Julian Bah: Adapt Winter 2013 by Erick Rodriguez

Julian Bah: Adapt Winter 2013 by Erick Rodriguez

Shot in California, Atlanta and New York City.

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52 Responses to “Julian Bah: Adapt Winter 2013 by Erick Rodriguez”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  2. What Says:

    Sick always fun to watch , fuck razor

  3. COCO Says:

    Love being slapped around by this thug.

  4. CEO ADAPT Says:

    predict the date OUR COMPANY fires him and win a pair of Adapt blades.

  5. balls deep Says:

    Both these guys will be flippin’ burgers in a McDonalds near you soon.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dude still rips

  7. Kaspa Says:

    Is anyone actually skating these blades apart from him?

  8. traktorS4 Says:

    erod is a fag


  9. dingo Says:

    yeah what a nice sunday present:-) name of the song please

  10. shithead Says:

    andrew broom, russell day, benny harmanus and some other random european people

  11. slayer Says:

    well made blades, they are the new era of rollerblades like seba and
    of course carbons this is what we need, a step up on skates tired of hard plastic shit material rbs. Ill give xsjado credit for being different but thats it

  12. Anonymous Says:

    @slayer : Hard plastic ? Carbon isn’t harder ? Are you that stupid ???

    @dingo : Name of this shitty song, are you serious ?

    @Julian “Douchebag” Bah : we don’t wan’t to see you anymore. A lot of riders won’t skate Adapt because of you and your fake life/attitude.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    that was a nice edit – great style, julian, looking so uniquely relaxed when making big shit. and the landings are perfect, seems like the adapt skates really offers some support. i wish there was some more skating though, i really got hungry

    only bad thing is this fucking rollernews hate — seems like you idiots are stuck in some ugly moralism, please live some more years and until then: shut up in here

  14. Sorry Says:

    I was considering buying Adapt for Christmas but now that Bah is representing …..I’ll pass.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Julian rips, he can’t rap though. Once he gives up rap I’ll support his blading. Bit until then. It’s a big NoPe!!!

  16. Critic Says:

    Well done, J-Bah, nice edit. You still drop hammers. Glad to see someone’s bringing back hurricane cess slides!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    erod and franky must drag j bah with them for better tricks and better edits with him also.THE AVENGERS

  18. Anonymous Says:

    What the track name

  19. Anonymous Says:

    A couple of the tricks were awesome. The first royale 270 off to drop and the royale to drop ao topsoul 540 off. I liked those two tricks.

    I don’t really have an opinion of him. His skating hasn’t seemed to evolve much but he can still do nice ao topsouls. A lot of people are being (obviously) a little hasty on completely trashing the guy.

    Oh, but do I want Adapts after seeing a J-bah edit? No, not at all. Andrew Broom and Guillaume le Gentil made me want adapts, though.

  20. KJ Wolf Says:

    Don’t make comments about people you know nothing about…
    Julian Bah is a GOOD man who has gone through EXTREMELY difficult times in his life that YOU know nothing about!!! Are you so perfect you can really judge someone you don’t know? If you don’t like his skating, it is what it is but don’t try to comment on the person he is because frankly, you don’t know him…
    Just like all these people who call you constantly negative people FAGGOTS for hating on Rollernews ALL the time and making this a place full of negativity don’t actually know about you and YOUR non-pro rollerblading life and your unsponsored status and your no-pro-skate because you’ll never be as good as Julian Bah or anyone on his level!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    A+ edit ! Pros in blading don’t make money… JBah has stayed in the game and blades cause he loves it !!! We should honor pros like him for their dedication to our sport and keeping whatever little bit of alive. Not bashing them for some shit that happened 10 years ago…

    RN = lame troll city 12 year old ethugs

  22. Dis Dick Says:

    I don’t care what his attitude is like, I don’t see him around. As far as the edit – It wasn’t as good as I had hoped for but dood can skate for sure and was still a pleasure to watch. He’s gotten older, which I think has led him to playing it safer. Nothing wrong with that. Franky is the only exception I’ve seen to this.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    This makes me sad. J baH just killed this shit. But ErOd completely ruined it, he just can not fucking film. through that damn dslr in the trash dude. EROD. GET THE FUCK OUT OF BLADING.

  24. Canon Says:

    Subperb filming and skating.

  25. Japetto Says:

    Came off a little early on that ao top soul…
    Other then that, it was a pretty good edit.

  26. :D Says:

    what the hell is up with these trolls. This edit was super chill, banger tricks here n there. I got into blading this summer, so I know that the cess slide game is old school, but this makes me want to try it out. dunno why peeps are bitchin about filming, the angles were sweet. Jbahs edits are the only ones that make me wanna get adapts, I like how he skates em, oldschool style on new tech.

  27. :D Says:

    that true miz picture..his adapts look like leather salomons..adapts are soo cool, we need more russell and jbah edits, they really show off how great the skates are, performance wise and aesthetically as well.

  28. SA Blade Says:

    Dope as far as edits go. Consistent media is all good with me!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    reminds me of the julian we all remember and love….still good as hell

  30. Billy Doyle Says:



  31. Billy Doyle Says:

    Spark Master Tape feat Dat Nigga Nug – Leave My Crib

  32. Billy Doyle Says:

    I co-wrote/produced this song with Julian and Spark Master Tape back in 2012, so glad we could use the track on his new edit!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Nice tricks and skating. Music’s awful. J.Bah’s soooo ridiculous with his fake glasses.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    J Bah has been fired from every company he repped and slapped the shit out of Coco. Whoever buys these is supporting a person who abuses women.

  35. BallsDeep Says:

    Someone up top high-jacked my name. I only post sensible, constructive comments, please don’t tarnish my name you degenerate reprobate. ps: Support rollerblading and Mike Salts quest for peace. S4P

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t doubt that he’s a great skater with an awesome personality, but there are other skaters that are more deserving of their own pro skate

  37. Anonymous Says:

    It made my dick soft!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I bet he’s wearing those glasses so Coco won’t slap him back. Pussy.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Basic as fuck, weak style. And not to mention he’s extremely sketchy on almost every landing, it’s bad when you’re pro for a skate company when the ams in the game shred way harder than you.

  40. slayer Says:

    Can u compair carbons to razors or classic thrones dumb fuk im talking about hard plastic moon boots, fukin kids leave your comments and don’t reply to anyone this anit fag facebook fukin lil girls

  41. rollernews hater Says:

    look iv skated these skates my self,personely they kinda feel like Salomans with way less bend.kinda bulky and not for dropping hammers wut so ever.i like j bah as a skater& person,one of my fav to watch no joke,he’s as elite as they come.i hope they made those minor adjustments they said they did on his new pro model. cant wait…still give this edit win win for adapt! keep it up

  42. bryan F Says:

    that was reallly sick. Similar to his old style a bit. Loved it.

  43. tropocop Says:

    Julian bah in black market times!! thats all i say … i bet he can still rip like that but you guys dont understand that if theres no supporting industry you will not be willing to destroy your body all the time for a free pair of skates .. because thats what most guys who rip out there get!! … this is not snowboarding or BMX where sponsors like NIKE kick in the door and flood you with money for doing the most crazy things you can think about! … I also think this is not julians best skating but it also depends on the editor … i cant understand why you would put some of theese tricks into a promotion edit like that! … clearly rollerblading is missing some serious marketing focused people who select wisely what will go online and what not! … and fuck you all who cant respect somebody who was ripping shit you would not even thinking about in your dreams!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    adapts are faling apart …

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Love his style , tricks .. Maybe not the best skater around but still my fav of this time and can’t wait to see you rocking winterclash ;)

  46. interesting shit Says:

    Adapt. Please drop bah and pick up wake for pro. Seriously, bah can’t radio, has no glands of his own with his creativity on a Mic. His skating is well represented here, but he’s done way too much damage to spin his life decisions into a positive, lucrative story pure and simple.

  47. New Age Says:

    Adapt is a new company and probably don’t realize that Bah was only available because he’s been kicked off every other skate team. He’s a rapper wannabe who doesn’t skate very hard and slaps women. If that’s the image Adapt wants to project they just won’t sell many skates.

  48. Billy Doyle Says:

    Still I dont care guys.

    Skating for peace I am doing, I will be saving at least 17 penguins this year soley because I skate for peace

    Knarm sayin?

  49. getyofactsstraight Says:

    obviously you never saw the interview of coco and julian, you guys are just going off rumors if you actually knew julian and skated with him you would know he wouldn’t slap any girl!!!!

  50. interesting shit Says:

    That interview was when they first met dum dum. Secondly he sucks at rap, how do you bite off lil Wayne who sucks at rap and make a suckier version of a song. Thirdly, black market bah versus today market bag bah are world apart bah smoked so much weed he probably watches that section of himself and asks who that dude is and why isn’t he sponsored by a major company. Fourth abuse is abuse. You can smile on camera and try to hide the situation under the rug but not talking about it doesn’t make the situation go away it everyone’s belief that you are a sick dick who does tricks.

  51. interesting shit Says:

    Sorry typo on last sentence. Not talking about that coco situation only confirms everyone’s belief that you’re the worst type of man and I’m pretty sure your mom would want you to clear the air if you did it or not. I’m sure if you were innocent them there’s a lot of companies that would fuck with you but since isn’t golden, It’s fucking dumb.

  52. BLADERGANG Says: