Julian Bah: Adapt Teaser by Chris Smith

Julian Bah: Adapt Teaser

Adapt is proud to support one of the best known talents out there. Julian Bah is rocking his new custom Vegan skates.

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43 Responses to “Julian Bah: Adapt Teaser by Chris Smith”

  1. Swammerdam Says:

    I’ve never heard of skates being described as “vegan”. Could someone please explain?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    THE skate doesn’t ETA meat…….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wat wheeellls are they ?

  4. Warrior Says:

    Much respect to J Bah keep rolling and let the hater kill them self.

  5. soul2roll Says:

    Vegan hey, my hiking boots r too :D Is the leather (looking) bit made out of hemp?? That would be cool.

    How much are these skates? Can you even buy them yet?

    They look basic but i’ve heard good stuff about the souls. Does it have a good cuff? I take it its internal like deshi??

  6. Anonymous Says:

    too much skating, not enough jbah opening boxes of skates

  7. Trill Bill Says:

    Check out some of the Pow Wow edits of Mike Lilly killin’ it on the bitches… I’ve seen Zamora killin’ it on them.

    I’ve never skated them, but in person they are sexy as fuck, yes you can get them, and if you know how to skate (AND YOU ACTUALLY KNOW YOUR FOOTSIZE~!!!) they are probably the bees knees!

    (I’ll stick to my boots though!)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This is the way USD should have been going instead they going in reverse back to shitty liners and thicker more clunky skates…

    I would get Adapts if they weren’t $400 +

    2.0s will have the day !

  9. Alex M Says:

    “I’ve never heard of skates being described as “vegan”. Could someone please explain?”

    It means they’re made with synthetic materials made to reproduce the feel of leather, but no leather is actually being used.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Once again another bullshit fucking edit that shows way too much crap before the actual skating. great job guys.

  11. BTW Says:

    People just have to realize that there is a fine line between a commercial and a skate edit.

    I liked this commercial. Made me more interested in the company.

  12. nswan Says:

    dang, really sick that those are vegan. and sick he is supported once again. hopefully he doesn’t get the boot from them and he can start more growth

  13. bla Says:

    A lot of crap but that flatspin was beautyfull.

  14. dbeer Says:

    amazing! those skates look mad clean.

    flat 360 was so nice! Adapt made a good choice with Jbah, thats sweet

  15. COCO Says:

    slap the shit out of me please

  16. Anonymous Says:

    jbah got kicked out of bladergang?

  17. keepitluxurious Says:

    ^^^^ Fucking idiot

    Can’t everyone see this was inevitable? this starts and defines the line between skater owned and faggot owned company’s influences within our industry. This is a milestone on blading’s timeline and will be retold countless times throughout the future. He is a martyr.. don’t you see?

    BAH is a legend in rollerblading… just look at that back royale..timeless, the exact same royale we all know and love from past rollerblading media blockbusters that resonated worldwide.

    nswan….your comment was good but julian getting “the boot” from sponsors in the past did nothing to stunt his growth. It did the opposite. Can’t you see?

    All you faggots should support your brother in rolling and realize bah’s story is real activism for rollerblading. If you want to jerk off to the personal shit in your icons lives go watch TMZ and read tabloids, you pussies!

    A well deserved, event in rollerblading’s history from a legit company with a sick skate. This will resonate for years to come. Kudos to you Adapt!

  18. homer54o Says:

    Loved the edit. Clean rolling and cool to see rollerblading companies tie themselves into other subcultures and lifestyles such as veganism. I am definitely interested

  19. Anonymous Says:

    70% royale tricks from the worst looking royaler in rollerblading… ladies and gentlemen, I give you Julian Bah.

  20. 78498/483 Says:

    cool , i want to test those skates !

  21. Ben Shelbourne Says:

    Cant stand J-Bah, would never let him stay at mine again if I knew what he did ‘in his sleep’


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck J Bah, dude hits chicks and thinks he’s the man, no respect, no matter what he throws down, no respect for the little boy.

  23. jake Says:

    skates are sex.

  24. soufcak Says:

    do your thing j bah congrats!!
    fuck haters!!
    and most of you haters prolly got a mom thats been getting beat down by your pops for years, he did it once let that shit go casue it dont affect you!!
    also he is better than all you haters combined on them blades!!!!!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck vegan, give me some meat! I’ll be taking the leather b.smiths

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know the guy. I’m basing this idea off of a mushroom blading podcast, he stated moving back to ga and being depressed after his being let go from company’s. Who wouldn’t be? With that comes a stump on growth, as a blader mostly I would say. Because I would assume you would feel unwanted or like no one has your back. We all know growth comes from pain, if you let it. And I would say he did. He got with that band who he records with (also heard form mb podcast) and now a new supporter ( adapt ) I think my comment made sense. And I am glad you love him so much. He needs all that good energy out there for him.

    Deff. Excited to see his future with them.


  27. Brad Anthony Says:

    I see you Julian! Welcome to the family man

  28. Anonymous Says:


  29. Anonymous Says:

    2 hours to open the box !

    But the micro edit is good

  30. To the one that posted.. fuck vegan Says:

    The Valo’s do NOT use real leather. Even on the leather shoe designed based skate from B.Smiths its fake leather. Please use your eyes. Adapt Harmanus is the only skate currently with all leather. Even Carbon 4 say they use leather.. but its just fake leather. So easy to mislead the rolling community!

    Sick edit

  31. Joe Says:

    I think this was kind of a bad move by Adapt. I mean, they’re not very well known and comming out with a skater like Julian Bah, whitch is a good blader and has been around for a long time, but he don’t have the best reputation.
    And Juliah has no team so people understand that he is a easy catch.

    I think more people would be interested if they got a fresh skater like Mark Wojda (who actually has a team, USD) and took the time to make a really good street edit, getting people stoked!

    Not just throw out some “ok” edit once in a while (and now slap J. Bah in our face)


  32. BladerGANG Says:


  33. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^ what a cunt

  34. Fred Castro Says:

    I loved everything about this! Keep it up!


  35. Anonymous Says:

    skating was awesome……the worst royale in the industry? REALLY?
    I’m not sold on the look of the skate, but love the concept, well done adapt….

    It does prove Jbah can’t read, though…..helmet.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    A European brand giving the notorious JBah their first official skate release, as well as Julians first official pro model* doesnt make any sense……………………………… but in saying that, it makes all the sense in the world!!
    props all round!

  37. sbask Says:

    the fact that he has beat a woman and shouts “we out here” at every opportunity makes him a distastful character regardless of what he does on rollerblades. I don’t know him, and I dont want to.

  38. BladerGANG Says:

    Blader G A N G rap VIDEO s w a g, droppin 2012. ya heard?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^^ grow up….cunt

  40. pro boot Says:

    its probably boots for people who dont want beef….


  41. Anonymous Says:

    skates look good but too expensive.
    Anonymous : ??? usually Razors and Remz where european brands too.

  42. dyed red deshis Says:

    Real simple, ok skates. Look like carbons 1 with a night soul plate. I’m sure he’s happy to have his name on a pair since it’s been a while. Question is how will they twirly adapt their first mold. The block plates is so people can shape them as they see fit, but why go with what’s been done for years could they not have come up with a total new look, bah it’s a strong skater but makes really bad decisions for his career. The skates are okay, black skates wool always sale. They look smooth and sexy, these skates though for my taste have too many rough edges on the soul and pattern design want really thought out

  43. Ian Uk Says:

    Quite possibly the best flatspin I have ever seen!