Julian Mire: Remote, Pregame

Julian Mire

Recently I’ve noticed a common distain for words such as “leftovers” “Quick” and “Unused” being used to title short or ‘leftover’ material in the rollerblading community.

In an effort to accomodate these petty judgements from people who do not work hard to make quality videos and very well might not even own a camera, I have titled this collection… mind you less than half… of Julian Mire’s footage for the upcoming Nashville rollerblading video “Pregame”.

I hope the title is a bit more palpable to you overconfident, low intellect, and arrogant internet fiends.

That said. “Remote” a Nashville Rollerblading Video releases May 2012. Full Sections of Marcus Dixon, Zach Leavell, Taylor Popham and Julian Mire.

Photos: 01, 02.

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  • Dis Dick

    These YouTube videos are unwatchable. They freeze in the middle of every trip. Vimeo, or don’t upload it.

  • NNO

    that AO neg makio shiiet!

  • http://www.rolldc.com Doug Cupo

    clip machine….sick blading Julian.

  • DIck Dickerson

    southerscum is the gayest fuck thing ever, anything having to do with chad anthony and stefan brandow is not cool and if anyone thinks otherwise theyve got rocks in their head

  • Glenn Stigge

    good job living up to your name, Dick, now go choke on a bowl of your dad’s jizz. It’ll be a better use of your time than leaving anonymous hater comments on the internet. Chad may be retarded but at least he makes moves to keep our dying industry going, instead of just talking random shit like a fucking pussy.

  • Dis Dick

    Glenn? Nice fucking name. You still live in the suburbs in your parents basement? You come to Berlin sometime I’ll tell you how to get ahold of me so I can clean the streets with your fucking face. I have a problem with the upload and you’re gonna talk trash? Who’s the pussy. I’ll murder you.

  • The Guy That Made The Video

    Youtube supports higher resolutions and file sizes than vimeo will accomodate for free. I have also found recently that Youtube drops fewer frames and is making great strides to better itself. I am sorry that in you poor hateful part of the world, the internet sucks, but that is not my fault.

    Also, it is perfectly fine not to like Southern Scum, there are many sects of blading culture I disagree with such as 666, upside down crosses and whatever the hell A Chosen Few thinks they are doing. That said those things arent going to keep me from watching people like John Bolino/ the rest of the Shredweiser crew, Conner O’Brien and Ian McCleod.

    In conclusion, to all you hate mongers out there… FUCK OFF BITCH BOY


  • T.J.

    Julian I’m totally with you on the anti-hate message but I noticed a couple of crucial errors in your description, and felt that since you were being critical of others’ intellects here, you might want to correct these mistakes so you don’t look an ass:
    1. the word is spelled ‘Disdain’, not dis[t]ain.
    2. in your last point you used the word ‘palpable’, when the correct word here would be ‘palatable’.

  • Anonymous

    why was there someone holding him in the street 1:00 in? so weird? all he did was a fishbrain on a foot long rail

  • Anonymous

    southern scum is fucking garbage…funny how nobody in the rollerblading industry likes them…they did steal from fucking brian shima at a bitter cold…

  • DK

    I like it, really Solid and that Misfit was amazing! can’t wait for the full video!

  • Dick Dickerson the first

    i cant believe they even let those big headed ass clowns back at bittercold

  • Anonymous

    There was nothing scum about that edit!!! >:(

  • Dis Dick

    Berlin does offer a lot of gay bar options. That is why I am truly in love with rollerblading. I get to hang with the bros all day and be sweaty. But the nightlife here is consumed of cheap liquor and complete disregard for other people. I like to also check out the tranny scene once in a while…you never know what you will find! Cum to Berlin!

  • >:)

    i like southern scum

  • Anonymous

    kinda wack but uhhh idk keep going probably get better

  • Fun Fact

    “southern scum is fucking garbage…funny how nobody in the rollerblading industry likes them…they did steal from fucking brian shima at a bitter cold…”

    What you have said is not true

    First a little background knowledge:
    Brad and Chad ran a Skateshop called Blue Wallace after something happened with that they opened up an online shop called Left Foot Right. After that had not worked out Brad went on to be a U.S. Rep. for Adapt Skates and Chad started Southern Scum. That’s where we are today…

    Now to the point:
    While Blue Wallace was going they had a bunch of supporters from the South. Roger Langley (The kid who stole from Brian Shima) not only was a supporter of Blue Wallace but, was friends with Brad, Chad, and everyone on the team. Hence why there is a photo of him at Bittercold, the year that this happened, behind the booth of Blue Wallace. Let me emphasize that he DID NOT ride for Blue Wallace (that’s where a lot of mistakes are made). He just had a Blue Wallace shirt on the day of the incident. Hopefully that sums things up. Brad and Chad are cool dudes and would NEVER condone stealing from a major company in rollerblading or in general for that matter.

    So to anonymous who made the above quoted comment, Southern Scum was no where involved with this mess nor was Brad or Chad.

  • Anonymous

    why was everything shot with a death lens?