Julian Bah Wagner: Adapt 2015 Edit by Chris Smith

Julian Bah Wagner: Adapt 2015 Edit

Previously: Julian Bah: Blader Gang Worlwide (2014) Free VOD.

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  • Mike Way


  • guest

    Not HD. Come on it’s half way through 2015. Best buy sells HD cameras for $100. Fucking amateur shit. But what do you expect from someone that rides for adapt? Not quality.

    • digigenocide2

      I’m guessing you’ve probably haven’t skated a pair of adapts.

      • guest

        I did. The cuff was like putting my leg in a metal tube without padding and the leather was destroyed in two weeks. It took a lot of shoo-goo to keep them working for the six months I skated them. The soles bend then stick on sole grinds. The frame mounts stripped so I had to cut the skates apart to replace them.

      • digigenocide2

        I’ve been skating a pair of ones for almost 6 months now and the only issue I’ve had was with the straps and the Velcro inside the liner.

  • ninja

    I love the camera work!

    Dat last trick

  • Agris

    yeah, nice edit! Some really nice tricks and camera angles!

  • jca123

    oh shit. too much. are those the symmetrics frames?? when are they out???

  • http://theambiance.ro Sebastian Andrei

    Julian makes adapt look good ! Big edit

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Love seeing Jbah blade and it’s cool to see him starting to go more “tech” than hammer.

    We all know Jbah has huge tech skill i.e. Richie/Browskow style it’s great to see some of that come out.

  • Graeme Wilson

    The dopeness. This was super sick. MOAR!!