Jacob Juul, Dominik Wagner & Nick Wood: California, Remz Edit (2009)

November 2009 Repost.

Jacob Juul, Dominik Wagner & Nick Wood: California Remz Edit (2009)

Remz pros Jacob Juul and Dominik Wagner visiting Woodster in Santee California for a few days (November 2009).

Filmed and Edited by Woodster, Music by “Moonglow359″.

Jacob Juul, Dominik Wagner & Nick Wood: California Remz Edit (2009)

Thanks Kato.

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46 Responses to “Jacob Juul, Dominik Wagner & Nick Wood: California, Remz Edit (2009)”

  1. Eee Says:


  2. baamm Says:

    CJ ON TOP………………………………………………………………..ON TOP

  3. jiri Says:

    ty vole. great to watch!!

  4. dsadsa Says:

    super super super super super super sick – some real skating no CK/hipster/gangsta wannabes

  5. jeremy kyle Says:

    sick edit! wagnor is a sick head juul was tearing shit up cj drinking shit up and now i rate woods as a sick head its all about sick shit on rails an ledges!

  6. Etienne Says:


  7. jo Says:

    bibuh weiß wo du wohnst!!! bibuh!!!!!!

    super geiler shit, congrats

  8. Chris Angelius Says:

    ahaha random CJ clip was priceless.

  9. Jordan Says:

    Cool edit. Would have like to have seen more of CJ. :)

  10. nzblader Says:

    yyyyyyeeeeahhh C.J is THE MAN

  11. Ralpho Says:

    Sick edit !!
    And Thx for CJ “playa” rider !!!!

  12. Jon Says:

    It’s so funny to see non-americans skating in the U.S. They’re clearly skating convenient stuff that don’t quite exist in Europe.

  13. smoker Says:

    that was very nice, kinda epic. good to see dominik shredding

  14. Decepticon Says:

    Absolutely loved that. Big fan of Dominik and Jacob. CJ’s trick was unreal too. Good work

  15. Timm Says:

    geeeeeil maan!!!

  16. Jack Says:

    Is that Moonglow the same retard that was trying to find teh vg rootz lol?

  17. pom Says:

    nick wood is the man,some snaz tricks..
    needed more cj.
    last topsoul was cool

  18. anthony.Finocchiaro Says:

    BAAAANG’ Domonik WAGNER is very good style and skating! LOVE’

    Great, ANthony F.

  19. danny b Says:

    the woodster fucking killing it! nick is hilarious and amazing at skating

  20. Mario Mlakar Says:

    Hey Woodster, I love your progress filming and editing wise. Slow mo “steadyshots” are sweet. You twixtor`ed that or just regular slow mo?

    Drunkmore was an out loud LOL alone in my room.

    Always a joy watching Remz edits.

  21. smoker Says:

    & … the leg looks pretty good. cool actually, you aim your harmless blades with a shotgun, but you let a bear get away with a part of your leg?

  22. jam Says:

    nearly every trick nick did was really interesting! dom wagner skates classic powerful and fast, great to watch!

  23. henry Says:

    i need more CJ in my life!

  24. kev Says:

    great chill vibes. well worth the watch!!!!!!

  25. Dino Says:

    woodster is too good. I would love to see a full profile on him soon!

  26. myksee Says:

    does anyone else see that sliced open leg????


  27. ret'd Says:

    hell yeah good edit

  28. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Feeling that topsoul drop topsoul on the tiny curved rail. Brilliant edit once again Woody;)

  29. machtroua Says:

    Nice stuff, good tricks, pleasure…

    The only thing I found wierd is the music choice, surprising for the Woodster and it sounds like a corporate background music.

  30. Tom Fry Says:

    Wagner, CJ and Haffey in the same team…could it be more tight?
    Amazing CJ and Wagner are the best!!!!!

  31. Road Rasher Says:

    Wow! Great Edit! So many classic rollerblading spots! And the TS at the end, wow. Dominic Wagner is a POWERHOUSE! Champion of the world next year…you will see.

  32. Jan Says:

    Yeah, who’s fucking leg is that???
    Sweet edit, get bladed.

  33. brain fear gone Says:

    finally seeing nick wood skating and doing good is brilliant!
    also seeing these two european skating was fun!!
    CJs trick was very nice but I still don´t get the hype around him…
    he can only do few tricks. please prove me wrong CJ! you are still a fun to watch skater!

    much love to the remz team!

  34. Dom Seven Says:

    the last Trick the Top Soul from Domenik was very nice

  35. Juan (Moving to SoCal) Says:

    very nice edit!

  36. peter Says:

    that fucking last bench? i could see a back royale maybe but a fucking topsoul across that fucking thing? amazing, whole edit, remz needs something besides white skates however….

  37. trickit Says:

    So good! But who is the man of the leg?

  38. Marcus Says:

    I’m curious to, Remz team is fucking awesome, no doubt… but who is the man behind this leg???

  39. Mike Says:

    That Cj guy seems like a dog cunt.

  40. New spot Says:

    Etienne!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up dude!!!!!!!!!! Hope your doing well

    So I would just like people to know I showed Nick a few of those epic spots such…so your welcome haha :)

  41. Anonymous Says:

    and nick wood has a pro skate because???………

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Remz haven’t had an all white skate since the 09.1- 3 years ago, so stop whining.

  43. David Says:

    That was great. Great skating form Wood, nice to see hes till go it

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Where the fuck did you see a sliced leg ?!!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    who the fuck is Nick Wood?

  46. what? Says:

    How is that nick wood guy pro and people like sneaky and jake dotson not pro?