Josh Petty: USD Coup de Tat Profile (2000)

December 2014 Repost + Video Rehost.

Josh Petty section edited by Joe Navran.

josh petty

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  • pepsi

    reason why 90% dressed like they dressed that time xD

  • Kevin Little

    Classic! One of my favorite videos of all time.

  • Arctic Roller

    I think Petty might have been number 3 on the USD ranking

    of course undeniably Shima #1 and Latimer #2 or vice versa

    Jon Julio didn´t count, cause he is more legendary than Arlo

  • blast all fools

    old skool shizzle!!!
    petty is tha bombbbbbbb!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That section was shit.

  • david jenkin$

    josh petty.psirus

  • hoax34

    Petty skates like a teddy bear!!!

    Only joking! Old skool sections need some old skool trolling.

    Everyone knows Petty is a legend.

  • joeman95

    yes sir…. must of watched this section like 100 times. Actually, about a month back i tossed this in the VCR just to watch this section. I wanna see a throwback Petty jersey like he had on England. Yup i’ll take 2, one for the frame and one for my back :) Petty FTMFW!!!!!

  • Rob

    Josh Petty is STYLE !!!

  • TomBish

    you cant compare this section to modern day edit’s. just doesn’t equate. but he was amazing back in these days, hence why he was on usd and had a pro model. kids these days should have been around to experience the new ground this video stomped all over. respect the past and realise without these guy’s, skating would not be where it is today. FACT. I think that if this was filmed with todays cameras it would look just as good as any edit, and the hammers would look out of this world rather than blending in with the rest of the normal ledge tricks etc. thanks usd team for giving me the drive to still be doing this years after you dropped this sick video

  • chris

    He was such a great skater! Always enjoyable to watch!

  • MedSpin

    Why exactly isn’t it comparible to modern day edits? Are you trying to say modern day edits are better?

  • smoker

    modern rollerblading is just different. Not to compare.

  • Alex

    Pas de style.

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and suck my dick.

  • Anonymous


    want to go back, id give it up all

  • seanpquinn

    josh petty, thank you.

  • seanpquinn

    ps i think i shit myself twice when i seen him and b cam @ bittercold some years ago.

  • sweet

    Man i miss this guy. Definitely one of my favs growing up. I wonder what he’s doing now? Whatever it is, hope he’s doing well. Big ups!

  • nick

    daily bread cover with just josh pettys face on it, he is rollerblading. he truely lived a breathed this life style. his 3 what do you believe in sections made him my favorite rollerblader of all time

  • AntiRocker

    and he had fights with skateboarders what gives him even more sympathy!

  • Truth

    I think Petty might have been number 3 on the USD ranking

    of course undeniably Shima #1 and Latimer #2 or vice versa

    Jon Julio didn´t count, cause he is more legendary than Arlo- Artic Roller

    Petty had good style but was a shadow compared to Feinburg.

    Feinburg #1 USD pro.

  • Ross

    Around 1998/9 Josh Petty was probably this most iconic rollerblader of the day. His style and image and personality were huge, and he was really consistent. This isn’t his best section and I don’t think it really captures how big his tricks were. Check out ‘What do you believe in?’ to see this guy killing it. You’ll see that he is up there with anyone old-school or modern.

  • Anonymous

    Think he’s covered in tatooes now!

  • Ghost

    he`s got a bike shop, family and a girl as far as i know. Covered in tattoos

  • Broy

    Fuck off used for posting this stuff
    Where’s the support for the og’s