Justin Brasco: 2011 USD Edit by Austin Paz

Justin Brasco: 2011 USD Edit by Austin Paz

Justin Brasco has been holding it down for skating since back in the day. Here is a collection of tricks from 2011.

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28 Responses to “Justin Brasco: 2011 USD Edit by Austin Paz”

  1. Dan-Man Says:

    Boss shit!

    making my way down to Phoenix in less than a month and can’t wait to get at some of those spots!!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    & AQUA NET

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Diaz Says:

    That was actually sick. I watched the edit to see how far Paz’ editing skills had gone, and I was not disappointed, but the skating, the tricks, the style were also on point ! Congrats !

  5. Maarten Ducrot Says:

    1:11 naked blading

    sick edit, good skating


  6. Bobby Smith Says:

    This kid has mad skills. He killed it when he hit up Leeds.

  7. Dis Dick Says:


    Overall it was a nice edit. Cinematography was decent, skating was solid and more creative than most and I had no issues with the editing though it was nothing special. Though it does not need to be, it just needs to showcase the skating well.

    My major criticism is trying to look hard all the time, it’s getting old. I think the industry needs to take a hint from the sections coming out of Australia. They are much more creative and I think present the skaters in a more positive light. By no means do they look soft, they just don’t come off like they want to bunch, which I think makes the sport appear to be more lighthearted and fun. I love hip-hop… it’s just sort of expected.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    always looked like a kelso wannabie, try harder

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Dis dick…some good points there man. Funny though, for once I didn’t think about the whole ‘looking hard’ thing, as I usually become aware in other edits. Think in this it was more a borderline xzibit-ish “your ride’s just been pimped” for me, hahaha. Sick stuff all round; got me juiced.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Dude’s from NYC…be dissapointed if he wasn’t “hard”

  11. GK Says:

    I think I just CUM.

  12. yeyah Says:

    This muhfucka been ill since back in the day

  13. YI Yiiiiii Says:

    Kelso wannabe? What the fuck are you talking about?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    you guys that criticize his skating probably sucks.

  15. flowskate Says:

    sick edit and dope skating…im not sure about grinding memorials though…just saying.

  16. Jeff Scott Says:

    dope edit….reppin NYC

  17. Matthias Ogger Says:

    Boss Playa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. israel Says:

    always makes me happy seeing my rail in an edit cant wait to put some more in

  19. meroller Says:

    still rocking the Eo fish !! loved his skating in Maintain!

  20. crazyb925 Says:

    Justin’s blading is sick! fuck you haters!

  21. Jay Cottrell Says:

    brascos the man, always rapin it on the skates

  22. swag god Says:

    Sick spots good to see somewone skating diffrent shit and not being a pussy

  23. Glenn Jersey Says:

    This was awesome on all fronts.

  24. Bobby Smith Says:

    i wanna have his babies

  25. jon morciglio Says:

    justinnnnnnn sick shit brother.fun times when you stayed at my place on your road trip to cali. keep killing shit, hope to see you soon son!!!!

  26. Derek Carr Says:

    USD needs to give this kid more play, edit was fire

  27. Ceepeee Says:

    Definitely a cool edit. Shout out to the good bladers from NYC ( him & Austin included).

    SN: I wish he didn’t use this song. I definitely was about to use it lol. Good song choice lol.

  28. Soto Says:

    Always a pleasure to watch you skate in person or in edits, good shit Brasco!