, and Brandon Smith reunion on K2’s.

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    These kind of look amazing !

  • Bryan Fajkovic

    Wow absolutely love it!!! Def gotta try these skates!

  • Thomas Dalbis

    “K2’s arsenal of product innovation” what a JOKE!! pretty much stole the frame design, how can they claim they came up with it? and who is that guy skating? def not a pro skater was he supposed to get me hyped on the skate? didn’t work so who’s the pro team?